How to choose shampoos for hair? - Reviews and recommendations


Tint hair shampoos are the perfect way to refresh your hair or try on a new look.

The network has a lot of both positive and negative reviews on shampoos for hair shampoos. For some, this is the perfect way to refresh your hair or try on a new look. Someone thinks that to achieve well-groomed and shiny hair with the help of such tools is simply unrealistic. So how to choose the "right" toning composition to get the perfect shade?

Unlike ammonia paints, which remove natural pigments and replace them with synthetic ones, tonics only create a soft colored film on the hair, which is washed off over time.

How tinted shampoo is different from the usual paint?

It seems that such a tinted shampoo, everyone knows. This means, capable of short (maximum 2-3 weeks) term paint strands in the desired shade. Since such compositions are quickly washed away, they need to be updated regularly. In fact, they are an ideal tool for both those who decided to “try on” a new color for the first time, and for girls or women who like to constantly change.

Unlike ammonia paints, which remove natural pigments and replace them with synthetic ones, tonics only create a soft color film on the hair, which is washed off over time. It is impossible to lighten the locks with their help.

Tint shampoos for blond hair (see reviews) and formulations intended for dyeing blond hair, give the greatest effect. On completely black hair, the effect will be subtle.

Unfortunately, it is possible to understand for sure what kind of color will be obtained by mixing a natural pigment with such a dye only through experimentation by applying it on a small strand. Even high-quality dye on some hairs will look bright and saturated, while on others, the color will be more muted and have a slightly different shade.

Tint shampoos for blond hair and formulations designed to dye blond hair, give the greatest effect.

Tip! You should not get cheap tint compositions. Often they dye unevenly, and the hair looks pinned.

A wealth of choice

High-quality dye should not only uniformly dye hair, but also to be as safe as possible. The most common coloring shampoos include:

  • "L'Oreal": a sufficiently high-quality product with a cumulative effect, after each repeated use the shade only gets brighter; the effect disappears through the 5th or 6th flushing; Chocolate, cherry and red shades are considered the most popular; in conjunction with the balm of the same company can significantly improve the structure and quality of hair;
  • "Estelle": provided in 17 shades; has UV protection and is resistant to fading; it contains nourishing balm with mango extract; permanently removed after the 6th or 7th shampoo; according to reviews, tinted shampoos for both dark hair and intended for light strands, this brand is stained evenly;
  • "Tonic": relatively harmless and high-quality tinted shampoo at an affordable price; has a pleasant aroma and a wide palette of colors;
  • Irida: resistant tonic with conditioning effect;
  • "Rokolor": the main feature of the tint shampoos from this manufacturer is the presence of bright dye pigments, so it is not recommended to keep it for too long;

High-quality dye should not only evenly color the hair, but also be as safe as possible.

  • "Capus": compounds with plant extracts; spectacular shades from light to juicy and bright are combined in it with healing properties; has UV filters to protect against burnout; If you look at the reviews on the Life Color hair shampoo of this brand, you can make sure that the quality of this product is also high.

The more expensive, but also higher-quality compositions include brands from Brelil, Grayban Hair Darkening, Matrix and other European manufacturers. In addition, the composition of such tools include natural plant extracts and vitamins, as well as balms - compositions that smooth the hair structure. Therefore, they can be used in the care of damaged or depleted strands.

Tip! To tint shampoo does not overdry the hair, the level of its pH (acid-base balance) should be as close as possible to neutral and is within 5.5-6.

What in tinting paint should not be?

Unfortunately, even the highest quality formulations contain quite aggressive components. Even the strongest carcinogens that may be harmful to health may be present in cheap products.

Foaming surfactants (abbreviated paws) are part of any shampoo. There are several types of these peaves:

  • ammonium lauryl or laureth sulfate: they act most aggressively, are strong carcinogens;

Before buying a tinting shampoo, carefully inspect the label for the presence / absence of harmful substances in it.

  • sodium lauryl sulfate: has a more gentle effect, but is able to overdry hair,
  • magnesium lauryl sulfate or TEA: when dissolved in water, they produce a milder reaction; included in the compositions of the highest quality products; act more gently.

Tip! If the shampoo foams too much, this means that it contains aggressive ammonium lauryl or laureth sulfate. According to reviews, tinted shampoos for hair with their content in the case of prolonged use can most negatively affect the health of the locks.

The most dangerous preservatives include:

  • formaldehydes: can not only significantly impair the health of the skin, but the state of the organs of vision and respiration; unfortunately, some manufacturers "hide" dangerous compounds under other names, for example, quaternium-1 or Imidazalidol urea are formalin isomers;
  • Parabens (ethylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, etc.): are able to accumulate in the tissues, which leads to changes in hormonal balance; there are suggestions that their use may lead to the growth of malignant tumors; often cause allergies;
  • Sodium benzonate (E211): a natural preservative contained in high-quality shampoos;
  • phenoxyethanol (glycol ethers): butylene glycol is the safest use; propylene glycol is considered more toxic to the body.

Shading compositions can be used not only for coloring natural, but also previously dyed, including melirovanny hair

How to apply tinting shampoo?

The principle of operation of tinting compositions of different manufacturers may not be the same, so before painting it is worth reading the instructions.

Apply dyes should be slightly wet strands. The amount of paint and the exposure time depend on the desired effect.

Shading compositions can be used not only for coloring natural, but also previously dyed, including melirovanny hair. However, when painting it is necessary to take into account their structure.

For example, on bleached hair, coloring shampoos for Estel hair (see reviews) are “taken” more quickly, so these formulations should not be held for more than 2–3 minutes.

Since many dyes can cause allergies, they should be tested before first use. To do this, tonic smear sensitive area of ​​the skin behind the ear and leave for some time. If no reaction followed, the composition can be safely used for dyeing hair.

It is better to distribute the product evenly through the hair with a comb: in this case, there will be more ink at the roots, and at the very tips the hair will be only slightly tinted.

Since many dyes can cause allergies, they should be tested before first use.

After the time specified by the manufacturer (according to reviews, a tint shampoo for light brown hair should not be left on the hair for more than 5-10 minutes, dark hair formulations can be kept longer), the head should be thoroughly washed. Do it better under running water. If the time for coloring was not enough, and the color turned out not too bright, the procedure can be repeated.

Tip! For a small koliruyuschego effect tonic can be added to a regular shampoo when washing hair and hold it for about 2-3 minutes. So that the shade you like was not washed off so quickly, you can rinse your hair after washing with water and adding lemon juice.

Is it possible to paint gray hair with a coloring shampoo?

Unfortunately, tinted shampoo for gray hair (see reviews) is not able to completely paint over gray hair - when using colors that are close to natural, it can only be made less noticeable. Most of these coloring compositions can only 30-40% shade such strands.

If you do not want to use potent dyeing compositions, you can go to the salon and ask the master to choose for you a gentle coloring pigment that suits your hair type. To tint them at home, it is better to use high-quality formulations:

  • Brelil (Italy): with enhanced pigment;
  • Grayban Hair Darkening: tint with stimulation of the production of natural natural pigment;
  • Matrix (Spain): able to neutralize undesirable yellow tint, very often present in gray strands;
  • 3D Men Gray: can cope with tough male hair.

Unfortunately, tinted shampoos for gray hair are not able to completely paint over gray hair - when using colors that are close to natural, it can only be made less noticeable.

Of course, the cost of such shampoos is exactly an order of magnitude higher than normal, but believe me, the result is worth it. Of the less expensive will be able to paint over gray hair, hair shampoos "L'Oreal" (see reviews) or "Londa".

Tip! In the presence of a large number of gray hair, you should not use too bright shades - they can play the worst joke with you. After all, on their background, gray hair will be even more striking.

What if the new shade does not like?

Of course, over time, the coloring shampoo is washed off. But if the color of the tonic does not suit, this process can be accelerated. To do this, you can:

  • wash your hair daily - within a few days the shade will disappear;
  • apply a mixture of kefir and burdock oil on hair and keep it for 15-20 minutes; This mask will not only heal the scalp and your mane, but also help to remove the paint;
  • use a special compound to remove toning dyes;
  • If the composition turned out to be too resistant and the previous tips did not help (unfortunately, this very often happens when dyeing previously brightened hair), you can try toned unwanted tint with high-quality non-ammonia paint.

In order to quickly wash off the unpleasant color, you need to put a mixture of kefir and burdock oil on your hair and keep it for 15-20 minutes

Tip! It is not necessary to apply tonic immediately after perm or clarification - the effect can be unpredictable. It is better to wait a couple of weeks after visiting the salon. Unsuccessful shades are also obtained when applying coloring compositions on strands that are colored with henna or have already tinted hair in a completely different shade.

Testimonials tested

Maria, 31: I use shading shampoo infrequently - I noticed that it dries my hair too much. Most often, I apply inexpensive Tonic. Since I am naturally a brunette, I keep him longer - 10-15 minutes.

Karina, 24 years old: ROCOLOR has a stunning lamination effect. Hair after it in the light shine and shimmer. As in advertising. True, I take care of my hair not from time to time, but regularly with the help of masks.

Angela, 27 years old: I have an allergy to ordinary paint, but I wanted to try something else besides a haircut. A week ago, I decided to take another chance and bought Irida (pearl shade). The color is original - purple-pink. And allergies - hurray - I don't have it on her.

With the help of coloring shampoos, you can not only dye all the hair, but also individual strands.

Svetlana, 33 years old: I decided to grow my own hair after lightening. Reviews on tinted hair shampoo Joanna Naturia online only positive. I decided to try. Acquired a fairly dark nut-brown shade. But he had such an effect on blond hair - passers-by were frightened. I got rid of something. One day I had to wash my head about five times to hurry. What kefir can be washed off, did not know.

Angelica, 34 years old: Sedit began very early, after 30 the first gray hairs appeared. The price of Brelil shampoo is impressive, but decided to try it. My natural hair is painted beautifully. But the gray continues to flash. Apparently, it is already necessary to switch to stronger coloring compositions with clarifiers. It is a pity, of course, to spoil the hair, but, apparently, it is necessary.

Galina, 37 years old: I regularly tint only a few strands (at the bangs and on the temples) with "Loreal". And I take the most different shades. Most liked copper. In combination with my light brown color it turns out that it is necessary - bright and unusual.

Please note that for toning them at home it is better to use high-quality compounds.

Nina, 19: Yesterday, L'Oreal also painted. While chose a light blond shade. It turned out pretty well, it was painted more or less evenly. I will experiment further. They say that he also treats. But next time I will take the color poeffektivny.