10 most beautiful tiaras and tiaras of monarchs of Great Britain

In the treasury of the royal family of Great Britain is stored a lot of jewelry: necklaces, rings, precious stones, bracelets, earrings and, of course, tiaras. Most tiaras are ages of several centuries. They are handed down from generation to generation and are highly valued as a cultural heritage. The most beautiful diadems and tiaras of monarchs of Great Britain make even the most practical girls admire.

Diadema George IV

It was made in 1820 for the coronation of George I and has 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls.

Burmese Ruby Tiara

Tiara depicts a wreath of red roses, which are the symbol of Great Britain. It used 96 diamonds and rubies, presented to the Queen for the wedding by the delegation from Burma.

Tiara nimbus

The same tiara that the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William, put on her wedding. The jewelry has 739 diamonds and 149 diamonds. It was made in 1936 by Cartier jewelers for the wife of King George IV.

Eastern tiara

The story began in 1853, when Prince Albert ordered it for Queen Victoria. Initially, it was decorated with opals, but in 1901, Princess Alexandra, who became her mistress, replaced them with rubies.

Brazilian tiara

In 1954, the President of Brazil presented Elizabeth as a gift earrings with aquamarines. They liked the Queen so much that she ordered a tiara suitable for them.


In the royal family of Great Britain, this tiara appeared in 1888. Queen Alexandra was presented by Empress Maria Feodorovna.

Tiara "nodules of love"

Wedding gift of Queen Elizabeth to Princess Diana. It was made in 1914 specifically for Queen Mary by her jewelers.

Meander Tiara

A gift to Elizabeth II for a wedding from Prince Philip's mother. Made in the classic Greek style. This tiara is very popular with Princess Anne, the daughter of the queen. She often puts her on appropriate events.

Tiara "Poltimor"

Tiara was bought by the royal family at auction in 1954. This decoration is a transformer. It can be worn as a single composition, and disassembled into several parts.

Sapphire Tiara of George VI

Until the end it was not clear where she is from the queen. There are suggestions that the jewel is redone from a family necklace. The queen first appeared in him in 1963.

Considering royal jewels can be very long. Each of them has a story and a unique beauty.