Daria Melnikova first showed younger son

The actress, who usually protects privacy from fans and the press, shared a photo of the baby.

On the eve of the New Year, actress Daria Melnikova presented her second son to her husband, Arthur Smolyaninov. Daria hid pregnancy until the last - the couple tries not to share the details of their lives with the rest. So, the actors managed to keep their wedding a secret, having laid out only one shot after the event. Frames from the life of Arthur's son, whom Melnikova gave birth to three years ago, the family is also not in a hurry to share.

Therefore, the recent snapshot of the actress on Instagram has surprised her followers. In the photo, the girl is captured with the breast son, although the baby’s face is not visible. The eldest son of the couple is also visible in the background. In the caption to the picture Melnikova said that such a family went to the cottage. The actors do not disclose the name of the youngest child yet.