Women's swimming cap in the pool - How to choose?


Women's swimming cap is an essential attribute of real swimmers

Hair, hairstyle - a frequent indicator of femininity, health, image of the representative of the beautiful half of humanity, so swim fans have a logical question: do you need a swim cap? Female audience is unanimous: yes! It is stylish, good for hair and especially important when it comes to professional athletes.

In many pools do not let without caps into the water. So try to protect the drain from clogging

What a strange accessory?

Swimming is a unique way to maintain health (all muscle groups are strained and relaxed), weight (up to 300 calories are burned in an hour, even passive swimming) and even make a pleasant acquaintance. But how to look more attractive?

On the forums there are discussions of hats for the pool, where most girls are dissatisfied with their appearance in them. For various reasons, the reflection in the mirror may not be arranged - the shape of the face changes, someone tries to leave the bang (they prefer not to remove it under the head-dress), the stand-off bun of hair gathered at the back of the head does not cause delight.

Features of the acquisition:

  • Women's swimming caps are not only completely fitting. Sometimes a style is selected where the accessory is in the “forehead - ears - back of the head” area, and the head part is more free (the proportion of the head visually changes).
  • Visually stand out, draw attention and again change the proportion of the face will help caps for swimming with a pattern, relief (there are even with false ornaments - flowers, fins, bows).
  • Under the power to decorate a textile hat and make it special (embroider, sheathe beads or rhinestones).

Tip!Experienced instructors and psychologists say: the appearance in a swimming headdress is a trifle that you should not pay attention to. The main thing is to buy an accessory in which it is convenient to swim, and it comes to a swimsuit.

Many women are embarrassed to wear a hat, because they do not like the look. Original and fashionable models come to the rescue.

A man who decided to take care of his health and demonstrate his body without clothes (in a bathing suit) has already taken a step towards a beautiful body, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Is it possible to manage?

Bulk women's swimming caps (for girls with long thick hair) or tight-fitting are personal choices. But caps - a mandatory attribute of some pools. This detail of the wardrobe of a novice or experienced swimmer must be in the arsenal for several reasons:

  • Do not clog the drain pool hair (wet hair, exposure to chlorinated water leads to additional loss). According to some information, there are 90-150 thousand hairs on a person's head, up to 100 pieces can fall out every day. To ensure the safety of hairstyles and the cleanliness of the public swimming pool, a hat is necessary (sometimes disposable accessories are offered in the swimming centers themselves).
  • It protects the ears from moisture and otitis media.
  • Wet long and medium hair contribute to the rapid loss of heat by the body, which leads to hypothermia.
  • Without a headgear, the swimmer’s speed decreases (if we are talking about training for high-speed swimming).

Wet long and medium hair contribute to the rapid loss of heat by the body, which leads to hypothermia

  • And the most important: the cap will not always become a reliable protector against wetting of the strands, but will save time on drying the hair. The modern day of a woman is painted by the hour and minute, there is no time to dry her hair after each visit to the pool (also the effect of a hair dryer negatively affects their structure).

Rubber models

In the 60s of the twentieth century latex (rubber) hats broke into fashion. Their appearance is obliged to the eternal ideals of feminine beauty, on the altar of which the health and even the life of a girl were sometimes laid (perm, electric curling). To spoil the curls, obtained by such work, did not want to, but it would be unwise to refuse to visit the pool, a beach holiday.

There were women's swimming caps, which every fashionista tried to buy.

And nowadays rubber “brothers”, latex and silicone hats remain popular. They are similar in their impermeability (although they cannot provide dry hair for 100%). There are significant differences.

Features latex models:

  • These products will come to the rescue as a "disposable" cap. Wear resistance for more than a couple of classes may not be enough (cheap goods).
  • Relatively low cost - 250-300 rubles apiece, if it is global brands (like TYR). On the sites of wholesale purchases can be found from 100-150 rubles. In the section "used" there is always a chance to find even cheaper.
  • These models are more suitable for owners of short hair, latex for long strands, according to reviews, I will stick, wearing such a hat is not very convenient.

The cap covers the ears from the ingress of water and the development of otitis

Tip! Expert opinions are not so categorical. Today, manufacturers offer high-tech latex, which is significantly different from previous generations of "rubber" models. Some swimmers give preference to latex attire (for some, the material may cause allergies, although modern industry uses this material even for the manufacture of medical products such as "product number 2").

The main thing - do not forget to use talc (or baby powder) before putting it on, so that your hair does not stick to the accessory. After removing and washing under running water, it is necessary to dry on a table or a window sill, but not on a battery or under the scorching sun! This also applies to other models.

Silicone era

Before you buy women's swimming caps, you need to familiarize yourself with the world leader in sales - the silicone version of hats. This material is also highly elastic, has its advantages:

  • Quickly worn (latex accessories in this matter are inferior), more durable in comparison with the previous analogue.
  • When putting on also sharp objects (pins, pins, rings on the fingers, bracelets) should be avoided.
  • Easy to put on (without talc, not electrified) and quickly removed. Does not cause an allergic reaction.


Silicone hats at the peak of popularity

  • The edges ("headband" of the headdress) are thicker than the main part (provides protection from wet hair).
  • But the high elasticity of the material (it can stretch almost 2 times) sometimes brings discomfort to swimmers, putting pressure on the head. Then it is more convenient to choose such an accessory as a women's swimming cap - for long hair (volumetric option).

Important! The price range is also wide. You can find models from 120 rubles to 900, which is not very different from the cost of latex models. There are options and much more expensive (depending on the manufacturer, the quality of silicone, ornament). Demand brands available at their price. This is AliExpress (waterproof hats from 160 rubles), Lipotes (from 140 rubles).

When beauty matters

Women's swimming cap is textile, but waterproof - the ultimate dream that combines beauty, convenience, dryness of curls of any length (including gorgeous long hair).

Initially, all swimming hats were divided into waterproof (for diving) and wet (textile). The essence of the latest models is to collect the hair, and they did not interfere with the exercise of water aerobics, swimming without immersion in the water with his head. Plus - there are no restrictions in design (such accessories become real works of art). Minus - the hair becomes wet.

Beautiful swimming cap

This headdress can act and independently associated accessory for swimming. And you can purchase ready-made - they are made from the same material as swimsuits (but the material contains polyurethane or silicone threads - for a more comfortable fit and elasticity).

The price of such textiles (if based on polyester and / or elastane) can be from 160 rubles and more (Asian companies like Joss offer budget options).

Bright model of the budget brand Joss

Tip! But if these options do not suit the wetted models, turn to the combined types. Such textile headdresses will keep hair dry.

Ideal model

The best products are combined options. These are hats, the outer layer of which is made of silicone (rubberized waterproof material), the inner one - on a fabric basis.

Features of such models:

  • Convenience in every sense - this accessory keeps hair dry, does not stick to the strands, is quickly worn and easily removed.
  • Models that do not externally differ from dense silicone analogues (popular among athletes, retain hydrodynamic properties) or fashionable textiles (externally please owners with ruffles, linings, but keep curls dry) have been developed.

The best products are combined options. These are hats, the outer layer of which is made of silicone, the inner one - on a fabric basis.

  • The price range, due to the high cost, differs from the previous options. For 550-1200 rubles, you can order on the Internet (BECO), both classic accessories and drawings are provided for children, there are models with inscriptions (SPEEDO Slogan).

The cap in lemons is represented by Speedo

Fruit line caps popular sports brand

Tip! The choice of a hat for swimming, if it is not an international or Olympic competition, it is better to leave your preferences. Someone more comfortable in a latex cap, lush-haired girls are more likely to like silicone accessories, not chilling, with additional space for the tail or beam. Textile and combined - also today in high esteem. But it is not enough to choose the necessary part for swimming - you need to properly operate it.

How to wear this hat?

With the choice is easier - there is a children's and adult size (simple and voluminous, for girls with a magnificent hairstyle). With the use of hats in practice is all the more difficult. If you simply put on an ordinary hat for going out (it is convenient for someone), then you will have to adjust to the attribute for water treatment.

Tip!Before putting on, they remove jewelry from fingers and wrists (rings, watches, bracelets) and it is advisable to leave earrings and barrettes at home (only textile hats are not so picky for several small punctures). Sometimes sharp nails with a manicure with rhinestones also violate the integrity of the headdress for swimming.

It is better to tie strands immediately with a bundle on the back of the head, combing the fringe back, and then putting on a cap

  • For long-haired pool attendees, the advice will be to help: it is better to tie the strands at once with a tuft at the back of the head, to brush back the bangs (it is unlikely to work out after putting on). Learning to wear a hat is initially advised at home (training does not hurt).
  • If the headgear is rubber, sprinkle talcum powder from the inside.
  • The palms are folded in a boat and passed inside the cap, it is stretched from the inside. Sometimes put on so that the palm "looked" in different directions.
    In this state, the cap is worn on the head (hands remain in the headdress).
  • Initially, the cap is worn on the frontal part (head down), ears, then - on the back of the head. Hairline behind, ears should be covered (if it is not a shortened model).
  • They also take off their headgear carefully (so as not to damage the hair and the accessory itself). First, fingers are passed under the cap on the back of the head, then gently - from the top of the head and forehead, after which the product is rinsed and dried naturally.

Important!Despite the necessary density and maximum fit, this attribute should be comfortable - impaired blood circulation and unpleasant associations with swimming in the pool have not benefited anyone yet.

Removing the cap in this way can damage the product and hair.

Cap as a means of achieving success?

Interestingly, the choice of this necessary part of sports equipment of sports masters and participants of competitive programs and competitions is even more troublesome. Wetsuit manufacturers draw attention with promising statements.

So, while the main leading competitors are the companies SPEEDO (Anglo-American project) and Arena (Italian brand). The creators promise an increase in swimmer’s speed (up to 0.1 second) and a decrease in water resistance by 5-16%. For athletes who defend the honor of the country, the extra fractions of a second play a big role, although the swimmers themselves assure that it is often not the latest fabric development, but the ability to swim. In addition, complete equipment can hardly be called cheap (sets of "swimming trunks or swimsuit + glasses + cap" sometimes cost 30 thousand rubles and more).

The main thing is not to chase after the fashion, but to choose according to yourself and correctly put on the main accessory for the pool, on which the health of the hair, the ears, as well as the well-being and mood depend

In the light of such costs, even an ordinary combo hat looks cheap. But the main thing is not to chase after the fashion, but to choose according to oneself and correctly put on the main accessory for the pool, on which the health of the hair, the ears, as well as the well-being and mood depend. For women, the last figure is almost in the first place.