Anokhin and Vodonaeva exchanged insults

The girls, who were friends recently, decided to sort things out in public.

In the past, Isa Anokhina and Alena Vodonaeva were considered close friends. In the Instagram of both girls have a lot of joint shots, but more recently, the stars do not communicate. Isa did not, in her own time, go into the details of the quarrel, only hinted that she was dissatisfied with the behavior of her friend. And the other day Alyona gave an interview in which she noted that it was Anokhina who told Borodina that her husband was cheating on Vodonaeva.

Guf's ex-wife did not stand aside and published a huge post on the Web, in which she wished her former friend mental health and brains, as well as her son, who lacked an adequate mother. Borodin case supported Anokhin in the comments, advising her not to pay attention to two-faced people.