New Women's Perfume 2017 - What is fashionable to smell?


Each year, new samples of art come out on the perfume podium. What is relevant in 2017?

Original novelties of women's perfumery in 2017 are presented with a bouquet of all classes of fragrances created by famous fashion houses in collaboration with famous perfumers.

And women who care about themselves are extremely careful in choosing the perfume for each season, dress, life event, sometimes even mood, state of mind

Perfume is one of the most important elements of the holistic image of each representative of the beautiful half of humanity. And women who care about themselves are extremely careful in choosing the perfume for each season, dress, life event, sometimes even mood, state of mind. Therefore, an excursion into the world of original women's perfumery, which saw the world and will be at the peak of popularity in 2017, is distinguished today by its relevance.

Trending woody aromas

The year 2017 was marked by the emergence of many charming wood aromas that will maintain trend positions in the current season. The versatility of some masterpieces, among which there is also a unisex perfume, allows us to elaborate on such offers from popular brands in more detail:

  • "Narciso Poudree" (Narciso Rodriguez);
  • "Tropical Wood" (Montale);
  • "Spicy Aoud" (Montale).

Among the woody fragrances that saw the world in 2017, perfume will be at the peak of popularity this season "Narciso Poudree" brand Narciso Rodriguez. These women's perfumes also combine musky, floral notes. The top notes are shades of jasmine, Bulgarian rose, orange color. The averages are musky notes. The base of the perfume is made up of subtle shades of coumarin, vetiver, white cedar, patchouli. The cost varies depending on the volume of the bottle.

Price: 2840-8540 rubles.

Narciso Poudree also combines musky and floral notes.

Aroma "Tropical Wood", represented by the brand Montale, belongs to the class of unisex and will please both women and men in the current season. Perfume - from the category of wood with floral and musky inclusions. Its top notes are a beautiful, delicate combination of pineapple and beats, bergamot with passion fruit. The exquisite heart of the perfume is woven in shades of violet and Bulgarian rose. The base is made of white musk, Madagascar vanilla, leather shades. Perfume plunges into the atmosphere of the rainforest, with all its dangers and adventures. This is an ideal option for connoisseurs of exotic motifs in perfumery and in the general style. It is always easy to find in stores Letual.

Price: 5580 rubles.

The fragrance "Tropical Wood", presented by the Montale brand, belongs to the unisex class and will please both women and men.

2017 pleased women and men - lovers of woody oriental tart-sweet fragrances with a new unisex perfume "Spicy Aoud"submitted by Montale. Top notes are created with orange and saffron bouquet. The patchouli loop has become the heart note. Woody and musky shades are taken as the basis of this perfume. Thanks to an oriental, fragrant shade, spirits create an aura of mystery and mystery around the owner / owner, at the same time filling the image with charm and elegance. Astringency and fine sweet wave give this novelty brightness.

Price: 1300-5300 rubles.

Thanks to oriental fragrant hue, Spicy Aoud creates an aura of mystery and mystery around the owner.

Tip! Woody fragrances for women’s perfume can be an ideal option for an evening out, forming the mysterious, seductive image of a woman-mystery.

Unrivaled Citrus Notes

Among the citrus spirits for women who appeared in 2016, who will continue to delight fans and in the upcoming 2017, can be identified:

  • "Moonlight in Heaven" (Kilian);
  • "Maui Fantasy" (Britney Spears);
  • "CK One Summer 2016" (Calvin Klein).

One of the unique perfumery masterpieces of 2017 is the fragrance. "Moonlight in Heaven" from Kilian. These are perfumes that are unisex because they are ideal for both women and men. The top notes of the perfume are woven from harmonious tandem of grapefruit, lemon, pink pepper. The heart of the perfume consists of an interweaving of notes of rice, mango and coconut. The basis consists of shades of a bean tree and vetiver. The fragrance brings its owners to the conditions of a romantic getaway enveloped in citrus tandem, intoxicating and passionate. The composition is fresh, delicate and soft. Emphasizes the romance of nature, sensuality.

Price: 3970-8720 rubles.

Moonlight in Heaven are unisex.

Citrus Flower Arrangement 2016 became "Maui Fantasy" from Britney Spears. This is a feminine fragrance, the top notes of which are crowned by an unsurpassed king of citrus paradise - a pink grapefruit, which harmoniously adjoins charming strelice, passion fruit. The heart is woven from floral notes - hibiscus, cyclamen, tiare flower and orange color. Basic, basic notes - this is also an exotic tropical paradise of vanilla and coconut, musk, white amber and white wood. The fragrance helps to plunge into exotic tropical conditions, inspired by citrus sour flavors enveloped in floral mist. This is a perfume for sensual and soft by nature ladies seeking romance.

Price: 2520-3100 rubles.

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy is a feminine scent whose top notes are crowned by an unsurpassed king of citrus paradise - a pink grapefruit

Another excellent option - perfume "CK One Summer 2016" from brand Calvin Klein. This is an extremely fresh composition, woven from citrus notes, which is suitable for both women and men. The perfumer-maker tried to combine shades of mojito, lime, lemon, ginger and green apple as top notes.

The heart is created by a harmonious bouquet of guava, cedar and tiara. The main plume is coconut milk, cedar in combination with moss. Very persistent aroma that fascinates and refreshes. From the owner of such perfumes blows cool in a contrasting combination with hot tropical notes. Tincture is framed in a bottle unique in its design.

Price: 2600-5600 rubles.

CK One Summer 2016 combines the flavor of mojito, lime and ginger

Tip! If you are a lover of persistent aromas, be sure to use one of the citrus perfumes.

Original flower perfume novelties

Among the floral novelties of women's luxury perfumes, released in 2017, we offer to your attention the unique delicate aromas presented by famous fashion houses:

  • "La Belle et l'Ocelot Eau de Toilette" (Salvador Dali);
  • Aura Loewe Floral (Loewe);
  • "Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum" (Givenchy).

Perfume "La Belle et l'Ocelot Eau de Toilette", represented by the famous brand Salvador Dali, are women's fragrances that saw the world in 2016. Perfume - from the category of floral with elements of wood and musky shades. Top notes are apple, pear and grapefruit notes. With the heart’s notes you are pleased with the subtle train of Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine, and iris. The base of the perfume consists of white cedar and musk. The pyramid of this elegant fragrance is suitable for persistent, strong, brave women with their well-established views of the world and independence. The aroma is drunk and mesmerizing mystery, which can not be solved by anyone. This is the identity of the owner of this perfume.

Price: 2100-3300 rubles.


La Belle et l'Ocelot Eau de Toilette - perfume from the category of floral with elements of wood-musky shades

Perfume "Aura Loewe Floral" Loewe will delight the beautiful half of humanity throughout this 2016 season. Chic floral fragrance with top notes of a bouquet of carrot seeds, lemon and bergamot, as well as combinations of green plume. The intoxicating heart of the perfume consists of orange notes, violet, rose otto, and jasmine shades. The basis is woven with an unsurpassed combination of valal, musky plume, smells of patchouli and leather. The aroma is insanely fresh, giving the impression that there is a sea of ​​flowers around. Because of this, he uniquely emphasizes feminine charm and beauty. Gives energy to both the owner of the spirits and others.

Price: 2200-5500 rubles.

Aura Loewe Floral - chic floral fragrance with top notes of a bouquet of carrot seeds, lemon and bergamot, as well as combinations of green plume

Aroma "Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum", which appeared this year thanks to the creativity of Givenchy perfumers, combines floral and oriental motifs. Top notes are gentle shades of mimosa. The heart is woven from roses and jasmine. The base notes are a bouquet of sandalwood and tonka bean, vetiver and musk framed in vanilla. This is a composition that plunges into the mysteriousness of the East. It is concise, but, despite this, harmonious. Created perfume as an ideal option for women, characterized by restrained and unobtrusive style. Gives nobility to the image. Creates an aura of independence.

Price: 2200-8500 rubles.

Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum combines floral and oriental motifs

Tip! Aromas of this category are suitable for everyday style, and for different seasons. They will maintain the image of an independent business lady in the summer, and the autumn-winter frosty freshness, becoming even clearer.

Fruit novelty women's perfume

Among the fruit masterpieces of the outgoing year, attention certainly deserves:

  • Escada Agua Del Sol (Escada);
  • "Boss The Scent For Her" (Hugo Boss);
  • "Chance Eau Fraiche" (Chanel).

"Escada Agua Del Sol" - a creative proposal for women, launched on sale in 2017 by the world-famous fashion house Escada. Aroma belongs to the category of warm, bright, refreshing. This is a tempting invitation for the fair sex to enjoy the smells surrounded by fruit notes, similar in their tenderness to the effect of soft solar heat.

Top notes are shades of raspberry, mandarin, ice cream, pear, sorbet, citrus bouquet, and pink pepper. The heart is represented by subtle notes of apricots, roses, and the base is woven from a bouquet of musk, tonka bean and sandalwood. Aroma emphasizes sensuality in female nature, its refinement. Under its influence, there is the effect of skin contact with the sun's rays, which gently warm and soothe.

Price: 1300-4000 rubles.

The fragrance of Escada Agua Del Sol emphasizes sensuality in the feminine nature, its sophistication

Fruit novelties of 2017 replenished thanks to the sweet aroma "Boss The Scent For Her"proposed by many fashion house Hugo Boss.

These women's perfumes, in addition to fruit, have floral shades due to the interlacing of unique floral blotches into a fruit bouquet. Top notes successfully become shades of white freesia and peach with unearthly sweet aroma. For the heart of the perfume taken a thin train of osmanthus. Cocoa has become the base note of perfume, giving it a seductive effect. This is an ideal option for a seductive woman who perfectly knows all the techniques of seduction - from a subtle, barely visible sparkle to a burning passion. This is a woman-intrigue, a woman-mystery that conquers the stronger sex, creating a desire to unravel it. Cocoa helps to create a captivating effect.

Price: 2700-6700 rubles.

Boss The Scent For Her is the perfect option for a seductress woman who is fluent in all the techniques of seduction.

Among the novelties in the field of women's perfumery, the distinctive moment was the appearance of the next Chanel fragrance. Perfume "Chance Eau Fraiche" - is a piquant aroma, woven from fruit and citrus notes, complemented by light floral motifs. This is an indispensable perfume for elegant and sophisticated ladies. But the creators categorize them as unisex. They are quite lightweight, compared with traditional flavors of Chanel. Top notes are lemon and grapefruit, shrouded in lavender mist. The heart is represented by orange color and roses. And the base is woven from vanilla, white musk, sandalwood, coumarin, heliotrope, moss.

Price: 2400-9500 rubles.

Perfume Chance Eau Fraiche is a spicy fragrance woven from fruit and citrus notes, complemented by light floral motifs.

Tip! This category of perfume in the cold season of 2017 thanks to the warm sunny notes will help women to warm up and feel the aromas of sunny summer. The main motive is warming, sweet-warm.

Thus, the world of fashionable, elegant perfumery was replenished in 2017 with a variety of unsurpassed aromas. Each of them has its own value and originality. Thanks to a wide range of perfume produced in the framework of the outgoing year, you can create unique female images - from business and strict to romantic, passionate and seductive. This fragrant bouquet will continue to delight their fans all year.