Evelina Bledans special son was hospitalized

The son of Evelina Bledans entered the Moscow clinic. Doctors will conduct a planned operation for the boy, said Alexander Semin, the former husband of the TV presenter. In this case, the director and producer is silent about the diagnosis of the son Seeds. The boy’s mother has so far refrained from any messages.

Last year, Evelina Bledans announced that she was breaking up with her husband, Alexander Semin. The official marriage of this couple lasted for seven years. After the divorce, the former spouses managed to maintain friendly relations, they continue to communicate for the sake of his son Semyon, who belongs to the category of special children. Parents try to constantly surround the child with attention and care.

Evelina Bledans herself announced her son's diagnosis as soon as she learned about it during pregnancy.

On the eve of his father Seeds said that the boy was hospitalized in one of the metropolitan clinics. Semin places cheerful videos in which his son is involved, and is even going to present a photo session about his treatment in a medical institution, this means that everything is going well.