What is a mascara with the effect of false eyelashes? - Reviews, Review


The mascara with the effect of false eyelashes gives the look depth and magnetism.

Beautiful lush eyelashes - that's what the sister of the first creator of this cosmetics, girl Mabel, dreamed about. My brother tried and gave her a gift - a means of dust from coal dust and Vaseline (the name of the company "Maybelin" went on behalf of the girl). The mascara with the effect of false eyelashes, reviews of which were left by American actresses after using it on the set, became a real “mast hev” of that time.

The main purpose of such mascara - maximum lengthening of your cilia

Today, the demand is no less, only the list of requirements has been expanded: the price, composition and means for removing cosmetics for the eyes concern girls. At stake is eyelash health and even reputation.

Mascara "Avon": "Volume" with the effect of false eyelashes

In a film about American law, actress Reese Witherspoon played a blonde who adores all pink and makeup. The management of Avon made it the face of the company. Sales of mascara products have also increased. Big false lash.

The composition does not differ from most analogues. Of the chemical compounds, there are stearates (help all elements of cosmetics to become a homogeneous mass with a stable color), wax (forms a "film" on the surface of the eyelashes to make them elastic), paraffin, acrylates (thickeners).

Pluses of the carcass (according to the girls, most - positive):

  • Comfortable almond-shaped brush that paints the eyelashes separately.
  • The impression of increased volume and length.
  • Eyelashes become thicker due to elastin and cosmetic fibers that make up the product.
  • It is easy to apply (especially the first layer), although in order to achieve a greater effect, it is recommended to perform the procedure 2-3 times.

Big False Lash has a comfortable almond-shaped brush that paints the eyelashes individually.

From the disadvantages of users emit:

  • Non-profitability (quickly consumed due to the required frequency of embellishment - up to 3 times).
  • Sometimes imprinted at the bottom (lower eyelashes under the eyes).
  • Some young ladies secrete the inconvenience of applying or washing off (the first layer of cosmetics lays perfectly, but dries quickly, the second is more difficult to distribute).

Tip! Big False Lash is a purchase that suits girls with thick but weak or short eyelashes, because 100% provides lengthening, the volume is not always achieved.

Price: 275 rubles

Hypnotic depth of sight

The ONE Hypnotic Depth represented by Avon, the main rival company. The mascara from Oriflame with the necessary and today effect of false eyelashes is represented by a company created by Swedish entrepreneurs. It received its name from the name of the French khorugvi (banner). For nearly 50 years, gives women the opportunity to look good. Among its own 4 factories from manufacturer 1 - in Russia, which is already a priority for domestic consumers.
(for branded discounts and promotions - cheaper).

Features of cosmetics (according to reviews):

  • The desired "secondary" effect is achieved (the mascara lays down smoothly, does not print, is resistant, it is washed off the first time).
  • If you wait for the action, which is reported and catalogs, you can buy for half price (up to 300 p.).
  • Sometimes the eyelashes stick together (the promised length remains, and the thickness of the eyelashes is not enough, because of sticking, they seem even less often).
The ONE Hypnotic Depth lays down smoothly and is not imprinted on the skin.

Tip! Before finding any cosmetic, you need to carefully study the reviews on special sites, forums devoted to the discussion of specific brands.

Price: 600 rubles


Belarusian mascara with the effect of false eyelashes is also often ordered via the Internet. Attracts customers price (from 150 rubles on average) and quality (compliance with state standards). The stated shades of the lines correspond to the content - the colors are bright, but realistic (color - muted, but look organic). In some brands, there are “fluffy” brushes that evenly distribute the eyelashes during dyeing (not as traumatic as silicone ones).

Among the most purchased cosmetics emit mascara XXL with the effect of false eyelashes (LUXVISAGE). It was created by Lux-Vizazh, the material for mascara was offered by the firm of Italian origin Chromavis.

Advantages of the line:

  • Comfortable large brush with a large number of silicone lint of different lengths, which are carefully applied mascara on each eyelash.
  • The consistency of the contents of the tube is homogeneous, the limiter ("neck") does not get dirty, it allows you to collect ink in the right quantities.
  • The product does not dry out for 4 months or more (after the start of use).
  • Twists eyelashes, does not make them stick together.
  • Paints evenly, without leaving traces of "spider paws" ("terry") on eyelashes.

XXL curls eyelashes, does not make them stick together

Among the shortcomings are the inaccessibility (often you can find these products only through online retailers) and the catchy design, which has already become the hallmark of "XXL".

Tip! It is better to acquire mascara at specialized points (cosmetics lose their uniformity due to improper storage conditions).

Price: 270 rubles

Activator natural effect false eyelashes

L'Etoile, which means star, is one of the largest retail chains in Russia (almost 800 stores and revenues of about 50 billion rubles) has also patented its own brand (L'Etoile Selection). Under its auspices, decorative and caring cosmetics are produced. Included here and the mascara "L'Etoile" with the effect of false eyelashes (PREMIER GENIALE).

The composition includes artificial and natural types of wax (give plasticity), vegetable polysaccharides, according to the creators, add softness and shine. Brown rice extract also comes in - it saves eyelashes from damage. Positive and negative reviews are found in almost equal proportions.

The advantages of this cosmetic line:

  • It doubles the length, the eyelashes do not stick together (the brush gently separates them).
  • Ink is not showered, leaves no lumps, is washed off with micellar water and high-quality milk.
  • With discounts that periodically operate in the stores of the trading network, cosmetics can be purchased cheaper.

PREMIER GENIALE mascara doubles the length of eyelashes

Sometimes girls face flaws (possible reasons: skin sensitivity, poor quality makeup remover):

  • It quickly crumbles (in 4-5 hours), although this time is enough for evening makeup.
  • Sometimes leaves lumps on the eyelashes (possibly improper storage of cosmetics).
  • It is not always washed off the first time (popular advice from girls is to remove mascara with castor or burdock oil with the addition of peach or grape seed oil).

Tip! If you do not rush to apply the second layer (give the first a little dry), and the volume will increase, there will be no lumps. If you do not bring the brush to the end of the eyelashes, they will not leave marks on the area around the eyes.

Price: 660 rubles

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Who, if not an American of Jewish origin (Maximilian Faktorovich) could create a unique in quality cosmetic empire? Experience as a make-up artist at St. Petersburg Opera was the best practice for a makeup artist. Today, the mascara from "Max Factor" with the effect of false eyelashes is also in demand. Popular line False Lash Effect. This cosmetics for eyelashes emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes, increasing the length and density of eyelashes. Positive feedback on this brand is the majority (over 85%).

False Lash Effect emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes, increasing the length and density of eyelashes


  • "Max Factor" does not glue the eyelashes, makes them thicker and longer at times, and the tips do not stain the skin around the eyes - neither above nor below.
  • Remains homogeneous - both in a tube and on eyelashes (does not stick, does not form lumps).
  • Keeps the whole day (separate attention - a straight brush, which successfully paints and separates the eyelashes), is easily removed with makeup remover.

Among the shortcomings - the high cost of certain types of funds (but for this quality the girls agree to pay more).

Price: 470-1400 rubles

Cabaret Cosmetics

"Cabaret Prime", in the opinion of admirers of French cosmetics, the best mascara from Vivien Szabo with the effect of false eyelashes. The touching story of the girl Vivienne, who lived during the Second World War, does not leave women indifferent. She wrote in the diary the chemical formulas of future cosmetics and dreamed of her company. Then the production will acquire the emblem of violet - her favorite flower, and the quality of the carcass will remain high.

Features "Cabaret Prime":

  • Comfortable silicone brush, natural shades. Gently falls, there are no marks on the skin after it.
  • It is washed off simply, even by a budget milk. But it is better to use an open tube within a month, otherwise the product starts to dry out, and grains are formed.
  • Fixes eyelashes, as "Max Factor". This makeup looks natural.

Cabaret Prime is washed off simply, even the budget milk

Important! It is more convenient to purchase in parallel with the mascara and makeup remover (in the same package).

Price: 270 rubles

Butterfly Flutter Effect

The largest French company "L'Oreal" long ago began to produce cosmetics, perfumes, it includes world-famous brands, famous for its decorative, and pharmacy products. But the "horse" - mascara "L'Oreal" with the effect of lush and voluminous false eyelashes. Attention most users stopped on the line False Lash Papillon (butterfly wing effect - butterfly wing effect).

This cosmetics causes controversial reviews, although most are positive. The specific smell and large “pot-bellied” tube are one of the drawbacks of the carcass.

Features of this cosmetics for eyes:

  • The price for a quality product from a brand with a world name is available. A wide list of chemical ingredients allows mascaras to hold onto eyelashes for a long time. The microfibers included in the composition add volume to the eyelashes in width and lengthen them.
  • Unusual brush shape. It is curved, thanks to which it equally paints each eyelash (both in the center and in the corners), long silicone fibers apply mascara, "cut off" - separate eyelashes.


False Lash Papillon has a curved shape of the brush, so it colors every eyelash equally

But sometimes there is information about an allergic reaction (if the girl's skin is sensitive) and redness of the eye membranes (if the makeup got there).

Tip! It is better to buy this mascara to brunettes, dark brown-haired women (it does not always look natural on blondes and fair-skinned girls). Also, the young lady with thick thick eyelashes "butterfly wings" will not give results, the brush will not be able by nature to strong eyelashes to bend and lift up.

Price: 600-850 rubles

The best mascara with false eyelashes: real reviews

Every woman has the right to make her own list of ideal cosmetics. Individual preferences come first.

Arina, 38 years old: "Big False Lash mascara" Oriflame "is good, it evenly lays down, I like a brush - fluffy, as before. I received a mascara as a gift, for such a price, maybe I would have bought it myself."

Elena, 23 years old: “I didn’t like Avon in The ONE Hypnotic Depth - the ends of eyelashes are glued together, the volume and length are the same as in advertising. She uses this friend as well, her mascara caused allergies.”

Svetlana, 31 years old: “I liked everything - False Lash Papillon’s“ Loreal ”mascara itself doesn’t stick together, adds volume even after 1 time staining, the second one doesn’t work (the unnatural“ hairiness ”of eyelashes is formed). .

Especially carefully you need to choose mascara with the effect of false eyelashes for women with sensitive skin.

Olga, 29 years old: "This drama! It’s impossible to evenly apply PREMIER GENIALE" Letual ", lumps appeared. The seller assured that these difficulties are connected with improper brush care. It turns out that you need to wipe the brush with a damp cloth all the time."

Vasilisa, 35 years old: “Mascara” Cabaret Prime Minister “Vivien Sabo liked because of the promised persistence (lasted all day and did not start to crumble), it is easy to remove even with ordinary water and washing gel, the price is good.”

Valentine, 20 years old: “I bought mascara for my mother, I tried it on myself - I liked it. A brush, if you hold it correctly, paints every eyelash, the cosmetics itself is plastic, easy to apply, it doesn’t crumble, the reputation of Max Factor is good, it didn’t let down.”