Anna Sedokova spun romance with a young hockey player

According to rumors, the star is not alone again.

The recent posts of Anna Sedoka on Instagram contained only complaints about loneliness and the lack of sex in life. But now the mood of a mother of many children has changed. In the social network, the singer admitted that she fell in love again. However, the name of the mysterious chosen one did not name. Then the reporters did their best to figure out who they were talking about.

Presumably, Sedokova’s new man is 24-year-old Andrei Mironov. The guy stands for the Dynamo hockey club, and last year played for the “Colorado” abroad. Friends talk about Andrei as a man spoiled by the attention of girls.

This is not the first athlete in the life of Anna. She was married to a football player, from whom she gave birth to her eldest daughter Alina.