What shoes will be in trend in the winter of 2018-2019? Be aware of all the fashionable novelties

Here came the long-awaited winter, which means that all women of fashion are actively picking up a new wardrobe for themselves. In winter, it is especially important that the shoes are not only stylish, but also warm. Therefore, her choice should be approached in all seriousness. What should be preferred and which models will be at the peak of popularity this season?

The main principle of this winter: bright shoes should be as simple as possible in design and decor, and bold decisions - classic discreet colors.

Steady heel

Charming seductress who prefer boots, you should pay attention to models with a fairly high and stable square or round heel - this is the main trend of the winter 2018-2019. These boots look very feminine and, unlike the stiletto, do not cause discomfort on the snowy path.

Also, this season, models made of leather and suede are particularly popular.

We look at the sock

If you like to be in the spotlight and always be in trend - the perfect solution would be shoes with a sharp or square toe.

Add shocking

Fans of bold and bright decisions will like brilliant models of different shades, acid colors, décor in the form of rhinestones and sequins.

Boots stockings

Prefer gentle feminine images with dresses and skirts in any weather? The best solution would be high boots, stockings. With such shoes you will look very impressive and stylish.

Rough shoes

Want to add a little cheek? Pay attention to rough and slightly massive shoes. They are perfectly combined with light, feminine outfits, and with bolder solutions.


Lacing has become another fashionable element of the winter of 2018-2019. Lacing allows you to make shoes as comfortable as possible for you and complements its elegant decor.

Winter undoubtedly pleases all women of fashion with a huge choice of stylish and bright solutions that will emphasize your individuality and delicate sense of taste.