Giroskuter mini Sigvey Smart Balance - Overview, features, reviews


Giroskuter mini Sigvey Smart Balance - a new fashionable gadget, which a year ago conquered Europe and finally got to us

Recently, hoverboards have often been used as vehicles, and this is not surprising, in particular if we are talking about such a model as hoverboard mini Sigvey Smart Balance. The simplicity of the design and ease of operation of the units contribute to the possibility of their use during walks, while traveling in large and open areas, such as sports complexes, industrial enterprises, warehouses, and so on.

The average speed developed by the device is 12 km / h

Choosing a suitable hoverboard is a prerequisite for its successful use in the future, so the main task of the user is to inspect the main characteristics, become familiar with them and choose the option in accordance with the conditions in which you are going to operate the product.

Smart gyroscooter series: features

Giroskuterov traditionally designed to carry out transportation for one person. Movement on an exceptionally flat surface is assumed, the distance for which one charge is enough is 20 km. The speed developed by the device is 12 km / h. At first glance, this parameter is small, but the high power of the device and its other characteristics, as well as the user’s sense of “flying” on it, indicate something else. The speed of an average person with whom he walks is from 3 to 5 km / h, depending on physical abilities. Wellness running traditionally has a speed of 10 km / h. And if you try to travel at 12 km / h, the difference will be more than noticeable.

Gyroscooter is widely used as a means of movement when working at long distances

Why do you need a hoverboard

The purpose of using the device is different:

  • It can be used for recreation and entertainment on the street. Therefore, many parents want to buy this little "car" to their children.
  • Gyroscooter is widely used as a means of movement when working at long distances. For example, for movement between the shops of a large manufacturing enterprise.
  • The scope of marketing also involves the use of gyroscooters. For example, animators and people who distribute leaflets in large cities are more and more often using hoverboard. And enterprising companies depict their logo on their small case, which makes them memorable.
  • When organizing events and events, gyroscooters are more relevant than ever, since they are the main elements of entertainment for adults and children.
  • For business. These small “cars” have proven themselves as an element of stable income. Entrepreneurs rent them out for long term or short rent.
  • For a gift. Indeed, a hoverboard can be a great gift for a child, an adult, and even an elderly person. After all, learning to ride it is much easier than cycling.

Giroskuter can be used for recreation and entertainment on the street. Therefore, many parents want to buy this little "car" to their children.

In whatever case a hoverboard is used, its owner or tenant will receive unforgettable impressions and will be able to speed up his walk, covering a long distance.

Read more about Smart Balance

The giroskuter is a device of complex technical composition, equipped with a durable plastic case. Its main feature is the ability to maintain balance on a plane, so a person who learns to ride cannot fall. Modern products are made per weight range from 20 to 100 kg. However, the greater the user's weight, the faster the battery consumption will be achieved. Sites intended for setting the legs are made of durable rubber that provides a strong grip with shoes.

The device is driven by a motor and wheels, which can have a diameter of 6.5 or 10 inches, it all depends on the personal wishes of the buyer.

The wheels of the device are tubeless. Of course, in connection with this, the ride may seem tough at first, but the puncturing of the wheels will be completely excluded. Due to the special design, the device is compact and low cost.

The model is equipped with a high-quality capacious Samsung battery, which allows you to travel a distance of 15-20 km on a single charge. Available on the market and budget Chinese options that offer the original Chinese-made battery. Its operational characteristics are much worse, and the resource indicator is significantly less. Having placed an order for a model in a factory, any consumer can choose cheaper options from China or more expensive batteries from well-known companies - Samsung, LG, and so on.

Even a newcomer to fall from such a device would be almost impossible.

The front of the mini Sigway Smart Balance giroskuter includes two LED lights that are designed to illuminate the road in the evening and at night, while you can not be afraid of passing cars, because you will be better marked in the dark.

The Smart model is the smallest among all models of hoverboards, so it is perfect for the conditions of the city, easily placed in the hands of the owner, in public transport, in the luggage compartment of the car. In the case of the model has a speaker, and Bluetooth is installed. This suggests that it is possible to connect to the device a smartphone or any mobile phone with the ability to listen to great music for a good mood. The model complex assumes the presence of a special bag for carrying the product.

Model Specifications

  • Dimensional figures, respectively, in length, width, height: 548 * 186 * 178 mm;
  • Weight parameter - 10 kg;
  • Power unit power - 700 W;
  • Battery type: Li-Ion. Brand - Samsung. The voltage is 36 V, 4.4 A / h. Holds for about 2-3 hours, allows you to drive 15-20 km. This indicator depends on the weather and the quality of the road surface.

The model meets all the parameters of a large city and periphery and is suitable for riding on high-quality smooth road surfaces.

  • The angle of elevation at the maximum is 15 degrees.
  • The mass of the load - 20-100 kg.
  • The developed speed (maximum value) is 12 km / h.
  • The temperature of the apparatus - from -15 to +50 C.

Thus, the model meets all the parameters of a large city and periphery and is suitable for driving on high-quality smooth road surfaces.

Benefits of Mini Segway Smart Balance

Among the advantages of the model are several features that make it the best among competitors and preferable among average users.

  • The small weight allowing to lift easily the device and if necessary to transfer it on small distances. Even a child will cope with raising such a burden.
  • Small size, thanks to which the model can be hidden at home in the off-season or cleaned in the garage. Also, it will easily fit in the trunk of your car, on the seat in public transport.
  • Reasonable price of the device. This parameter remains beyond any doubt, since it implies a favorable price offer in all facilities engaged in the implementation of such structures.

Model Mini Segway Smart Balance has a number of advantages and offers a solution to a wide range of tasks

  • Optimum technical specifications. Enough high power, high developed speed and the ability to travel long distances using a single charge allow you to use the device everywhere.
  • Original design, suitable for stylish progressive youth and for conservative admirers of the classics. Attractive appearance of the product will easily emphasize the status and lift your spirits.

Thus, the Mini Sigway Smart Balance model has several advantages and offers a solution to a wide range of tasks.

Smart Balance Wheel

  • Smart Balance wheel 10

Compared to scooter, this device has a lot of undeniable advantages and more advanced functionality. The diameter of the wheels is 10 inches, which makes the ride fast and comfortable. If you need to get to work or go for a walk, the model Smart balance wheel 10 is ideal. The weight of the device is 13.5 kg, therefore it is difficult to carry it with you. Delivery is carried out in a large box, there is a foam protection and instructions.

If you need to get to work or go for a walk, the model Smart balance wheel 10 is ideal

  • Model Smart Balance wheel 6.5

As you can guess, the size of the wheel of this device is 6.5 inches. Despite the small parameter, it develops a decent speed and demonstrates good functionality. Its weight due to smaller wheels is somewhat less than that of wheel 10, however, its long-term transfer on the hands is not always possible.

Model with 6.5 inch wheels

  • Smart balance offroad device

Contains innovative developments that will help to cope with any part of even the most difficult path. Advantages of the model - in the advanced functionality and the ability to move off-road. Off-road tube tires made of durable, proven materials will give confidence in any part of the road.

Advantages of the model - in the expanded functionality and the ability to move off-road

  • Smart balance 6.5

This model has an attractive price. In all other respects, it is simple, has limited capabilities due to the simple design, however, it has simple controls.

Smart balance 6.5 is the most modest ruler model.

System management

The management process carried out with the system includes several basic steps.

  • You must try to do so to stand on the machine with both feet.
  • The device will begin to move in accordance with your gestures, will keep the same direction.
  • To make a turn to the left, it is necessary to press the pedal by means of the right foot, and the pedal must be bent forward.
  • To scooter could turn right, the user should press the left pedal.
  • For easy travel ahead, you must press both pedals together.
  • If it is necessary to stop, both pedals are pressed together, leaning back slightly.

Wheel model can have wheels with a diameter of 8 inches. There is also a front light, through which you can do the lighting of small sections of roads.

Several colors of the hoverboard are offered on the market, so the user can choose the most appropriate and suitable for design option

There is a special key ring and key to turn on the device, as well as to lock it. Several colors of the hoverboard are offered on the market, and therefore the user will be able to choose the most appropriate and suitable design option. The set comes the right set of documents for the goods - a certificate, warranty card, documents related to the battery.

User Reviews

Artem:Long came to the choice of a hoverboard, since the winter began to save on it. Read reviews, studied in detail the technical characteristics. As a result, I stopped at the popular model Smart Balance. What can be said about the dynamics and overall impression: everything is cool! Stuck unusual, ride through the park on it - a pleasure. Only a little advice: each model has its own purpose, I took only for short walks in the park, located next to my house. Therefore, it cost this model. But for more serious tricks you will need a more serious thing.

Igor: My friend bought a hoverboard last year, so I decided to make this interesting purchase. You would also like it if you rode it for at least 5-10 minutes. And if you, like me, have a child, you will not drag him away from this device. The thing is, of course, chic. I have never ridden a bicycle and a scooter, I did not think that I would like the opportunity to move at higher speeds without spending gasoline. Once I even got to work on a hoverboard. Drives up to 12 km / h. Very beautiful. I hope he will serve me well.

Giroskuter is a great toy for the whole family

Tonya: Recently I bought myself a new Smart Balance Wheel. In general, the impressions are incredible, I advise you to even take a ride on it. Try to choose a store with lower prices.

Ilona: I liked to move around the transport in my city. I'm from the provinces, so the locals looked at me a little strange. But then she noticed that many already bought themselves scooters.

Anna: If you do not have rights, you will not need them when you have a Smart Balance scooter. This is just an incredible bunch of sensations and new emotions. In general, if you want thrills, I recommend a ride with the wind!