Rowan Atkinson announces his retirement from the cinema

Rowan Atkinson decided to temporarily abandon film roles and fully devote himself to raising a child. The man gave the opportunity to focus on the acting career of his girlfriend Louise.

Fans, of course, were saddened by such a statement. Now it is not known when they will be able to see their idol in new films and television projects. But fans can still view his previous work.

This decision was a surprise not only for the audience, but also for friends. Although they admit that they are accustomed to Atkinson's surprises. At first, he unexpectedly announced a divorce from his wife Sunita Sastri, then he twisted an affair with Louise Ford, who is younger than him by 30 years, became father again at 62, and to top it all devoted himself to bringing up a child in common with Louise.

Rowan Atkinson for his 40-year-old acting career starred in more than 70 films and TV shows, and he earned a lot. His condition, according to the most conservative estimates, is estimated at £ 100 million. So the actor can afford not to work at all, but to enjoy raising her daughter and having a rest.