How does a girl start running from scratch? - Effective program for beginners


Before you start running from scratch, you will have to familiarize yourself with a certain set of necessary rules and skills.

Before you start to run from scratch, you will have to familiarize yourself with a certain set of necessary rules and skills. After all, running is one of the types of athletics, a type of martial arts, and therefore requires some training, even at the beginning of a sports career.

Often it is laziness that gets in the way of big and small things.

In order to find out whether you can correctly begin to run regularly and withstand distances from zero to three kilometers with ease, it is necessary first to tear off the fifth point from the sofa. Often laziness gets in the way of big and small things. But if your organs are not state-owned, the figure is far from ideal, and you only meet with friends on social networks, the paths of parks and squares are waiting for your big and small accomplishments to the peak of Victory. Victory over his own laziness.

Motives for doubters

Our ancestors for the extraction of food had to climb trees, run for long periods in rugged terrain, throw stones and spears at hunting objects, jump from a height and dive to the depth without any adaptations. Rules of survival dictated ways to implement.

A civilized person stands at the top of the food chain and does not bother about hunger. Food can be obtained, without going outside, to work, without leaving the premises, to communicate, remaining inside the confined space, to be treated, without protruding the nose out of the apartment. Growing tummy, sad shoulders and weak limbs, the most capable only of putting pressure on the car pedals and remote control buttons - a portrait of a modernized person.

What can serve as a reason for playing sports? How to convey to the average person what exactly today to start running from scratch is necessary for losing weight, health, a full life?

Dream and conceptualize what you strive for, presenting the result obtained.

  1. Publicly state your intentions to go in for sports (now those around you will be bothered with questions).
  2. Monetary motivation. If you do not have a personal sponsor who is ready to pay for your small and great achievements in running, then the Gym-pact Internet service provides any reluctant athlete with a monetary reward at the expense of lazy people who skip classes.
  3. Dream and conceptualize what you strive for, presenting the result obtained. Identify those obstacles that may occur on the way. So you already mentally prepare yourself for accidents.

Tip! Come up with a tangible gift for motivation. It could be something sweet after “exhausting” runs.


In fact, everything is simple to ugliness. Clothing should be comfortable, spacious, made of natural fabrics and selected according to the season. This, of course, does not mean that in a snowy season you need to wear a fur coat and wear winter boots for a run. If you decide to start jogging in the cold season, then the autumn tracksuit fits perfectly.

With the question of shoes will have to think. Managers of sports shops, seeking to promote the product, will offer you a dozen types of sneakers: from running shoes on asphalt with spring soles to such a variety that allows you to do athletics on rough terrain.

Needs equipment for running

But do not break your head for a long time: take regular classic running shoes that will anatomically repeat the shape of your foot with a comfortable instep and on a usual flat sole. Any other footwear is designed for skillful staging of the foot during jogging, having bought which you will oblige yourself to adapt to it during classes.

The choice of underwear for both advanced and novice athletes is of paramount importance. Especially, if the athlete is female, distinguished by pomp of forms. Buy a bra for training in specialized stores.

Tip! When choosing sneakers, pay attention to the helium strip under the thumb. Its presence will ease the load on the joints.

Jogging - time

In the question "How and why is it necessary to start running in the morning from scratch?" the main point is "start running". Because training can be done when it is convenient. Morning time jogging for many are uncomfortable because of the ill-conceived layout of the day. In the evening hours, on the contrary, you can add to the load and a couple of kilometers, and include stretching exercises in the classes.

Sport is not a burden, but health. Treat it as a great pastime.

Most importantly, remember:

  • Sport is not a burden, but health. Treat it as a great pastime;
  • a variety of jogging routes serves as an additional stimulator;
  • beautiful, bright sportswear sets up positive thoughts;
  • communication with successful and motivated individuals will add to the desire to play sports;
  • the combination of jogging with other types of outdoor activities diversifies leisure and disciplines;
  • calories go more intense in the morning.

And get a heart rate monitor. By monitoring the heartbeat, it will signal if you leave the permissible zone according to your age. Some types of this device necessary for running have an option of calculation of calories in the arsenal.

Tip!The first few weeks for newbies are the most difficult. 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes for jogging or fast walking will be quite enough.

Indian and atrial run to help obese

There are a dozen types of running techniques. But which one can fit for obese people? And is it possible to start running in one way or another with a lot of weight from scratch? Everything is possible. The main thing is to calculate the load.

Get a heart rate monitor. By monitoring the heartbeat, it will signal if you leave the permissible zone according to your age.

If the age has passed over forty, the weight is over 80, and when he was 20 years old he stopped at 1 m 60 cm, then a run for a distance of 300 m already deserves respect. Much more important is the regularity of the classes and the alternation of the efforts made, rather than the pursuit of the result. Start with small loads. For example, what have you heard about the Indian race?

Glorious Indian warriors in their legendary campaigns could cover distances with such a run 1.5 times faster than the usual step. And it consists in the following:

  • Jogging - 100 m.
  • Normal walking with active elbow work - 100 m.

Alternate with each other. The initial distance is 1000 m. Gradually increase the distance to be covered. This type of run can take on even a varicose vein.

The ciliated running of the base is the same, only shorter than the distance: we run - 30 m, we overcome the distance in steps of 30 m. But because of the frequent change of rhythm, the heart is overloaded. Using this method, it is necessary to measure the pulse.

Tip!Do not chase after weight. Periodic morning measurements of waist volume will show a clearer picture.

A variety of run routes serves as an additional stimulant.

Shaping running - hunting for health

If you start training from walking, then the desire to run in the evening or in the morning, starting from zero, will inevitably appear. In principle, ordinary walking burns the same amount of calories as running. The difference is only a time period.
The representatives of the weaker sex suggest that for them, perhaps, there are special programs for running. Asking "how to start a girl and not stop running from scratch?", They are waiting for a concrete answer. Here, all means are good. In particular, this kind of sports activities, like shaping race.

The effectiveness of this method lies in its uniqueness. Shaping run contributes to:

  • improve posture;
  • stimulation of the vestibular apparatus;
  • getting the basics of cardio;
  • mastering aerobic gymnastics.

The essence of the shaping run is as follows:

  • running forward - 20 steps;
  • running the left side of the body - 10 steps;
  • running the right side of the body - 10 steps;
  • running backwards - 10 steps;
  • jumps from the left side - 10 times;
  • jumps from the right side - 10 times;
  • running forward, knees high - 10 steps;
  • running forward with your face, trying to touch the heels of the buttocks - 10 steps;
  • running at top speed - 10 steps.

The combination of jogging with other outdoor activities diversifies leisure and disciplines

Then, there are 100 steps in the active tempo, at the same time performing jerks with hands in front of the chest: up and down, left and right, with a turn - without turning the body. The races consist of 5 repetitions. Between each of them - 20 steps of normal walking.

Tip! At the end of this workout, do squats or half-squats.

Classic genre - jogging

If jogging run for less than 20 minutes, then it will not bring good. Moreover, performance is high from two races, and low from one.

For a start - warm up. Running at such a pace and at a distance that will allow you not to lose your breath, but will make you sweat a little.

Main part. One should run as much as breathing and musculature allow. Feeling tired, relax on the go, slightly reducing the pace of the race. Then make a dash: here you need to run as fast as possible.

Conclusion - hitch. At this stage it is necessary to return a continuous rhythm to breathing.

At first, stick to minimalism: 200 m for warm-up, 50 m for relaxation (one step or a leisurely run), 400 m for a basic workout, 50 m for rest, 100 m for a maximum jerk, 50 m for a hitch.

Calories are more intensive in the morning.

Contraindications for jogging:

  • acute inflammation of the spine and joints;
  • pregnancy;
  • obesity;
  • risk of thrombosis.

Tip! While running, watch your breathing: it should be smooth, without jerks. Breathe should nose.

The discharge is able to charge

Someone makes morning runs in the park in the hope of losing excess weight, another part of the runners in this way cares about health, but there are those who, winding circles around the stadium, dream of getting a rank in their favorite sport.

Trying on the distance, you should not bother about how to start running, to pass from scratch to discharge. Realizing the importance of training, you need to strive to achieve the best results and compliance with standards.

To achieve the assignment of a sports category requires compliance with the obligations:

  • category of competition;
  • timekeeping competitions;
  • refereeing level.

There are also mass discharges that are received at competitions of regional importance. They do not depend on timekeeping. But they are limited by the time of action - 2 years. During this time, the athlete must improve or confirm the discharge. Otherwise, it is removed.

Realizing the importance of training, you need to strive to achieve the best results and compliance with standards

As an illustrative example, we present the standards that apply to the most common distances.

Standard / running 5000 m / 3000 m / 100 m

  • Men 15: 30.0 / 9: 00.0 / 11.2
    Women 18: 10.0 / 10: 40.0 / 13.0

Tip!Run a run with a stopwatch in your hand and make sure that the standards are strict.

Helping beginners - the work of beginners themselves

Many sports programs designed for professionals. Types of classes, training plans, timing - everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And how to be a beginner athletes? How do they start running and reaching tops from scratch if the program works only for advanced athletes?

Not so bad. Below is a table with a detailed program for beginners. It is designed for a circle of people who occupy the rank of knowledge workers, and therefore, lead a sedentary lifestyle. Being engaged in this program, you hone your skills on the way to improving the figure.

When going for a run, always carry a bottle of still water with you. Training is accompanied by profuse sweating - loss of moisture. And still not strong organism of a beginner is not able to cope with the first loads. There may be nausea, dizziness, where you just need fluid intake.

Take responsibly and to the choice of route: it is unacceptable in the early stages of training to run on unequipped, having a lift, terrain

Experts recommend not to eat before playing sports. But if you have low hemoglobin or you eat strictly according to the timetable, then refuse to eat at least 2-3 hours before workouts. Because during the race, because of food in the stomach, gagging may occur.

Take responsibly and to the choice of route: it is unacceptable in the early stages of training to run on unequipped, having a lift, terrain. This will create additional difficulties and may even contribute to foot injuries.
Compliance with the above will make playing sports a comfortable and enjoyable event.

Tip!The above program will return you without prejudice to your health in the right direction of training, even if there were absences. Feel free to start running and do not dwell on the theory!

Good legs to you!