Jennifer Aniston decided on a dramatic change

On the eve of her birthday, Jennifer Aniston decided to make drastic changes that affected not only her appearance, but also her personal life.

50 years is a peculiar milestone, when much has already been passed and achieved, but there is still an opportunity to reconsider and change for the better.

One of the girlfriends of the actress said that Aniston decided on cosmetic procedures, which have never resorted to before. She rejected the plastic and radical lifting and underwent a series of injections of Botox and fillers to hide age-related skin changes and hide wrinkles. In addition, she slightly increased her lips.

Changes have occurred in the personal life of the actress. Jennifer, who has no children, decided to become a foster mom. Now she is working on the issue of paperwork for the adoption of a girl who was left without parents. Aniston admitted that she had long dreamed of children, and the child fascinated her at first sight. The actress realized that she could not get past the child’s misfortune and decided on such a crucial step.