Dominic Joker is preparing for the wedding

The singer made a proposal to his old friend, to which he left his wife.

In the personal life of Dominic Joker coming positive changes. On St. Valentine's Day, the singer said that he had already made an offer to his girlfriend Ekaterina Kokorina and was preparing for the wedding to the final stage. According to rumors, the event will take place very soon - at the end of February.

Dominic and Catherine have been together for several years. The singer met the girl on the TV show "Battle of the Choirs" in which he was a judge and mentor. According to rumors, the new novel so overwhelmed the star that he left his wife and two children. The singer was in no hurry to marry Kate, but now, apparently, it is the right time. Kokorina is also a singer and shares the interests of her husband.