Worst outfits natalie portman

Hollywood actresses often delight the audience with original images. But even recognized style icons have fashionable blunders, as evidenced by Natalie Portman's worst outfits.

This is perhaps the most unfortunate choice of clothes for the red carpet, made by a star. Décolleté looks too open, giving the impression of a naked body.

Red is clearly not the actress. He overshadows her exquisite features and distracts attention.

Here the red dress is complemented by a dubious belt and sandals, in which the star is clearly uncomfortable standing.

A bright black and white sundress of a free cut is an inappropriate choice for an actress with a miniature figure.

Models with wide shoulders visually make Natalie Portman more massive than she really is.

A bright flower in the neckline rarely looks stylish, and Portman outfits are no exception.

Because of the massive strip at the level of the hips it seems that the actress has short legs.

Beautiful appearance Natalie Portman does not go unnoticed even in the most unfortunate outfits. Nevertheless, the actress should be more careful in choosing clothing for events in order to always look perfect.