Gogen's wife Solntseva beat his own daughter

The family of the scandalous showman was again in the spotlight.

TV presenter Gauguin Suns now and then becomes the hero of television. But, as it turned out, his 63-year-old wife Catherine was much more scandalous than her young husband. Not so long ago, she decided on plastic surgery, which is dangerous for her age. After that, Catherine began to look much younger than her years. A new look has changed the behavior of women. Soon Gauguin complained that his wife began to pay him less attention and often go to beauty salons, and then completely packed up and left.

Solntsev decided to understand the family drama in his usual way - live on the TV channel. Catherine also arrived there, whom her husband suspects in connection with a certain Moscow lawyer. Not the most pleasant news was waiting for her - while she was away, her daughter Polina decided to reconcile her mother with her stepfather and became close to Gauguin in order to support him. Catherine was jealous of the "rival" and ran into her with her fists - as a result, Polina left the studio with a broken tooth and blood.