Effective leg slimming exercises at home - Exercise!


Exercises for weight loss legs at home with their regular implementation will achieve visible results.

Eliminate excess subcutaneous fat, pump up muscles in problem areas, adjust the shape of the legs, make them slim and attractive and help at home a set of exercises to lose weight from A to Z. This question will never lose its relevance. After all, attractive, slender legs - one of the most cherished female desires. Home fitness for the legs is quite simple and effective in the case of proper exercise. So the beauty of the legs, which can be created at home, does not require large sacrifices and does not take too much time.

One-time, haphazard workouts, including leg slimming exercises, cannot ensure the achievement of the desired result

Five rules of home fitness for slimming legs

If you intend to do fitness at home, you need to remember the general rules of exercises for weight loss legs. By sticking to them, you can achieve the desired effect much faster.

The key rules of home fitness for weight loss legs include:

  • regularity of classes;
  • non-replaceable training time;
  • preliminary preparation of the body for physical exertion;
  • proper breathing;
  • proper nutrition.

One-time, unsystematic workouts, including leg slimming exercises, will not be able to achieve the desired result. The body should work regularly on burning and excretion of subcutaneous fat.

According to the recommendations of instructors, doctors, classes should be held clearly at the same time. This is due to the body's ability to get used to the time of training. By this time he will be ready for active work on the destruction of fat.

Before you start training the body needs to be prepared. It is necessary to perform light exercises - jumping, running on the spot, etc. for more effective training.

Proper breathing during exercise is based on the fact that the breakdown of fat depends on the amount of oxygen in the body. In order for the blood to be saturated with oxygen, it is necessary to breathe evenly, deeply, without holding your breath when performing power complexes.

Adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. A couple of pieces of cake after training will put all the work down the drain

Exercises for weight loss legs should not be performed immediately after a meal. The body will waste time processing just the calories it has just received. And subcutaneous fat will remain intact.

Tip! Sports training for weight loss legs must be combined with proper nutrition. Flour products and sweets, fatty foods and convenience foods should be eliminated from the diet.

We work on the inside of the thigh

At home, in the process of doing exercises for losing weight, women most often face the problem of correcting the inner side of the thigh. With the deposited fat in this problem area is the most difficult to handle.

But nevertheless, there are quite effective complexes of sports exercises, regular and correct implementation of which will allow to achieve slimness of the legs even in this zone. Among them:

exercise with sports equipment:

  • squats with dumbbells;
  • squats with the ball;
  • squeezing the ball with your knees;
  • body rises with a ball clamped between the knees, etc .;

squats without using sports equipment:

  • pye;
  • wide squats;
  • "scissors" on straightened legs, etc.

Squatting is the most affordable way to workout.

For example, squats with dumbbells can be done like this. Legs should be placed on a width slightly larger than the width of the shoulders. Socks turn away from each other, and the heels, on the contrary, turn to each other. Take the dumbbells in your hands, which you can lift, keeping balance in this position. Then you can perform an exercise - slow squatting with knees bent at a right angle. After that, a pair of wiggle up and down and return to its original position.

For squats with the ball, it must be clamped between the legs. Then perform squats at a slow pace. Thighs should be strained to hold the ball. Next is the return to the original rack.

Squeezing the ball is considered effective for working the muscles on the inner thighs. It is necessary to lie on your back, bend your legs and knees the ball between them. It should be maximally compressed for about one minute. The hips should strain. After this time, the hips need to relax.

To perform plies, you need to take this stand: put your heels together and stand on the socks. Squats should be performed in this position. Exercise can also be done against the wall if there is a problem with maintaining balance in the indicated rack.

Tip!Each exercise of the complex should begin with 10 times in one or two approaches. If, as a result of regular training, the legs will get used to the loads, they should be increased to 20-30 repetitions, and the number of approaches - to three or four.

Dumbbell squat

How to adjust the back and side of the thigh?

The back of the thigh, buttocks and side are among the areas of female legs that most often require adjustment. At home, the exercises that are used to lose weight in this problem area include:

  • squats (with and without sports equipment);
  • lunges forward;
  • kick your feet.

To perform a classic squat, you must put your legs a little wider than the pelvis. The back should remain straight, without deflection. From this stand you need to slowly perform squats before bending the knees at a right angle. Then return to the original rack. Such squats can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, etc.

Mahi legs are performed in different positions - lying, standing, sitting. It can be sideways, forward, backward. The classic version of the execution back is considered such. You should kneel, put your hands on the floor. Then one leg must be lifted and straightened. It is in this position that the straightened leg to swing back. It should not sag back. Then you return to the starting position and change legs.

At first, the attacks seem to be the simplest exercise, but after a dozen repetitions you will feel the effect.

Also, with the aim of making backs, you can lie on your stomach, rest your hands on the floor. The legs should be raised, straightened and simultaneously swinging with both feet. A variant of this exercise is also a swing up with one foot lying on its side. Different techniques of performing the moves should be alternated with other exercises in the complex for weight loss of legs at home.

Technique attacks when adjusting the back of the thighs provides a starting position in which the legs should be bent at the knees at a right angle. Take one foot back, but do not rest your knee on the floor. The free leg, also bent at the knee, should be in front. It is transferred to her body weight. After returning to the original drain legs are swapped.

Tip!Exercises for slimming the back and side of the thigh, it is important to choose so that they are present in the complex exercises to work with all three muscle groups of this zone. Can not be limited to exercises of one group. This will reduce the effectiveness of training.

The back of the thigh, buttocks and side are among the areas of female legs that most often require adjustment.

How to get slimming legs at the knees?

Knees can also be a problem area for women's legs, which requires regular exercise for weight loss at home. Women working on knee correction should remember that in this zone of the legs, subcutaneous fat is split and excreted last.
In the complex for weight loss of the knees it is rational to include such exercises:

  • walking, jogging on the spot with raising the knees;
  • flexion and extension of the legs at the knees;
  • squats.

So, running and walking on the spot are performed with knees high up. The starting position from which the exercise begins is the tip on the toes. You can also alternate them with performance with emphasis on the foot completely.

Flexion and extension of the legs are performed in different positions: standing, lying, sitting. Alternatively, you can perform the exercise as follows. You need to lie on one side, firmly rest against the floor with your forearm. The free leg must be raised and bent at the knee, then unbend. It is important to ensure that the muscles in the legs are well tensed. Repeat with the other leg.

All exercises should be performed on the basis of their own strength, from 10 to 30 times in several visits.

In the standing posture, flexion and extension of the legs at the knee are performed in this manner. It is necessary to become straight, straighten your back, rest against the floor with the entire surface of the foot. Then you should bend one leg and pull it up to the abdomen with your hands, after which you will bend and lower your leg. Then you need to change the leg and continue the session.

For classic squats in order to get rid of excess fat in the area of ​​the knees should take the original legrest shoulder-width apart. Then from it it is necessary to rise on socks, after - again fall on the heels and sit down. Next should return to its original position.

All exercises should be performed on the basis of their own strength, from 10 to 30 times in several visits.

Tip! It is recommended to combine exercises for weight loss of the knees with the help of home fitness with massage in the zone of naked fat accumulations when using a slimming cream.

Technology slimming the legs in the calves using home fitness

If a girl is faced with the task of losing weight in the gastrocnemius zone, then the key principle of training should be the exclusion from the complex of those exercises that contribute to an increase in muscle mass in this part of the legs. Exercises used to slim the legs in the calves at home are performed to stretch the muscles.

Do not forget to warm up your muscles before the main exercises.

The most effective will be:

  • jumping rope;
  • pye;
  • stretching the calf muscles while standing and lying down.

You can start to perform the complex with lighter exercises. To this end, you need to try to pick up a pencil or other small object from the floor.
You can also, by placing a pencil between your toes, try to write out some phrase in the air. Such exercises significantly stretch the calf muscles.

Then you should put one foot on a small platform. Then carry out the movement of body weight on her while putting his second leg to it. The muscles of the second leg will strain and stretch. After that, from the platform, you need to put your foot on the floor, put another leg on it. Then the leg changes, the exercise repeats. The pace of execution must be kept high.

The following calf exercise involves lying on your back. The legs should be bent and in this position stretch the toes of each foot up to the maximum.

Be careful that instead of reducing the centimeters in the legs, do not achieve their increase due to the pumping of muscle mass

Good load on the calf muscles provide attacks. In standing posture, you must take one step forward with one foot. Then it should be slowly bent at the knee. At the same time from the floor it can not be torn off. Having reached the maximum possible flexion so that the second leg also does not detach from the floor, it is necessary to linger a little in this position. Muscles better stretch. Then change the leg.

Tip! Stretching the calf muscles for weight loss is recommended to combine with the procedures of relaxing baths and massage. This will help increase blood circulation and increase the breakdown and elimination of subcutaneous fat.

Home fitness has a fairly wide variety of exercises designed to adjust and slimming different parts of the legs. This provides an opportunity to choose and form for themselves a set of exercises, the most effective and convenient.

Subject to the rules of training after a while you will see the first results

At the same time, it is important to proceed from what zone of the legs is a problem, as well as from the general rules of home workouts. It is in your power to make the legs attractive, elastic, slim, without even leaving your home in expensive gyms and fitness clubs.