How to improve memory and brain function? - Exercises, folk remedies, drugs


Most people are often dissatisfied with their own knowledge and are trying by any means to improve memory and brain function.

Most people are often unhappy with their own knowledge and are trying by any means to improve memory and brain function. However, exercises alone are often not enough. After all, there can be a lot of reasons for excessive distraction and forgetfulness: this is excessive fatigue, poor diet, lack of oxygen due to a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, etc.

The reasons for excessive distraction and forgetfulness can be many: this is excessive fatigue, poor diet, lack of oxygen due to a sedentary lifestyle

Physical exercise

University teachers have long noticed that students who lead a healthy lifestyle are also successful in their studies. The magical power of sports that helps achieve clarity of mind is a very scientific explanation. According to the latest data, with each heartbeat 20-25% of blood goes to the brain. Together with it not only nutrients come into it, but also oxygen.

Aerobic breathing exercises have a significant effect on the hippocampus (the brain region responsible for the transition of short-term memory to long-term memory). Moreover, according to researchers from Canada, you can increase its size with the help of sports in any, including in old age.

Regular exercise, contributing to the flow of oxygen, and allow you to increase the production of a special, specific only to the nervous system, the protein responsible for the development of brain cells and their survival.

Tip!A regular evening run before the exam will not only relieve nervous tension before a serious test, but also saturate the blood, and hence the brain cells, with oxygen.

Sport contributes to the improvement of blood circulation and, therefore, nutrition of the brain.

Memory training

It is believed that most people remember only 5% of the information acquired for life. Another 35% of them are able to remember part of it with the help of leading questions. However, any organ, including the brain, can and should be trained.

There are many methods to improve brain function and develop memory. It may be:

  • regular reading;
  • memorizing poems or songs;
  • interesting hobby;
  • solving crosswords or rebuses;
  • chess game, etc.

You can help your brain concentrate better with the help of special exercises. And you can do them "on the go":

  • being in a transport or on the street, look for a few seconds at a person, then turn away and restore his appearance (color of hair, eyes, clothes, etc.); it is possible to consider and analyze not only people, but also any subjects;
  • buying products, try to calculate in your head at least the approximate cost of purchases; compare and memorize prices in different stores, it will help not only train the brain, but also save;
  • stimulate it and any new activities - that is, even if in the morning you brush your teeth not with your right hand, but with your left hand, this will already be unusual for the brain, and therefore, a new event that requires concentration of attention.

Any organ, including the brain, can and should be trained

Tip! Psychologists have developed a fairly large number of techniques that help improve memory and attention of the brain. However, a person very quickly remembers only information that is interesting to him. Therefore, choose from all existing methods suitable for you. At the same time regularly make some own innovations in the training complex.

Improve memory and brain function through meditation

Most people do not know how to fully concentrate and disconnect from extraneous thoughts or external stimuli. Learn how to concentrate your own attention with the help of simple exercises.

The researchers found that people practicing meditation, increased the density of gray matter. The number of neural connections in them is also significantly higher. With the help of yoga, you can significantly synchronize the work of both hemispheres of the brain.

And to improve the work of the brain it is not necessary to perform any difficult exercises. His work will help the simplest asanas and the initial stages of meditation. They will not only teach you to focus, but also improve brain circulation and strengthen the nervous system.

Researchers have found that people practicing meditation have increased gray matter density.

Tip! All exercises should be carried out in complete silence. Body muscles should be completely relaxed. At first, attention concentrates on one's own body and its individual parts. Gradually, it switches to ambient sounds and smells. The presence of any extraneous thoughts during class is undesirable.

Healthy foods

What foods improve memory and brain function? They can be divided into two groups: rapid and prolonged exposure. For example, chocolate containing magnesium and glucose, is able to stimulate brain cells strongly enough. However, its validity is limited in time. With regular consumption of nuts, it is possible to significantly improve the long-term memory.
Natural stimulant vitamins that improve memory and brain function include:

  • bioflavonoids (vitamins D, E and P);
  • All B vitamins, including folic acid (vitamin "genius");
  • vitamins C.

Tip! Reception of vitamins is better to combine with drugs containing omega-3 acids.

The most important for the long-term work of the brain are the majority of the B vitamins present in the liver, greens, eggs and dairy products. The same eggs, dairy products, as well as beans and poultry meat also contain adrenaline and dopamine, contributing to an increase in not only physical but also mental activity.

Proper and healthy nutrition will improve brain function

It should include in the diet and tomatoes, soybeans, dates, figs, bananas and chocolate containing serotin - the hormone of joy. It is he who is responsible not only for our appetite, sexual desires, but also for memory and ability to learn.

Tip! It is noticed that the inhabitants of Italy, consuming enough vegetable (olive) oil containing omega-acid, which reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure, preserve clarity of mind much longer.

Do not forget you about this very useful product for the brain. You can make up for the lack of omega-acids with nuts, oily fish and pumpkin.

Maintain your weight normal

The balance of glucose, the main nutrient for brain cells, is significantly impaired in overweight people. With an increased content of carbohydrates and animal fats, the protein content with a sufficiently long name - the neurotropic factor of the brain - responsible for the health of neurons, decreases.

Therefore, if you want to become successful, watch the weight. Eat more foods that improve memory and brain function from whole grains, fish, nuts, greens, fresh or steamed vegetables and fruits. And for the correct work of the brain, not only the composition, but also the balance of nutrition is important. Receipt of important nutrients in the body should not occur from time to time, but systematically and regularly.

The balance of glucose, the main nutrient for brain cells, is significantly impaired in overweight people.

Tip! When overeating, a large amount of energy is spent on food processing. That is why a person after a meal becomes sluggish and drowsy. To be fit, before an important meeting or event, limit yourself to light meals containing a minimum of calories.

Sleep benefits

With a lack of sleep, the whole body suffers. But his absence on the brain is especially painful. After all, it is during sleep that the information received during the day is analyzed and processed. Without proper sorting and processing to perceive something new brain will simply be unable.

With a constant lack of sleep, the performance of a person drops rapidly. If nighttime wakefulness occurs regularly, it can even result in serious functional illnesses, including mental and psychomotor disorders.

To sleep, choose a warm, darkened room. The habit of going to bed at the same time has a beneficial effect on rest, in which case falling asleep occurs without difficulty. It should be preceded by a calm, relaxing atmosphere. A warm relaxing shower, reading a good book, etc. have a beneficial effect on falling asleep.

The habit of going to bed at the same time has a beneficial effect on rest, in which case falling asleep happens without difficulty.

Tip! The duration of sleep for each person is individual. Moreover, excess sleep is just as harmful as its deficiency. But if you feel overwhelmed even after a 7-8 hour full sleep, try revising your schedule and increasing its duration by at least half an hour. Longer sleep is also required in the case of intense physical or mental labor.

Folk remedies

Helps to improve memory and brain function and folk remedies:

  • blueberry juice;
  • a mixture of freshly beet juice and carrots;
  • roots and leaves of horseradish;
  • red rowan bark;
  • pine buds;
  • mint;
  • sage;
  • clover;
  • calamus roots;
  • roots devyasila.

All these plants can strengthen the blood vessels of the brain and improve its blood supply.

To the folk brain power means freshly squeezed juices and decoctions of herbs

Tip! Any herbal preparations and herbs that improve memory and brain function can also be included in aromatherapy courses. Be sure to find time for walking around the flowering gardens and parks: the aromas of rose, lily of the valley, linden, bird cherry trees can have a beneficial effect on neuronal cells.

Child's memory

With regular and sufficient sleep, good physical exertion, proper nutrition and the absence of stress and conflict in the family and school, problems with remembering a healthy child should not be. After all, it is at an early age that neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to adapt to our requirements — is better developed in children than in adults.

However, in the early school years, the ability to concentrate attention for a long time and logical thinking is still poorly developed, so first of all it is necessary to pay attention to their training. And this should be done in an unobtrusive game form. To support the desire of the child to learn new things, you must show him how to use new knowledge in everyday life or play.

At an early school age, the ability to concentrate attention for a long time and logical thinking is still poorly developed, so first of all it is necessary to pay attention to their training.

It is possible to improve memory and brain function in a child with the development of at least two of the three main channels - auditory, motor and visual. It is easy to learn new knowledge and children who are able to visualize what they heard, to present it in the "pictures". It is great if visual samples are used for teaching: toys or drawings.

Tip! Excessive brain tension is perceived by the body as violent, and it immediately includes a defensive reaction in the form of drowsiness, headache, etc. Therefore, the number of classes with a child should be strictly proportionate to his age.

Memory Aids

Even after 30 years, the speed of perception of new information begins to decline, and by the age of 40–50, memorizing it often becomes a serious problem. In order to maintain clarity of mind as long as possible, experts advise not only to eat right, exercise, and regularly train the brain, but also take special formulations. Drugs that improve memory and brain function include:

  • glycine: accelerating chemical reactions, reducing nervous tension;
  • Piracetam: improves concentration of cerebral circulation;
  • Aminalon: enhancing energy processes in nerve cells, accelerating the transmission of impulses, stimulating glucose uptake;
  • Phenibut: improves sleep, reduces tension; facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses to the central nervous system;

All medications can be taken only after consulting a doctor.

  • pantogam: stimulating metabolic processes in neurons; often prescribed for children with mental retardation;
  • fenotropil: accelerating the splitting of glucose; blood circulation; improves concentration of attention;
  • Vitrum Memory: Improving the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain, enhancing cerebral circulation.

However, all these drugs can cause side effects and fluctuations in blood pressure. Therefore, they should not be taken without first consulting a doctor.

Tip!Smoking kills blood vessels that feed the brain. Moreover, in the fight against this poison, even the most powerful means of improving memory and brain function may be powerless. If you want your brain to work like a clock, drop this addiction as quickly as possible.