In the network poured intimate photos of football player Pavel Mamaev and his wife

The hackers first blackmailed a couple, and then posted the pictures in open access.

Immediately after the football player Pavel Mamayev was arrested, his wife Alana began receiving threats of hacking into a personal photo archive and publishing intimate shots on the Internet. The girl did not respond to intimidation of hackers, and they turned to the media, offering to buy pictures for 5 thousand dollars.

It is not known whether anyone has agreed to the proposals of cybercriminals, but recently the promised photos appeared on the Internet. Merged them into the network, using the account of the actress Maria Gorban. Having hacked the page of the girl, unknown persons posted nude pictures on it allegedly of Yulia Kovalchuk, Maria Weber and others, who had previously appeared on the Web, as well as intimate footage of Pavel Mamayev and his wife.

There is even a short video in which an absolutely naked football player shaves in front of a mirror.

Photos hung on the Internet for several hours before Gorban managed to regain his account.

What is it: another duck or not a fake? We are waiting for comments from the Mamaevs themselves.