Hairstyles of the 80s and women's retro haircuts

Trimming hair from time to time strengthens and encourages their growth. It is because of this for people with poorly growing and rather thin head of hair a short haircut will be more useful. In the eighties, hairstyles for short hair were very common.

80s haircuts

The hairstyles of the 80s fully characterized this period of time. They were an example of freedom thinking stylists and experimentation in art, had a pronounced bulk and pomp, thereby drawing attention to the hairstyle.

In this innovative time, haircuts of the 1980s were distributed such as: "Mohawk", "under the boy", "page", "top-level volume", "rhapsody", "aurora".

Retro Haircut Review

  • "Under the boy" - this is one of the hairstyles that won fashion podiums. It was she who was a vivid symbol of women's independence, freedom and the fight against annoying stereotypes. The hairstyle is convenient for the summer period, it is easy to stack.

The bottom line isthat the hair was cut very short and gave them a noticeable volume, making the image of the fair sex more feminine and not boyish, as many believe. Typically, stylists cover the neck and leave a fleece on the front of the head. Punks and rockers emphasize the boldness of gel polish. All famous Coco Chanel was one of the first women to wear this haircut.

  • "Volume at the crown." To do this with your hair, you need to create a spit on the top with a brush and a regular hair dryer, first washing your head. This decision will create your hair style height and a noticeable volume, attracting all the attention to you. In combination with small curls, this hairstyle will look very impressive and organically complement the chic outfit. Heavy varnish for laying in this case is prohibited to use.
  • Iroquois is a bold decision about feminine and masculine style. The nature of the person with this haircut on the head is aggressive, loving attention, very freedom-loving, innovative and self-confident. But this is not always the case, because the haircut has many variations: from romantic to gothic, with spikes and without them.

For less temperamental women, a short "mohawk" with cropped temporal parts is suitable. Usually this hairstyle of the 80s and 90s was used by punks and rockers. Its roots come from America, or rather from the Indian Iroquois tribe.

  • "Page" - the perfect choice for short hair. During the Middle Ages, wigs were laid with this method. People at court liked this idea, and they styled their hair the same way, only they were straight. The “page” was revived during the struggle for women's equality in society, along with other eighties hairstyles. The haircut was brought to light by Christian Dior in Paris, at the show of a new fashion collection. The main disadvantage is that "page" requires frequent updates for a neat look - approximately once a month. This popular retro haircut is very complex in performance and requires the hands of an exceptionally experienced wizard.
  • Aurora is a female hairstyle with a messy styling. Short hair at the crown and curls falling along them give the hair volume. This haircut is more suitable for long and thick hair, modeling any oval of the face. Complements the bang style of any style. Slightly wavy or straight hair is suitable for cutting, otherwise you have to spend a lot of time on styling.
  • "Rhapsody" - is a good option for thick hair of medium length. This is a multi-layered haircut with a slightly raised nape. The principle of implementation is to impose a curl on the curl, which creates air styling, shape, style and volume. Haircut looks neat and elegant, even after the hair grow back evenly. It fits long hair and corrects imperfections in the shape of the face. It does not take long to fiddle with hair, and styling lasts throughout the day.