It is known who meets Monica Bellucci

The new boyfriend of the star is a young successful artist, who is 18 years younger.

Monica Bellucci seems to have found happiness in love. After the break with Vincent Cassel about the novels of the star could not be heard, and in fact her ex-husband already enjoys family life with a new wife - the young model Tina Kunaki. A few months ago, Monica also said in an interview that she was happy in a new relationship, but did not say anything concrete about her boyfriend’s identity. The actress only noted that his profession also involves frequent travel, so he is sympathetic to her pace of life.

A few days ago, reporters noticed lovers walking around the city, and quickly declassified the personality of Bellucci's boyfriend. It turned out to be the successful artist Nicolas Lefevre, who owns his own gallery and is actively engaged in creative work. Lefevra is 36 years old, he is 18 years younger than his girlfriend. Insiders say that the couple is happy together and even thinks about the wedding.