Versace perfume for women - Variety of perfumery line


Versace perfume for women presented a wide palette of flavors for every taste

Palette, which presents Versace perfume for women, combines sensual aromas from the world famous brand. Imagine here the masterpieces of "colored" perfumes Versace.

The Italian company Versace was founded in 1978. Along with the development of fashionable clothing collections, the elite perfumery was produced almost immediately.

How did the spirits of Versace appear?

The Versace fashion house is not only the world famous creator of clothing, accessories of many other trendy household items. Today it is also one of the most popular perfume brands in the world. After all, the fragrances created by perfumers within its borders and released into the world under its emblem can be distinguished by the aromas of other brands. Perfume for women from Versace in the original - it is a stylish and fashionable smell that has its own history and is not like the others.

The Italian company Versace was founded in 1978. Its founder was J. Versace. Along with the development of fashionable clothing collections, the issue of elite perfumery was almost immediately carried out - in the early 1980s. He debuted a fashion house in this direction as the creator of the first fragrance under the same name Versace (1982). 1990s - This is the period of active work on the original perfume, which today has already been removed from production.

Nevertheless, the Versace fashion house is trying intensively to replenish the perfumery line with interesting novelties. From year to year, the brand indulges not only men, but also women with new fragrances that differ in their versatility and multi-layeredness.

Tip!Versace spirits should definitely choose those women who want to emphasize the femininity and sensuality of their fatal nature. These are extraordinary soulful flavors that resist the brevity of the smells of other brands.

Every year the fashion house replenishes the perfume line with new men's and women's fragrances.

Bright Crystal - a delicate feminine fragrance in a pink tone

Bright Crystal (2006) - one of the favorite women's fragrances. He is also known as a representative of the line of female "pink perfumes" from the fashion house Versace. A distinctive feature of the perfume is the original bottle of pale pink color, topped with a large lid in the form of a diamond.

This fragrance belongs to the category of floral and fruit scents. This is a bright, colorful composition with a rich palette of shades. None of them is lost and does not dissolve completely in the other. Everyone feels with his characteristic strength, which ensures the versatility of perfume.

Perfume Bright Crystal from Versace - gentle and soft. They are most suitable for women elegant, sophisticated, elegant, delicate. Such a nature is certainly dreamy, just floating above the ground. A Bright Crystal will be able to give it an extra light of passion and seduction, emphasize its natural advantages.

Perfume Bright Crystal from Versace - gentle and soft. They are most suitable for women elegant, sophisticated, refined, delicate

Aroma combines notes:

  • yuzu and pomegranate seeds - as top;
  • peony, magnolia and lotus petals - as the "heart";
  • musk, south african tree, amber - as base.

Peony, pomegranate and lotus are dominant.

Price variations for perfume depend on the volume of the bottle in which it is sold (30, 50 or 90 ml), and, undoubtedly, the place of sale. These women's perfumes can be purchased at Letual brand shops in the range from 3,000 to 5,700 rubles.

Tip!This Versace perfume is a universal option for women regardless of age and season. According to the idea of ​​his creators, he is able to provide a refreshing effect in the warm season, and a warming one - in the cold.

Heady Bright Crystal Absolu Haze Pink Haze

Bright Crystal Absolu (2013) is considered a variation of the Versace female perfume proposed above in a pink tonality that appeared 7 years later. It is also a representative of floral and fruit aromas, developed by the world famous Italian perfumer Alberto Morillas.

In this perfume found a unique composition of notes:

  • grenade and yuzu - in the role of the top;
  • raspberries, peony, magnolia and lotus - as a “heart”;
  • mahogany, amber, musk - as a base.

A bottle of these women's perfume visually resembles a bottle of the previous ones. The principal difference is the more intense saturation of its pink hue. Its crown is a fiery pink lid crystal. This symbolizes the more intense aroma of the perfume itself, compared to its predecessor.

The purpose of Versace Bright Crystal Absolu fragrance is to emphasize not just the natural beauty of its owner, but to focus on her frank sexuality and courage.

It is not only dominated by pomegranate, lotus and peony. They are very colorfully shaded by raspberry, musk and amber, and as a chilling effect are magnolia and mahogany tree.

The purpose of the Versace Bright Crystal Absolu fragrance is to emphasize not just the natural beauty of its owner, but to emphasize her frank sexuality and courage.

Tip! The creators of the fragrance recommend the fair sex to choose this perfume as an evening fragrance. The ideal event is “going out”, party, gala dinner.

Price: from 2,650 to 4,750 rubles.

Versus - the spirit of female rebellion in a purple bottle

Versace perfume for women called Versus (2010) first saw the world 6 years ago thanks to the creative work of perfumer Natalie Lorson. Since then, the steady expansion of his circle of fans has not ceased.

Versus is a group of sweet-sour frank fruit and flower aromas.

Perfume is the embodiment of notes:

  • lemon, kumquat, star apple - as the top;
  • roses, stephanotis, flowers of orange trees - as a "heart";
  • amber, musk, patchouli - as basic.

Dominated by this mega-bouquet are patchouli, rose, kumquat and apple. Such a "controversial" composition gives a brilliant result, reflected in the name of the spirits - translated from English "against", "compared". Based on the composition, multi-layered aroma and name, its task is to display the often contradictory female nature: the embodiment of meekness, tenderness and sensuality, framed by activity, life-giving energy and rebellious spirit.

Versus is a group of sweet-sour frank fruit and flower aromas.

About the contrast of the perfume and nature of its owner speaks with his whole appearance and unique author bottle with a gradient color from blue to purple hue.

Tip! This perfume can be safely chosen by all the fair sex who do not want to excel in the choice of fragrance by age, season, attire, etc. It is universal. Winter or summer outside the window, a fur coat or a light dress on a woman - this contrasting scent will reveal 100%.

Price: from 1 990 to 3 077 rubles.

Yellow Diamond - sparkling sunny femininity

Yellow Diamond (2011) presents a floral collection of perfume from the Versace fashion house. The fact that this is a choice for sparkling, solar female natures, says a unique author's bottle - a clear thick glass with yellow perfume inside, decorated with a diamond cap. Creates an image of a precious stone in gold. It is this role that is given to this perfume among other Versace flavors.

Pure and light aroma is the result of a funny game of notes:

  • lemon, bergamot, neroli, pears - as the top;
  • mimosa, orange blossom, water lily, freesia - in the role of "heart";
  • Guaiac tree, musk, amber - as base.

This is the choice of cheerful female natures, always smiling in life, even looking into the eyes of danger or difficulties. The smell gives a good mood and a charge of vital energy not only to its owner, but also to the people around her.

It is a smell for a woman who does not like to stay in the shade.

The sparkling, fragrant liquid in the bottle says that it is a smell for a woman who does not like to stay in the shade. She is always in the spotlight, but unobtrusively, rather because of the natural features of her cheerful nature and energy reserves.

Tip!Perfume is recommended by creators for women of any age and as everyday, and for special events. Even if the nature of the nature of the nature of nature does not hit the key, it is recommended to use this fragrance to replenish its reserves. Perfume can also cheer up.

Vials with volumes from 50 to 90 ml with these women's perfumes from Versace can be purchased in Letual stores at the most reasonable prices. from 1 540 to 1 925 rubles.

Sunny aroma Yellow Diamond Intense

A variation on the theme of sunny floral fragrances for sparkling natures was Yellow Diamond Intense perfume (2014) - a continuation of the line of "yellow perfumes" from Versace. A bright and richly colored bottle is evidence of a brighter and more saturated aroma, originating from its predecessor.

If the previous fragrance is a symbol of confident and cheerful natures, then in this case the distinctive feature of the owner of a small yellow bottle is a certain audacity and courage. The aroma is somewhat provocative, but at the same time unusually warm.

The aroma is somewhat provocative, but at the same time unusually warm.

It combines a fragrant bouquet of notes:

  • bergamot, pears, neroli, citron - top;
  • freesia, jasmine, osmanthus, orange blossom - as a "heart";
  • amber, musk, benzoin, guayak tree, woody notes - basic.

Tip! On the recommendation of the creators, this fragrance is best used as an indispensable summer and daytime companion for the fair sex.

Price: from 1 820 to 2 590 rubles.

Versense - bottomless freshness with a green tint

Versense (2009) fragrance - women's "green perfume" - an exclusive development of the Versace fashion house. True connoisseurs of original perfumes agree that this is a masterpiece from Versace, the fragrance of which is impossible to enjoy in full.

This fragrance is the epitome of freshness. It becomes indispensable on an extremely hot summer day. Pleasantly refreshing and complements the image of every woman who cares about herself. These spirits received such powerful freshness due to the combination of fruit motifs with citrus.

Perfume for sensual and soulful women. They complete an elegant look that is attractive to the opposite sex. Under the influence of fresh, pure flavor increases mood and increases confidence in their own capabilities.

This fragrance is the epitome of freshness. It becomes indispensable on an extremely hot summer day.

The secret of this perfume from Versace is hidden in a fruity-floral bouquet of notes:

  • figs, green mandarin, bergamot - as the top;
  • lily, jasmine, narcissus, cardamom - "heart";
  • olive tree, musk, sandalwood - basic.

Tip! Do not miss the chance to use this fragrance as a summer and for a walk in a light silk dress, and for office negotiations in a business suit. Your image will receive an additional portion of confidence and positive perception of others. This will be the secret of your charm for both men and business partners.

Price: from 2 370 to 3 625 rubles.

Crystal Noir - aroma of passion with a touch of intrigue

A unique perfume from Versace Crystal Noir (2004) belongs to the category of women's "black perfume". This embodiment of the floral aromas of the East harmoniously combines the smell of spices, powdery sweetness, and the sunny reflection of the aromas of the hot tropics. The creator of this masterpiece from the Versace fashion house is Italian perfumer Antoine Lee.

The bottle for these mysterious spirits was chosen very appropriately - thick glass in dark plum tones, topped with a rich black diamond lid.

The aroma of drunk, lures and fascinates. Contributes to the formation of the mysterious female image, the role of women-secrets. This is a nature with a deep inner world, which is not fully revealed to anyone around. The world of her desires is full of expectations, creative ideas and plans, known only to her alone. But, on the other hand, the scent draws into the game surrounding people, in particular, men, who are attracted by the radiance of unpredictable individuality.

The aroma of drunk, lures and fascinates. Contributes to the formation of a mysterious female image, the role of a woman-mystery

All this is possible thanks to an unconventional bouquet of notes:

  • white pepper, ginger, cardamom - as the top loop;
  • gardenias, peony, orange blossom - as the "heart" of the fragrance;
  • amber, sandalwood, musk - as a base.

All this is shrouded in grapefruit, cherry, coconut notes and a hint of tuberose.

Tip!This is ideal for evening gowns, romantic meetings, evenings and parties. Perfumes are not recommended as a daily perfume.

Price: from 2 345 to 4 355 rubles.

The perfume from the Versace fashion house is a choice of elegant, graceful women. Thanks to persistent and unique aromas, you can create interesting and mysterious female images. The richness of the palette of smells allows you to choose the necessary for any character, outfit, season, life situation. Versace is a symbol of versatility in perfumery, which opposes the monotony of many other well-known perfumes.