Kylie Jenner Lipstick - Features, shades, where to buy?


Lipstick Kylie is the creation of IT Girl Kylie Jener, younger sister of Kim Kardashian

The bright appearance of the Kardashian-Gene sisters allowed the younger of them, Kylie, to shock the public in an extraordinary way. The interest of the Internet audience was caused by photos of the girl, which appeared on social networks. More precisely, the lips of the young person, seeming to the curious users unnatural, pumped with Botox. But Kylie argued that this is just the result of cosmetics. As proof, she released a lipstick, giving her her name.
In subsequent interviews, the younger sister admitted to the "sinner" of the use of injections and competent contouring. Therefore, to achieve 100% similarity with the style icon for Kylie lipstick fans is unlikely, but to get closer to the ideal chance is still there.

Shocking owner of the brand played into his hands, so the rumor about the stunning effect of lipstick Kylie quickly spread around the world

Warm pink nude

Super popular set from kylie, including: lipstick + pencil. Hue is called Posie K.

The texture of the lipstick is liquid, but covering it with the lips reveals a long and lasting effect of powder. Properties and features:

  • excellent pigmentation;
  • does not require layering;
  • excellent durability;
  • almost not felt on the lips;
  • bright saturated color.

The warm pink shade in the series is called Posie K

The capacious volume of a lipstick bottle (3.25 ml) and a handy pencil (1 g) complement each other, tracing the image and ennobling the features of the lips. The cost of the set is $ 27 US. You can buy only lipstick, spending $ 17 (1200 rubles).

Tip! Lipstick and kylie pencil may be purchased by contacting USPS. Chinese counterparts are cheaper (from $ 3 to $ 5), but the brightness of the color gamut will limp.

Pinkish brown

Stylized by a photo of sensual lips, with melted lipstick flowing down it, the original packaging of a set of a pair of cosmetics is a great advertising move. Lipstick smells like spicy vanilla. Soft pencil, paints obediently and smoothly. All this unites the sensational cosmetic - lipstick from It-gir Kylie Jenner. Tint Candy k expressive:

  • on tanned, dark skin;
  • brown with a little bit of pinkishness;
  • functionality: suitable for both day and evening makeup.
Pinkish brown look called Candy K

The price component of this here on the sites of various online stores ranges from 1000-2200 rubles.

Tip! Lipstick resistant. Wash off with water is almost impossible. To remove the paint you need to drip the oil on the cotton pad and wipe off.

Cool Lilac Nyud

Color and style go side by side on the path leading to transformation. Assistant in the design of the person acts Koko k - lipstick for gentle and romantic natures. This pale pink nude, complemented by a gamut of lilac intonation, adjusts to a playful spring mood. It will serve as an excellent component of the image of both pale-faced girls and tanned persons. The liner is as attractive as it is unique: it cannot be found in other brands.

Do you like shades of lilac? Choose Koko K

Lipstick series Kylie Jenner lip kit Koko K, as well as all lipsticks of this line, are equipped with a pencil of similar tone with lipstick. His presence will allow the fashionista to mark the contours for applying the liner evenly.

Tip! Using the outline pencil, outline the boundaries of the mouth, slightly stepping over its line. This technique allows you to visually enlarge the lip area.

Cool Classic Red

Red lipstick always stood on the podium among the rest of the palette of colors. But shade Mary jo k should be an indispensable companion in the arsenal of women of fashion. It is the most neutral of the entire line of red lipsticks from Kylie Jenner and allows you to:

  • use it as part of everyday life;
  • set the tone for the pathos of parties and romantic dates;
  • to focus on the lips.

Prefer red sponges? - Your choice of Mary Jo K

The complete set a pencil provides fast and equal putting lipstick.
The price of a fake product is significantly different from the cost for the original set. The lower bracket corresponds to 900-1 thousand rubles, and the upper limit is 1900-2200 rubles.

Tip! Stroking his lips with a pencil and putting on lipstick, mix paints and textures. The result is an a la Kylie effect.

Insolent Dark Purple

Want to stun the environment? Make the look unforgettable? Pomade Kourt k - The main assistant in the implementation of goals. The reputation of "vamp women" or, trenchant, bitches will be ensured thanks to the deep, rich purple nude. Color attracts and amazes with defiant tonality. He gives his possessor sex appeal, character.

The uniformity and accuracy of applying lipstick will contribute to the pencil - the unshakable companion sets from Kylie Jenner.

Extravagant purple color is called Kourt K

Chinese online sales stores indicate the value of a product equal to an average of 900 rubles. The original version is a bit more expensive - 2,200 rubles.

Tip! Having stopped the choice on the Chinese products, prepare for permissible disappointments in the form of unevenness of a krasr or stickiness of lips.

Deep brownish pink nude

Dolce k resembles Candy K, but the depth of brown and languor of pink shades distinguish these colors from each other. The advantages of this lipstick are:

  • texture color is optimal for any skin type;
  • highlighting the features of the lips;
  • giving volume.

Fresh vanilla notes of the Kylie Jenner lip kit series will add romance and coquetry to the mood.

Dolce K is the name of a brownish-pink hue.

Pencil is the all-time ally of Kylie Gener lipstick. The soft and docile texture of the liner allows you to achieve a smooth and fast applying lipstick.
The price of Kylie Jenner kits for the Chinese is $ 3, for Americans - $ 27.

Tip! Lipstick dries on average about 30 seconds. During this period, do not touch your lips with each other to ensure the evenness of the effect of powdered and not "pull" the texture of the lipstick.

Small but sure brown accent

Never before has the depth of brown lipstick caused so much delight and controversy among the corrosive public. The hue of True Brown K produces just such emotion. It will look like an attractive coffee stain on the face of white-skinned persons, and dark-skinned will endow you with naturalness and ease.True Brown K perfectly fit into the evening ensemble of the wardrobe and will be the final chord in the formation of the mysterious image.
In conjunction with lipstick liner does an extraordinary job of creating the image, denoting the boundaries and drawing relief.

Buy a kit on eBay for $ 27. Cost without delivery - $ 14.

True Brown K fits perfectly into the evening ensemble of the wardrobe and will be the final chord in the formation of the mysterious image.

Tip! It should be noted that nude shades on light skin look dark.

Drawing summer on lips

Pomade Kylie Jenner Lip Kit 22 may not be different originality of color, but do not underestimate it. Her orange-red arsenal contains a significant charge of techniques:

  • suitable for any skin tone;
  • suitable for both spring and summer socks;
  • relevant in daytime and evening hours;
  • has the ability to not focus on the lips.

Red-orange lips will help create a shade Kylie Jenner Lip Kit 22

Persistence, color depth, uniform staining will please even the most sophisticated fashionista. The liner will provide a comfortable texture application.

The price is still stable: $ 27, including shipping.

Tip! Do not worry about the stability of lipstick, even eating oil food. Nothing will disturb the apparent color fluctuations.

Short course of makeup features

The pursuit of the beauty and swelling of the shape of the lips causes fashionistas to resort to various tricks. Lipstick Kylie Jenner became the hallmark for bright and attractive images of the 90s. Easy contouring, tinted coating and natural shades allow to harmonize with false eyelashes, as well as straight hair, which is Kylie's style direction.

Expressiveness and volume of lips can be achieved by observing simple makeup techniques:

  • In order to ensure a smooth, matte finish, it is necessary to peel the lips from the stratum corneum. Special peels and scrubs come to the rescue.
  • The next link in the chain is moistening. It is necessary for the softness of applying lipstick and for its full absorption.
  • Using oils and lip balms based on wax will prepare a "canvas" of lips for effective staining and durability of the result. It is possible to use such base oils as:
  • coconut;
  • tea tree;
  • almond and others
  • Applying a tinting agent or concealer is necessary to change the contour of the lips. In addition, this technique will last longer lipstick on the lips.
  • The highlighter applied along the contour of the "tick" on the lips will fill the mouth with expressiveness.
  • The stage of working through the contour with a sharply sharpened pencil is necessary for correcting and evenly applying lipstick. It is more convenient to start from the corners of the lips, driving the liner beyond the limits of the natural contour. Drawing a new line to finish retouching with a pencil.

Kylie herself claims that her plump lips always paint with lipstick

  • Using the applicator, apply lipstick evenly, observing the liner boundaries. In order to achieve uniformity and maximum matte finish, you need to attach a napkin to your lips and apply antifying powder using kabuki.
  • Applying lipstick with an additional layer will make the image more glamorous, more elaborate. Lips transform even more, gaining shine and more volume.

Tip! Do not despair if the first time did not get a new image. Practice, experiment - this is how success is achieved in any business.

Fake or original: differences

To distinguish the fake from the original is easy. Small, but obvious subtleties will help to understand this issue:

  • Packaging. Drawing on the original is more convex, the contours of the depicted lips have a clear, but retouched border. What can not be said about the fake box: the drawing is flat, and the photographic image has a sharply defined halo.
  • Pencil. Fake liner is longer than the original. The series number on the fake version is applied on top of the product, and on the original it is embossed in pencil.
  • Pomade. The original bottle is longer and thinner than the fake one. In addition, there is a holography at the bottom of the original; it is not in the fake.
  • Comparative use has shown that a genuine version of the pencil is softer and smoother on the lips. Fake harder and when delineating the contour pulls the lips.
  • The original matte lipstick from It-gir Kylie Jenner is endowed with a brighter, but saturated shade, easy application and a liquid consistency. In the fake, a thicker volume is noticeable, and upon complete freezing, unevenness of the coating and residual stickiness are observed when the lips are closed and opened.
  • Removing lipstick with mycelium water is difficult for both fake and original products. But the inclusion of oils in this process gives an excellent result for the elimination of both.

The original bottle is longer and thinner than the fake one. In addition, there is a holography at the bottom of the original; there is no fake

Kylie is a trend lipstick, reviews of which will always be controversial and ambiguous; having 6-7 lipsticks in your arsenal, consider the brand from Kylie Gener: you will not regret. It will truly replace the set of obsolete lip makeup products that you have used so far.