How to remove the second chin at home? - Reviews, Tips


In this article we will look at effective methods that will help remove the second chin at home.

The question of how to remove the second chin at home, tormented by many women. This cosmetic defect significantly spoils the appearance, giving the face a tired look and making the oval of the face vague and indistinct. In addition, it is almost impossible to disguise this annoying defect in the appearance of any makeup or hair.

Fat roller on the lower part of the face is formed due to the fact that under the influence of gravity, facial tissue begins to sag

How is the second chin?

Fat roller on the lower part of the face is formed due to the fact that under the influence of gravity facial tissue begins to sag. This forms a kind of pillow over the neck. Unfortunately, such changes are difficult to correct with clothing or makeup. The second chin immediately gives the age and makes the face puffy.

Sometimes a second chin is formed in thin women due to hereditary predisposition, features and age-related changes of the skin. For example, after 40 years, a sufficient amount of collagen, that is, a protein that provides skin with firmness and elasticity, ceases to be produced in the skin. As a result, the muscles sag, and a skin fold is formed under the face.

To get rid of the second chin, many resort to plastic surgery. Indeed, the doctor can quickly remove excess fat and skin, thereby returning the oval face to its former appearance. However, such an operation is very expensive, and not everyone can undergo anesthesia easily. Therefore, it is important to remember that home methods can quickly forget about the second chin.

Sometimes a second chin is formed in thin women due to hereditary predisposition, features and age-related changes of the skin.

Tip! If the second chin is your problem, you should abandon the bright ornaments on the neck, for example, from large necklaces and bright beads. Underline the defect and long earrings.

Overweight factor

Very often, the second chin is formed due to the fact that a woman has excess weight. Fat tends to concentrate not only on the body, but also on the face. As a result, the oval of the face is distorted and a second chin appears.

Of course, in this case, losing weight will help to get rid of the second chin. Unfortunately, the excess skin will not disappear anywhere and the skin fold on the chin can remain even after the weight has returned to normal. Therefore, it is desirable to lose weight by doing the exercises for the face described in this article and performing self-massage. This will help keep the shape of the face and become really attractive and young!

Tip!In order for the skin of the face to not lose its elasticity after you decide to lose weight, regularly go to the beautician to make a course of masks or even mesotherapy. However, in some cases, due to excess weight, the skin is stretched so much that the only way to get rid of the double chin is plastic surgery.

Very often the second chin is formed due to the fact that the woman has excess weight


Cosmetologists claim that gymnastics, which can be performed at home, is one of the most effective means to regain a clear face shape. Simple exercises help achieve the following goals:

  • improve the blood supply to the face;
  • strengthen the facial muscles, creating a muscular frame for facial contours;
    make the skin more elastic and resilient.

To perform such exercises is very simple, but the result will not take long!

Tip! To gymnastics for the face brought results, exercises need to be done regularly. Otherwise you will not notice any effect. Exercises are performed daily, while it is advisable not to miss a single day.

Walking book

To perform this exercise, you will need a rather heavy book. Put it on your head and make a few laps around the room, trying to walk smoothly enough so that the book does not fall to the floor. Many believe that this exercise only works for posture. However, this is not so: you get used to walking, holding your head straight, as a result of which the muscles will strengthen, and the second chin will quickly disappear!

Strengthen the chin will help walk with heavy books on his head

Tip! Be sure to perform the full range of exercises at once. Then the effect will be even more noticeable.

Load on chin

In order to perform this exercise you will have to connect your imagination. Imagine that a heavy load is attached to your chin. You need to lift it up, head thrown back. This should be done slowly: remember, the load is quite heavy and you need to overcome resistance!

Strain your muscles and try not to make sudden jerks. After you have "lifted the load", return your head to its original position.

Repeat the exercise five or six times.

Tip! Want to combine the two procedures and save time? Then during the execution of the facial gymnastics, apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask on the face. An even better effect will be achieved by a warming mask, which improves blood circulation.

Exercises for the language

Oddly enough, exercises with the tongue will help get rid of the second chin and adjust the shape of the face. This is due to the fact that the tension of the tongue is strained, and the facial muscles of the lower face.

Exercises with the tongue will help get rid of the second chin and adjust the shape of the face

It is best to do this exercise in front of a mirror: this way you can check the correctness of your actions.

Stick your tongue as far as possible and try to reach it to the nose and to the bottom of the chin. In doing so, you should be under stress. After several repetitions of this exercise, describe the languages ​​in the air of the eight.

Tip! While doing this exercise you may look rather strange, so it’s better to do it alone.


Put your elbows on the table, raise your hands and squeeze your palms into fists. Put your chin on your fists and try to lower your head, overcoming this obstacle. You should feel your neck muscles tighten.

Tip!During the exercise, you should not feel pain: only a pleasant tension. Do not overdo it, because otherwise you can hurt yourself.

Special facial exercises will also be helpful.


Pull the lips, while straining the face and neck. Start singing the "y" sound. After that, relax for a while and start singing the letter and. Alternate these two methods need for a couple of minutes. Be sure to keep your muscles in the process of doing the exercises were tense!

Tip! If you work at a computer a lot, from time to time do tilt your head in different directions. Do five tilt to each shoulder and the same forward and backward. Try not to forget to do this simple exercise once an hour. Thanks to such a habit, you will not only be able to get rid of your second chin, but also keep working for a long time: blood will flow to your brain because of the tilts.

Exercise lying

Lie on a hard surface. Your back should be flush with the floor. Throw your hands behind your head and try to raise your head and look at the toes of your feet. Freeze in this pose. You should feel a strong tension: after a while, your muscles will literally begin to tremble. You need to stop for 60 seconds. After that, go back to the starting position and get some rest. It is necessary to make from 5 to 10 approaches.

All methods to combat the second chin should be aimed at training the muscles and improving blood circulation in that area.

Tip! This exercise is not suitable for beginners. Start with two or three sets and freeze not for 60, but for 30 seconds. Let your muscles gradually adapt to the growing load.

Massage to eliminate the double chin

Massage is very effective in order to forget about the second chin. Especially quickly you will notice the result if you do the exercises and massage at the same time. This is due to the fact that massage helps to improve blood circulation, so that fats begin to split faster, and muscles strengthen.

Tip! Massage in a good mood, turn on good music and light the aroma lamp with your favorite essential oil. Thus, you can spend a session of psychological relaxation.

Massage movements

In order to get rid of the second chin at home, it is necessary to be guided by the following algorithm of actions:

  • apply massage cream, base oil or decoction of herbs on the skin of the chin;
  • begin to stroke the chin with gentle pressure, moving from its middle to the earlobes. At the same time gradually increase the pace and intensity of pressure;

Massage is very effective in order to forget about the second chin forever.

  • tap with your fingers in the same direction that you followed in the last exercise;
  • pinch the second chin. At the same time, it is necessary not to hurt yourself, but to increase blood circulation.

Finish a massage by stroking the skin of the chin. Thanks to the massage, we not only remove the second chin at home, but also make the skin more elastic: the massage enhances the production of natural collagen, thanks to which you will regain a young, radiant look.

Tip! Do not know whether you are doing massage? If the skin of the lower part of the face is slightly reddened, you have achieved the goal. Remember that you should not feel pain during a self-massage session.

Special masks

Special masks help to quickly get rid of the second chin and return the oval face to its former appearance.

Yeast mask for the elimination of a double chin

The most effective is a mask of yeast. Take a teaspoon of dry yeast, dilute it with warm water or milk. Leave the yeast container for half an hour in a warm place, for example, on the battery. After the mass increases in volume several times, soak gauze or fabric with it and apply the application on the second chin. Tie the ends of the appliqué on the crown. The fabric should pull up the second chin, fixing it tightly. With this mask you need to walk for about 30 minutes.

Tip!After you pass with the mask the allotted time, rinse your face with cool water. It improves blood circulation and helps make the skin more elastic.

Special masks help to quickly get rid of the second chin and return the oval face to the same appearance.

Cooked Mask

Quickly remove the second chin at home will help you ordinary potatoes. Make this mask can be on the same principle as the yeast.

Take two medium sized tubers, boil them and mash them. In puree, add half a tablespoon of table salt and some honey (if you are not allergic, not honey). Apply the resulting mass to the dressing and fix it securely on the chin. After half an hour has passed, wash the mass off your face with cool water.

Tip! Do not make a mask for the second chin if you have any rashes on your neck.


We decided to remove the second chin at home? Reviews will help you choose the most effective ways!

Helena: After losing weight on 8 kilograms, a second chin appeared. She wore scarves for a long time to hide it, then decided to act. Did a facial massage every evening. The husband first laughed at me, then he praised: the result was literally obvious !.

Tatyana: I did a facial massage and a mask of yeast. Massage every day, a mask - once in two days. The second chin did not go away, but became much less noticeable. I think I will have to go to the beautician, but I still see the effect.

Regularity of action will soon bring positive results.

Maria: And the exercises for the face helped me to forget about the second chin. I have always done gymnastics at home, but I did not think that the load is necessary not only for the body, but also for the face! I am very pleased: not only did my second chin disappear, but the oval of the face was also pulled up. Colleagues noticed that I began to look much better. I'm going to start a facial massage: this is not only effective, but also very pleasant.

Olga: Yeast mask is a great thing! I apply it not only on the second chin, but also on the whole face. The skin is so soft, silky from her. And about the rash and inflammation forgot. I also do a facial massage, but not every day: sometimes I forget. So maybe it works in a complex.

Removing a second chin at home is possible! The main thing is to do exercises and massage regularly.