Wireless Mobile Charger - Top 7 Best Models


Wireless mobile charger - very comfortable modern gadget

Every year the wireless mobile charger is gaining increasing popularity. How does it work? How to choose a suitable model? And is wireless charging really better than classic?

Wireless charging of a smartphone or other gadget is carried out due to the alternating magnetic field generated by a special station

Principle of operation

Wireless charging of a smartphone or other gadget is carried out due to the alternating magnetic field generated by a special station. To charge the device must be equipped with an appropriate induction coil, which receives the transmitted energy.

This standard of wireless power is called Qi (in Russian pronounced "Qi"). In the future, the WPC Consortium plans to set up stations in public places and then make them available to every user. This makes it possible to charge the device at a distance, without a long search for wired charging.

Tip!To charge the device as soon as possible, keep it close to the station. The fact is that with increasing distance between them, the charging process will slow down.

Thanks to this gadget, it is possible to charge the device from a distance, without a long search for wired charging.


Unfortunately, at this stage, wireless charging technology has more disadvantages than advantages. Here are just a few of these minuses:

  • low efficiency;
  • low speed;
  • relatively high cost;
  • The device’s battery charge rate depends on the distance between it and the station.

For example, the efficiency of any wired charging is 97 percent. However, such results are still unattainable for wireless technology. As a result, there is an extra consumption of electricity, which is spent while the charging station is waiting to connect the device. In the case of wired charging, this problem is solved by simply disconnecting, but much more is expected from Qi.

In addition, most of the representatives of this technology have a longer (compared to the classical charge) operation time. It is worth noting that some models charge the battery even faster, but for this you need to put the device directly to the station. Is this kind of exploitation expected by users who buy wireless charging? Moreover, the cost of such devices is much higher.

Tip!When choosing a suitable model of wireless charging, you need to consider the type of device for which it is intended. The fact is that the batteries of smartphones and tablets have a certain current strength, and the station with lower characteristics simply cannot charge them.


How to choose a wireless charging?

Before you start choosing, check whether your device supports Qi wireless standard. To do this, use the search on the WPC Consortium website. Also it is worth considering that for such charging you need two things: a station (transmitter) and a receiver in the device. Some models of smartphones and tablets are already equipped with such modules. If your gadget is not one of them, the receiver must be purchased separately.

Tip! If you are an iPhone owner, then, in addition to the wireless panel (that is, the charging station), you will also need to purchase a special case with the module. Connection is via a standard charging connector.

Review of the best models


This wireless charging is one of the best in its class and is compatible with many devices.

Tip! If you want to use it in a pair with the iPhone 6, then you need to additionally purchase a Lightning receiver adapter. It plugs into a standard charging connector. Unfortunately, because of its large size, it cannot be hidden inside the case.

Wireless charging AuraDock - one of the best in its class

Main characteristics:

  • current - 1 A;
  • voltage - 5 V;
  • the location of the smartphone when charging - any within 0.4-1 cm;
  • charging speed - 4 hours.

On completion of the charging process, the device will report using the appropriate indicator. It is worth noting that Auradock can be used in combination with tablets, smartphones and other gadgets that support the Qi standard.

The cost of this wireless charge is $ 100. If you are using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you will need to pay extra for auraTag-i6 and i6P adapters of 20 daollars each.

Thus, AuraDock is a universal wireless mobile charger that can be used in combination with all Qi-compliant devices.

Powermat ring

This wireless charging is based on the same electromagnetic inductive method, but it works according to a different standard - PMA 3. It is less common than Qi, but is also in demand.

Tip! Before purchasing a Powermat Ring, make sure your device is PMA 3 compliant.

Charging Powermat Ring connects to microUSB or Lightning port

First of all, it is worth noting the attractive appearance of this wireless charging. It is made in the form of a ring that connects to the microUSB or Lightning port. To charge your smartphone or other wearable device, you need to put it on the Powermat station. Please note: it works on 220 V mains. If a 380 V wireless charging is connected, the device may fail.

Compared with the previous gadget, Powermat Ring has a more attractive price. Users will need to pay about $ 100 for the whole set: $ 55 for the Power Ring and 44 for the Powermat. This price can be explained by the lower popularity of the PMA 3 standard, which has fewer (compared to the Qi standard) number of gadgets.

Ultra-Slim Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad

This budget charge from Anker boasts a long list of supported devices and a stylish look. The station has a disc shape and is equipped with an indicator and a microUSB port.

The cost of the transmitter is $ 27.

Charging Ultra-Slim Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad

Tip! To use this wireless charging, you must also purchase a Qi-receiver.


As for the Fuel iON, it can be used to charge a smartphone, tablet or other wearable device much faster than analogs working on the Qi standard. This is made possible by the use of a highly efficient magnetic compound that transmits energy directly to the device.

To charge your phone with FUEL iON, you will need:

  • Magnetic Charging Pad (station in the form of a flat disk);
  • Magnetic Charging Stant (same charging station, only in the form of a vertical stand);
  • FUEL iON iPhone 6 Case.

FUEL iOn device has the lowest cost of the models presented

It is worth noting that these devices are officially authorized and recommended for use by Apple. Thus, in case of problems, the warranty from the manufacturer will not be canceled.

The cost of the system is 10 dollars.

PowerQi T-100

This little-known mobile charger boasts an affordable price and a wide list of supported gadgets. It is worth noting that to operate the system on a specific smartphone, you need to purchase an appropriate receiver.

The package includes a stand, a power supply unit (5 V, 1 A), a microUSB cable and an individual receiver for each phone model. The cost of the system is 35 dollars. Also, users will need to pay approximately $ 10 per receiver.

The device is made of white glossy plastic and looks like a rectangle with beveled edges 150x80x10 mm in size. Please note: at the edges of the station there are no rubberized elements that would hold the smartphone in one position, so fixing leaves much to be desired. When the device is connected, the system beeps and changes the color of the indicator to blue.

To operate the PowerQi T-100 system on a specific smartphone, you need to purchase an appropriate receiver.

The receiver is a flat antenna and a small board with a controller, which must be installed under the cover of the smartphone on the corresponding connectors.

Tip! This model of wireless mobile charger is an ideal option even for those devices that are not equipped with special connectors. In this case, the connection is made via microUSB.

The average battery charging time using the PowerQi T-100 is 3.5 hours. Given the lower (compared with other wireless charging systems) cost, this model can be safely called one of the best candidates.

Samsung PG920

The model boasts compact dimensions and high charging speed. This development from the Samsung Group is also distinguished by reliability and versatility: it is compatible with almost all existing smartphones.

Price: 30 dollars.

Samsung PG920 has a high charging speed

Tylt vu

The last candidate - Tylt Vu, attracts users with a good design and user-friendly form. Its distinguishing feature is that during charging the smartphone is at an angle, so that it can be used without disconnecting from the power source.

Price: 38 dollars.

Tylt Vu device

Tip! When choosing the appropriate wireless charging is best to buy universal gadgets. Thanks to this, you can use it after buying a new smartphone.

Comparative test inexpensive Qi charge

For the test, 5 candidates were selected for the price of 7-15 dollars. All of them gave a current of 5 V 1 A at the output, the difference was only in the incoming current: two models required 5 V 1.5 A, and the other three - 5 V 2 A. In addition, no representative of branded companies participated in this test . Some of the candidates were even sold without retail packaging, as it would increase the cost of the device.

Tip! If you purchased one of these models, first replace the USB cable. The fact is that the bundled accessories have low bandwidth (at best - 500 mA), which reduces the station's performance.

For the test, each phone was discharged to 14%, after which it was turned off and left for 5 minutes - until it cools to room temperature. After switching on, the mode "In the airplane" was activated.

As a result, we found that:

  • the cheapest charge had a stable shape and large dimensions, thanks to which a telephone of any size could be easily located on it;
  • skewed Qi charging showed the most power, which means that it will be able to charge the smartphone even through covers and thick cases;
  • budget charging Q8 charged the smartphone faster than others (in just 2 hours) and at the same time showed the second power of the test - 770 mA;
  • to charge the phone from 90 to 100 percent, you need to wait another 30 minutes.

If you are in a hurry, you can safely interrupt charging to achieve 90%. The fact is that to fully charge the battery will need to wait at least half an hour

Tip! If you are in a hurry, charge the phone only up to 90 percent - this battery charge will be enough for most tasks.

Summing up

The basis of the wireless mobile charger is an alternating magnetic field, which is created by a special station and transmits energy to the phone. To get it, it must be equipped with a special induction coil (receiver).

No matter what kind of wireless charging you buy, you will encounter the following disadvantages:

  • low efficiency;
  • low speed;
  • dependence on the distance between the station and the phone.

In addition, most wireless charges have a high cost (40, 50 or more dollars), due to which their purchase becomes inaccessible to most users. In this case, you can pay attention to Chinese counterparts (for example, Q8), which are almost as good as brand competitors. Immediately after purchase, replace standard USB cables, as they have low bandwidth.

If you are in a hurry, you can safely interrupt charging to achieve 90%. The fact is that to fully charge the battery will need to wait at least half an hour.

Of course, if you are at home and not in a hurry, it is not difficult. However, during the day, in constant motion, you can turn off the device on a charge of 90%. This does not hurt the battery, and you will save half an hour of precious time.