How Wolverine Gets Along with Animals: Hugh Jackman's Little Dogs

Hugh Jackman, the star of the acclaimed series of blockbusters "X-Men" in everyday life, is not at all like his main stage character and has an irreversible weakness for small domestic dogs. The actor now has two pets of different breeds.

The first dog in the Jackman family appeared in the fall of 2010, when a popular Australian actor gave his children a French bulldog puppy.

A new member of the family received the name of Dali in honor of the Spanish artist.

During the time that he is in the Jackman family, Dali managed to wipe out a strong handsome dog of the color "apricot with cream".

Dali is the pet of the head of the family, who often takes the dog with him on various trips.

Initially, the actor told the press that the dog's name was Peach or Urine, but later it turned out that the family decided to name him Dali.

Jackman said that this name was chosen by his son, who dreams of becoming an artist and is greatly inspired by the works of Salvador Dali.

Deborra-Lee Forness, wife of Hugh Jackman, argues that the muzzle of the dog resembles the baleen face of a famous painter.

New Yorkers have become accustomed to the fact that several times a day a famous actor personally walks his four-legged friend, who is absolutely not shy about reporter cameras and heightened attention to his person.

The second dog in the family of the actor was the fluffy Allegra, who instantly became the heroine of his master's instagram.

Judging by how often dogs appear on the Jackman social network, he really considers them to be full members of the family and loves them very much.

Despite this, Hugh said he was not going to start a separate account for dogs in instagram.

At first, Dali was very jealous of his owners for a new pet and even clashed with Allegra herself, but over time the dogs became friends.

It is not often possible to meet such a sincere human love for four-legged friends. Despite his star status and critical lack of time, Hugh Jackman always finds time to walk with his pets, not trusting this duty to anyone except his family. The actor always looks happy next to Dali and Allegro, and instagram subscribers often point out that he and his dogs are just made for each other.