Oscar 2019 - coming soon!

January 22 will be announced the names of applicants for the Oscar 2019.

How fast time flies! It seems that only yesterday congratulated the director of "Formula Vody" Guillermo del Torro, the victor of last year's Academy Award ceremony, and soon new Hollywood heroes will be known.

The site of the American Academy of Cinematographic Arts announced that tomorrow, January 22, will announce the names of applicants for the Oscar 2019. And on February 4 all nominees will be invited to a traditional dinner - a very prestigious and significant event for future stars.

The 91st award ceremony itself will be held in Los Angeles in a month - February 24th.

The rights to broadcast the show acquired in 225 countries around the world, but will it help? Ratings awarding the Oscar from year to year fall. In addition, the organizers have a new headache. Comedian Kevin Hart, already declared the master of the ceremony, unexpectedly refused such an honor. Whether they will be able to get out of a difficult situation at the Academy will be known soon, but for now a script is being written in which the role of facilitator is completely absent.