How to determine women's clothing sizes? - Table of Russian and foreign measures


Knowing how to determine women's clothing sizes, you will not miss in choosing new clothes.

The choice of clothes is troublesome and not always successful. Especially when one or another purchase of things is carried out through online stores. In this case, the buyer faces a considerable amount of difficulties: the selection of the invoice for the intended product, the correspondence to color and quality, declared by the seller, the price ratio of the described model for the clothing brand. But the main thing is a coincidence in size. To do this, you need to know what women's size clothing is. The table below will help to understand.

In order not to be mistaken in the selection of clothes through Internet resources, it is necessary to take a flexible measuring tape and use it to fix the parameters of your body

Taking measurements - the first step to buying clothes

Clothing labels from various domestic and foreign manufacturers create confusion in the minds of uneducated consumers. No wonder: Russian companies have their own size table, Chinese brands have their own parameters, and American and other standards also differ in individuality.

The table of correspondence of sizes and parameters of women's, men's or children's outerwear for a country such as Russia is determined by the half-grip of the chest, waist and hips. Indicators are called domestic GOST. The international standards in this matter differ: the Americans and the Germans wear “more-than-measure” clothing, and the Chinese things are distinguished by an underestimated size.

In order not to be mistaken in the selection of clothes through Internet resources, it is necessary to take a flexible measuring tape and use it to fix the parameters of your body. It is more convenient to do this together with another person.

  • The chest circumference is determined by straightening the shoulders at the most convex points without sagging a sewing centimeter.
  • Girth of the hips is carried out on the protruding parts of the buttocks, thighs, not forgetting to take into account the tummy (if there is one).
  • The waist is fixed by measuring the circumference of the belt. To hold a stomach in a usual position, not dragging in it and not sticking out.

The obtained figures are divided into 2: these indicators will serve as a guideline for the purchase of domestic and Turkish clothing.

The table of correspondence between the sizes and parameters of women's, men's or children's outerwear for a country like Russia is determined by the half-grip of the chest, waist and hips.

For a non-standard figure, additional measurements will be required:

  • girth of the neck will help to choose a blouse under the throat;
  • arm length is required for tall women whose limbs are slightly longer than normal. When the arm is slightly bent in the elbow, it is measured from the outside from the base of the shoulder to the wrist;
  • leg length must be considered when buying pants, trouser suits, jeans. This value is measured from the waist line to the floor on the outside of the leg.

Measure yourself your growth is not difficult. This will require a pencil or felt-tip pen and any wall that does not have a plinth. You can use the doorway. Blow off and lean against the heels, buttocks and the nape against the wall. Put a pencil on top of the head (try to keep it as parallel as possible to the floor) and, without taking it from your head, draw a line on the wall. Measure the resulting height tailoring tape.

Tip!When buying hats you need to know the size of the head. To do this, tailor tape measure girth over the ears.

Each country engaged in the production of clothing, sets its own criteria for the size grid

With GOST everything is simple

Most Russian manufacturers use a dimensional grid, referred to as the GOST table:

Although the table of correspondence between the sizes of women's outerwear produced by Russia is determined by GOST on the chest half-grip, women should still have information about the values ​​and other parts of the body so that Internet purchases are not refundable.

Tip! It is important to know that Russia has turned to the international classification of clothing sizes to improve its sales system.

Foreign landmarks in the tables

Each country engaged in the production of clothing, sets its own criteria for the size of the grid, depending on the type of clothing. Some straps act on underwear, others on stockings and tights, and others on outerwear.

To determine the characteristics of the size range of trousers, dresses, business and sports suits, growth parameters are used. Here you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the lengths of products: in some cases, manufacturers indicate the height of the back and sleeves, because the mismatch between the height of tall and small women affects the ratio in size ranges.

The letter designation marking sizes recognized by European standards. Russia ranks one on the international level of Latin symbols, where S, M, L mean "small - small" (44), "medium - medium" (46), "large - large" (48), respectively.

Additional signs "X" (meaning English extra) declare an increase in size or a decrease:

  • XXS names 40 size;
  • XS is 42;
  • XL characterizes 50-52;
  • XXL figure for 52-54;
  • XXXL marks the range 56-58.

Women's sizes of various types of clothing are given in the comparative table, and Russia and Europe appear in it as a viewing platform for shopping:

Letters were sorted out, but what about the digital equivalent of sizes, moreover, if this indicator is American? Easy peasy. It is necessary to subtract 34 from the actual Russian digital designation. For example, your chest half-grip is 56 cm. Now, from 56 we take 34 and it turns out 22. That is, Your 56 size corresponds to 22 US.

The table reflects the proportionality of sizes in the standards of women's clothing, where countries such as the United States and Russia inform about the compliance of parameters.

Buying clothes from China is a separate topic. Online stores in this Asian country, without a doubt, lead the sales market. For Russian buyers, goods from China have not been associated with low quality for a long time. A pleasant price combined with good quality have long recommended Chinese products from a distinctive side.

The only catch is the fact that buyers do not know the size of Chinese clothes and the correlation of parameters with Russian standards. No wonder. After all, those and others do not have a clear match between them.

When buying things from a major manufacturer of China, you need to focus on the dimensional grid, which is posted on his website. This table will serve as a source for purchases. If this data is not available, contact the supplier for sizing.

Due to the fact that the Chinese parameters are understated, it is necessary to make measurements before placing an order:

  • breasts;
  • waist;
  • hip circumference;
  • lengths of arms and legs;
  • shoulder width, etc.

Send this data to the customer so that he, in turn, can easily translate it into Chinese measurements. But if the dimensions of the desired women's clothing are indicated by the China-Russia manufacturer's table, then you should boldly throw in another one or two indicators and only then make a purchase.

Tip! Be sure to check the length of the product with Chinese manufacturers, because shelves blouses, T-shirts or tunics may be short.

Lingerie shopping features

Do without a bra and panties can not any woman. Store shelves are replete with a variety of underwear items. But not every person wants to try on one or another favorite bra, and especially melting. Armed with a table of underwear, you can quietly make purchases without fittings both in boutiques and on the Internet.

To purchase a bra, you need to measure the circumference of the convex points of the chest, as well as under the breast. These two parameters will help not to be mistaken in choosing a domestic or foreign bra.

Buying a pair of underpants means measuring the girth of the hips almost on a bare body or on thin underwear. A further reference point - the table - will help to purchase the product without needing to try it on.

Tip! Brand bra markings indicate the numeric and letter size designation, where the first is the circumference under the bust and the second is the size of the cup.

Jeans without fitting

With the known parameters of the circumference of the hips and waist, as well as the height of the legs from the outside and the inside, buying jeans without fitting will become commonplace. But even the habit of measuring jeans does not exclude the possibility of knowing your own parameters.

Based on the half-hip hips, you can set the size of the pants. Suppose half the thigh circumference is 52 cm (this is 52 standard Russian size). In this case, the size of jeans is 34.

Tip!The American size of jeans is calculated simply: you need to take the number 16 from the Russian size.

Jackets and coats for the winter season

All types of outerwear - jackets, raincoats, winter overalls, coats - are made with a standard error of 2-4 cm. A warm sweater is taken into account. Therefore, measurements should be made in a knitted jacket or cardigan for the most convex points.

There are several subtleties for determining the size in the case of a non-standard figure:

  • For those women whose breast circumference parameters are less than the size of the hips, a larger format is taken into account.
  • Ladies with an inverted triangle body type should, in addition to the chest girth, measure shoulder width.
  • Do not forget that Chinese brands are too small, so add a factor of 1-2 points.

Tip!In the case of online purchases in advance, ask the seller the length of the product and carefully read the reviews.

Online purchases firmly consolidate their positions in the vast online stores. Competent sales assistants help choose an inexpensive and high-quality thing. All you have to do is to correctly measure and trust the manager. Or, after all, go to the store.