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How to brew rosehip to save vitamins? What temperature conditions to observe? The answers to these questions are further in the article.

Many are interested in the question of how to properly brew rosehip to save vitamins. Despite the fact that traditional medicine, which is based on the use of drugs and medicines, has gone a long way, folk remedies do not lose their relevance. This is not surprising, because the healing substances that Mother Nature herself has given us are designed to help the body, to save it from all ailments.

It is not recommended to abuse dogrose, like any other element of flora

Health benefits of rose hips

Cough, stomach problems, heart disease - all this and more can be eliminated with the help of folk remedies. One of them is dogrose, namely, its decoction. But as you know, in the process of heat treatment, any substance changes its chemical composition, along with it its useful properties may significantly deteriorate. To prevent this from happening, consider how to properly make a decoction.

The fact that this plant has many healing properties, even children know. Perhaps it is for this reason that we believe that it is possible to use the plant at any time and as much as you like. However, it is not recommended to abuse dogrose, like any other element of the flora. The main thing - to pay attention to the proper preparation of the decoction and strictly observe the dosage. Then you can say "thank you" to your faithful assistant.

Rosehip - this is exactly the plant that can be salvation in the presence of a huge list of diseases. For example, making tea from wild rose, you can:

  • to overcome colds in the body;
  • cope with inflammatory processes;
  • eliminate fatigue and general weakness;
  • increase muscle tone and immunity;
  • defeat atherosclerosis, diseases of the central nervous system;
  • remove tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases;
  • avoid the occurrence of blood clots;
  • to prevent diseases of the heart system.

Rosehip - this is exactly the plant that can be salvation in the presence of a huge list of diseases

Tip! If you want the plant to bring only benefits that do not entail any harm, you should drink it only after going to a doctor and only when the absence of any contraindications is found.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from its use, you must follow the recipe and respect the proportions, dosage: this will avoid possible harm and increase the duration of the drug.

The composition of wild rose

Rosehip - a plant that, like any other, consists of many parts. Its different areas are equipped with different properties, respectively, can be used for different diseases with special care.


They contain a huge amount of valuable nutrients that bring benefits to the whole body.

  • Sahara - 18%
  • Vitamin C - 20%
  • Other vitamins (A, B, K, P) and others - about 18%;
  • Organic acids - 3.7%
  • Essential oils - 0.05%
  • Glycosides - about 0.05%;
  • Mineral substances - in large quantities.

Thus, the beneficial properties of the berries are proven in practice, and the improvised berry tea will enhance immunity and strengthen overall health.

Rosehip berries contain a huge amount of valuable nutrients that bring benefits to the whole body.


This element also boasts a large number of nutrients.

  • Extreme content of vitamins of groups A, E
  • Organic acids
  • Other trace elements.

Seeds - a useful product to maintain normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Help improve stool frequency and eliminate gastritis.

Tip! Seeds are taken only with the permission of the doctor, because in certain diseases and individual characteristics of the body their use is contraindicated.


Rosehip petals are not only incredibly beautiful in appearance, but also very useful. It turns out that they have a huge amount of tannins. In young leaves there is a lot of ascorbic acid, which is useful in diseases of the oncological area.

The roots

The roots of rose hips - a storehouse of vitamins and valuable substances, through which you can cure a huge number of diseases. Brewing the roots and drinking a few spoonfuls of liquid on an empty stomach, you can avoid diseases of the blood, heart, lungs. Tincture of the roots is traditionally used externally, for example, is effective for gout, paralysis, paresis.

The seeds of this berry are a useful product for maintaining the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Help improve stool frequency and eliminate gastritis.

It is important to know! Caucasians use wild rose shoots as seasoning. That is, it turns out that with proper processing, they have not only healing properties, but also exquisite taste.

What is cooked from wild rose

We appreciate this plant not for the possibility of preparing a large number of dishes, but for the opportunity to be always healthy and happy. Therefore, it is necessary to know which species of wild rose is preparing in order to preserve useful properties for as long as possible.

  • Infusion for oral administration. Traditionally, it is made from berries, leaves, and petals. In special cases, apply the roots. It helps to improve blood circulation, normalize the work of the intestine and improve its microflora. To give a pleasant taste in the infusions can be added spices or honey.
  • Compresses for use outside - if you are hurt or scratched, special compresses based on dogrose decoction will help to cope with the pain and with skin defects. To do this, it is applied to the damaged place on the gauze, covered with cellophane and a warm cloth. Night is holding on.
  • Alcohol and other tinctures. Tincture - one of the most effective methods of application of wild rose, and it can be used inside and outside. It helps to improve the work of the kidneys and adrenal glands, normalizes the endocrine system.

Infusion of wild rose helps to improve blood circulation, normalize the work of the intestine and improve its microflora

Thus, wild rose can be used for treatment in its various forms and variations, but in whatever form you would use it, it is necessary to prepare an infusion. Let us consider how to do this so that the fruit or leaf does not lose its natural data and useful properties.

Proper cooking: recipes


Berry picking is carried out to achieve maturity, but you can not wait for the frost, because at too low temperatures, as well as at high temperatures, useful properties disappear.


To avoid the formation of mold during storage, it is necessary to carry it out in a dry place. Drying is carried out in a room with relatively low temperatures without exposure to the sun. The provision of ventilation in such a room is the main factor, since it is this that promotes the uniform distribution of drying.


So that you can get the maximum benefit from the hips, you should master the basic rules of its brewing. During the long process of boiling, the plant - all its parts - lose its beneficial composition and in some cases can be dangerous. If insisting lasts more than half a day, then vitamin substances are subject to destruction.

If insisting lasts more than half a day, then vitamin substances are subject to destruction.


In order to replenish the daily rate of ascorbic acid and other vitamins, it is enough to consume 15 berries.

Tip! Remember that an overdose may not turn out to be for you the most pleasant consequences.

Before starting to eat berries, all hairs are removed from them: they do not carry any benefit, but they cause itching.

Cooking recipes

Method number 1

After removing all the hairs from the berries, it is necessary to take about 10 fruits and rinse them in water at room temperature. Then send them to the glass container and pour boiled water. The main thing is that it is not boiling, but hot. Wrap dishes with a warm cloth and leave for 8 hours. After expiration of the decoction, you can make a compress, and if you add alcohol, you will get a tincture.

Method number 2

Take the wild rose berries, pour boiling water over them. Approximately 2 tbsp. l Berry takes a liter of water. On the steam bath, this mixture is heated for about 20 minutes, and then infused for 5-7 minutes. This infusion is taken orally instead of tea. In principle, and its preparation occurs in a similar way.

Before insisting wild rose, it is necessary to remove all hairs from the berries.

Method number 3

If you have fresh berries, you can make tea from them since the night. To do this, in the evening, pour 10 berries with cold water: overnight they will infuse and give all the vitamins to the water. The same mass in the morning should be boiled for 10 minutes. Take 1/2 of a glass instead of tea, preferably several times a day before meals.

Method number 4

There are other methods of brewing berries, leaves and other elements of a plant such as wild rose. It is necessary to wash the berries and fill them in a thermos, in the calculation - a tablespoon of berries in a glass of boiling water. It is best to chop the berries, this is due to the best fruit yield. If time does not allow, you can use whole fruits. To make the effect of the use of the composition stronger, dried apricots, raisins, and hawthorn are used. In a thermos is better not to add sugar, if necessary, put it separately in a cup.

To create a more pleasant taste, you can add honey and spices to the decoction.

Method number 5

It turns out that there is more than one method of briar in a thermos. In order to make a delicious and healthy infusion, you need to take whole rosehips in the amount of seven pieces, and then pour a liter of water and cook over a quiet fire. Separately, 7 whole berries are put in a thermos and filled with boiling water, in which the previous wild rose was cooked. This composition is left for 8 hours, in the morning it can already be consumed.

Tip! There is a widespread belief that if you use or cook rosehip in a temperature mode above 80 ° C, then vitamin C is destroyed. To insure yourself just in case, wait for the boiling water to cool slightly, and then brew.

Thus, we have considered several ways on the basis of which it is possible to brew a dogrose without damage to its vitamin properties. However, there are a number of other recommendations from experts.

It is better to pour the berries not with boiling water, but with slightly cooled water.

Professional Tips

It is best to drink liquid before eating, because at this time the best absorption of vitamins and beneficial elements through the stomach occurs, which means that they best enter the body.

Drinking a vitamin infusion or making compresses from it is recommended only after a visit to the doctor, otherwise you can significantly harm your own health.

You can use the broth hips not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of disease. In this case, it is taken three times a day before taking a meal. Be sure to follow the advice of a doctor!

It is recommended to drink vitamin infusion or make compresses from it only after visiting a doctor

People widely believe that the acid contained in the finished broth, contributes to the destruction of tooth enamel. To avoid these problems, you need to brush your teeth after each ingestion of the infusion.

By following the recommendations and following the recipe, you can maintain excellent health!