How to use almond oil for eyelashes? - Reviews, Tips


Almond oil for eyelashes will provide the hairs with complete care, return beauty and health.

Eyelashes, the same integral part of beauty, as well-groomed skin and hair. Adverse effects of the environment, make-up, cosmetic cleansers, chlorinated water, build-up, cause eyelashes to become brittle, fall out and grow poorly. Almond oil for eyelashes will provide them with full care, return beauty and health. It contains a huge amount of vitamins and mineral trace elements, antioxidants, it is completely natural, affordable and has no contraindications (except for individual intolerance by nature).

The raw material for the manufacture of this oil is a plant of the genus of plums - walnut almonds.

The composition of almond oil

The raw material for the manufacture of this oil is a plant of the genus of plums - almond nut. With the help of a special press, oil is squeezed out of it, which has a light yellow color, a pleasant smell and retains all its beneficial properties after processing.

Due to the high content of vitamin A, B, F, antioxidants and protein bases of plant origin, its use fully provides eyelashes with all the necessary trace elements to grow, strengthen and give thickness. Even after a build-up and biowave, it will become an indispensable treatment tool, which will return to their former shape and beauty.

Tip!When buying, it is better to give preference to cold pressed almond oil, since it contains more useful substances after almond processing than in the same oil, but hot pressing.

Due to the high content of vitamin A, B, F, antioxidants and protein bases of plant origin, the oil provides eyelashes with all the necessary trace elements to grow and strengthen

Unique features

The consistency of this product is liquid, it does not lose its useful qualities in the air, does not freeze and does not change color. Due to the unique composition, it easily penetrates the hair follicles of the cilia, nourishes them, restores the damaged shape and activates their work, participates in the process of awakening the sleeping onions, as a result they grow faster and become more dense.

Its effectiveness has been proven in cosmetology practice, even famous brands include it in their products. It is perfect even for sensitive skin, does not cause irritation, allergic reactions are extremely rare.

To avoid allergic reactions, it is necessary to apply a little money on the inner side of the elbow, if after 15-20 minutes no reactions in the form of itching and redness appear at the site of application, then the tool can be safely used.

Tip!The oil is excellent applied to the eyelashes, because its consistency is quite liquid, and it is economically applied, so you need to buy it in small quantities.

Due to the unique composition, the oil easily penetrates the hair follicles of the cilia, nourishes them, restores the damaged form and activates their work.

Indications for use

With its unique properties, the scope of almond oil is limitless. It perfectly helps in the care of hair, skin and body.

Possessing regenerating properties, it is perfectly used in medicine as a wound healing agent. Almond oil is indispensable for the following problems:

  • Intense fallout
  • Damage due to build-up or biowave
  • Sensitive to weather and environmental changes.
  • Eyelashes were stained
  • Poor growth
  • Rare and short eyelashes from nature
  • Fragile eyelashes due to frequent use of mascara and the use of cosmetic makeup remover

Almond oil will lengthen and even thick eyelashes that are naturally short, it is important to use it regularly, and after a few weeks you can see the result.

Almond oil will lengthen and make thick eyelashes even short and naturally thin

Application tips

In order for almond oil to bring maximum benefit, you must observe the following tips cosmetologists:

  • Apply oil only on clean eyelashes, preferably after a makeup remover for the night.
  • The result of the application depends entirely on the regularity. Almond oil is recommended to be used daily, and within a few weeks the first results will be visible.
  • Remove the residual oil with any cleansing agent, but not with water, because when it comes into contact with water, the oil will clog the pores of the skin around the eyes. after the procedure, the eyes should not be in contact with water for at least an hour.
  • Before applying it, you need to hold it in your hands for a few minutes so that it takes the temperature of the body and is better perceived by the skin of the eyes.
  • Do not heat the oil in the microwave oven, as the useful trace elements of the product will be destroyed by the action of the waves.
  • It is not recommended to apply a remedy for sore eyes.
  • If the consistency of the oil is too thin, and it spreads heavily, then to increase the density, you can add a little natural vaseline without additives and fragrances.
  • Do not use the product after the expiration date.
Almond eyelash oil: photo before and after application

Tip! When working with oil, care must be taken because it is a rather capricious means and it is easy for them to get dirty.

Ways to apply on the eyelashes

There are several ways to comfortably apply almond oil, thanks to which it will have the most beneficial effect and deliver the least amount of trouble in working with it.

Method 1

To apply the oil in this way, you need a clean bottle from under the carcass. It is enough to pour it into a pre-prepared bottle. Apply the oil with a clean brush from under the carcass (from the same bottle). A few small strokes, similar to applying mascara will be enough to care for your eyelashes. This method takes care of the roots of the cilia, since a sufficient amount of oil will flow down the hair to the bulb. No further action is recommended. After 20 minutes, the remaining oil can be removed with a dry cloth.

Method 2 (classic)

Apply a small amount of oil on cotton pads. Take a horizontal position and attach them to closed eyes. Leave discs on eyes for 15-20 minutes exposure, then remove excess oil, blotting eyes with a dry cloth.

Method 3

Before applying mascara lubricate eyelashes with a small amount of oil. This will help not only to strengthen the eyelashes, but also better to paint the mascara every hair without lumps, as well as minimize the harmful effects of cosmetics for the eyes.

Oil can be applied with a brush from the old mascara

Method 4

Use this cosmetic makeup remover. Oil not only removes cosmetics from the face, is well absorbed, but does not leave greasy marks.

Tip! Add a few drops of almond oil to the mascara - this will provide a complete care for the eyelashes when using it

Almond oil in eyebrow care

Like eyelashes, eyebrows also need proper care. Beautiful and healthy eyebrows decorate the face, give the look beautiful expressiveness and emphasize all the advantages of the face.

Almond is not only suitable for eyelashes, but also for eyebrows. It serves as an excellent assistant in the care after staining, correction or tattoo. Its use allows the eyebrows to return the natural naturalness, make them thicker, softer, it will save them from the growth beams.

Regular use ensures the correct growth of eyebrow hairs, they will cease to stick out in different directions. The tool is applied only to pre-cleaned eyebrows, because the accumulated dust that is in the air will reduce the beneficial effects of the oil and it will saturate the hairs worse.

It is enough to apply a small amount of the product to the eyebrows, and rub it in with light massage movements until the oil is well absorbed, then leave it for 20-25 minutes, and remove the remnants with a dry paper napkin.

Almond is not only suitable for eyelashes, but also for eyebrows. It serves as an excellent aid in the care after staining, correction or tattooing.

This cosmetic can be applied to eyelashes and eyebrows, combining the procedure. For ease of use, you can moisten cotton pads with a small amount of oil and glue them on your eyebrows using a paper adhesive plaster. This method will allow you to comfortably walk and do household chores.

A few drops can be added to the eyebrow dye. After staining with this tool, eyebrows will be protected from the harmful effects of chemical components that are contained in any paint, which can lead to loss and deterioration of their growth.

Eyelashes with regular use of almond oil: photo before and after

The beneficial properties of almond eyelash oil are proven in practice, its use allows you to get beautiful, elegant, healthy eyelashes, and the photo is clear proof of effectiveness.

Only regular use and patience will help achieve similar results.

Eyelashes before and after applying almond oil

Only regular use and patience will help achieve similar results.

What can be combined almond oil in the care of eyelashes

To achieve maximum results in the care of eyelashes, especially when they are intensively falling out or recovering after building or curling, almond oil can be combined in a complex effect:

  • Castor oil. Like almond, it perfectly strengthens eyelashes, restores structure, stimulates growth. It is enough to mix castor oil with almond and apply the resulting product in any convenient way.
  • Vitamin E. for nutrition and shine cilia, you need to add a couple of drops of vitamin E in almond oil.
  • Burr oil. Burdock oil strengthens the eyelashes, stops their loss and enhances the effect of almond oil. It should also be mixed with almond oil and applied in a convenient way on the eyelashes.

Tip!The maximum course of use should not exceed two months, to prevent health of the eyelashes, it is enough to use oil for a month, when recovering due to damage, the course should be extended to 2 months, after which a break for 5-6 weeks should be taken and only then the course should be repeated.

Try to combine almond oil with other vitamin mixtures.

Almond eyelash oil: reviews after application

All reviews after the use of almond oil in the framework of prevention, care, and treatment of eyelashes are only positive.

Svetlana, 35 years old: After the biowave, the eyelashes began to fall out intensively. I tried this miracle cure and was very pleased. She applied almond oil daily for the night, and a month later she saw the results - the eyelashes stopped falling, began to grow better, shine appeared and most importantly - they are now thick with me. I recommend it to everyone.

Natalia, 25 years old: I increased eyelashes, everything was beautiful and comfortable. After removing the extensions, only the "spider legs" remained from my relatives. This miracle remedy helped. I poured oil on a clean bottle from under the carcass and dyed my eyelashes several times a day - the result exceeded all expectations! A few weeks later she recognized her beautiful cilia, which again became thick and healthy.

Hope, 20 years: I have by nature short cilia. I began to use this treasure, and in a few weeks they became thicker and longer. Now I even need mascara, everything is so beautiful.

Photos before and after applying the oil

Irina, 45 years old: With age, my eyelashes have become not as beautiful and thick as they were before. I started using almond oil in the form of daily compresses, after a month the results shook me - the eyelashes became much better, thicker and stopped falling out. I recommend it to everyone to try it.

Love, 28 years: She came from the sea, after a long stay in the sun, my eyelashes became very bright. I immediately started applying this cosmetic several times a day. Just smeared cilia a small amount. After 2 weeks, they acquired the same color. Very pleased.

Victoria, 30 years old: I have long used it to remove makeup from the eyes. Perfectly removes the remnants of cosmetics and does not leave black circles under the eyes. A small bottle of funds for a long time enough, which is very good.