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The first signs of early pregnancy can be every woman has

Every woman who plans to become a mother awaits with trepidation the first signs of pregnancy in the early stages. Careful attention to your body will help a woman identify the first signals that conception has happened, and will allow you to start taking care of your unborn child in the early stages.

Approximately within a week after conception took place, a number of changes occur in a woman’s body, which cannot be overlooked by a woman who cares about her health.

When to expect the appearance of the first bells?

The first signs of pregnancy in the early stages can be felt even before the delay of menstruation. Approximately within a week after conception took place, a number of changes occur in a woman’s body, which cannot be overlooked by a woman who cares about her health.

Gynecologists traditionally combine all signs of pregnancy into three groups:

  • conjectural;
  • probable;
  • reliable.

In this article we will look at the first two groups in detail, since they belong to the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Tip!Sensing changes in the body and deciding to make a pregnancy test, every woman should remember: even the most sensitive tests are not without errors, and can not provide a 100% accurate result. When the first signals in the body, indicating a possible pregnancy, should consult a gynecologist.

Often, the general condition of a woman in the first week of pregnancy feels like a state of acute respiratory disease.

Estimated (doubtful) signs

The group of presumptive (doubtful) signals about pregnancy belongs to the category of non-specific, as they often occur in non-pregnant women in different conditions, including and as symptoms of some approaching or progressive disease. Among them are:

  • irritability, mood swings;
  • drowsiness, fatigue;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • frequent dizziness, loss of consciousness;
  • frequent urination;
  • sharp changes in taste preferences;
  • increased body temperature;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • decrease in sexual desire.

Often, the general condition of a woman in the first week of pregnancy feels like a state with acute respiratory infections.

A well-known fact is that dizziness and loss of consciousness are accompanied by vascular dystonia, anemia, nervous and physical exhaustion of the body; changes in taste preferences, nausea and vomiting - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning, hypo-and avitaminosis; frequent urination - infectious diseases of the urinary tract (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis); a rise in temperature — all of the above.

Such signs of pregnancy as nausea and dizziness can also occur in certain diseases. Be attentive to your body

Tip! If the strength and dynamics of the manifestation of presumptive symptoms over time will increase without developing them into probable ones, this can serve as a signal of any diseases and that the woman needs a comprehensive examination and further treatment.

Likely signs of pregnancy

The next stage in the diagnosis of pregnancy in the early stages is the appearance of probable signs that relate to more accurate signals of pregnancy. Among them, gynecologists determine:

  • increase and increase the sensitivity of the breast, the release of fluid from the nipples;
  • increased basal temperature;
  • implant bleeding;
  • nagging pain in the lower abdomen, tingling in the uterus;
  • feeling of fullness in the pelvic region;
  • back pain;
  • increased levels of the hormone hCG;
  • increasing the amount of vaginal discharge;
  • monthly delay.

Breast augmentation in volumes and increase in its sensitivity is the response of the female body to changes occurring at the hormonal level. The mammary glands are thickened, the skin around the nipples takes on a darker shade, they themselves often increase. Discharge from the nipples may appear. The hormone prolactin begins to be produced - the body is preparing to feed the baby. But it is important to remember that various diseases of the mammary glands have such symptoms!

Delayed menstruation is the clearest sign of pregnancy.

Implant bleeding can become the first sign of pregnancy 6–12 days after conception. It results from the attachment of a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus. In this case, a woman can detect the appearance of pinkish or brown vaginal discharge, which very often does not attach importance to.

As a result of the insertion of a fertilized egg, a woman may begin to be disturbed by pain in the lower abdomen, in the lower back, resembling pain when the menstrual period approaches. This is due to the increase in the uterus, the arrival of her tone.

One of the likely signs of pregnancy is an increase in basal temperature. It always rises during the period of ovulation, but then drops. If the temperature does not go down, this may be evidence of implantation dropping and the onset of pregnancy. But sometimes elevated basal temperature is a signal of inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system.

Tip! When planning pregnancy, basal temperature measurement is an effective method for determining the phase of the menstrual cycle. It should be measured in the rectum, in the morning, without getting out of bed and without making any extra gestures.

Delayed menstruation is the clearest sign of pregnancy. But it can be a signal of hormonal disorders in the female body under the influence of diseases, stress, lifestyle, etc.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, you can also observe the pulling sensations in the lower abdomen and back pain.

In pregnant women, the level of the hormone hCG in the blood and urine also increases. This happens about a week after fertilization. In non-pregnant in the results of analyzes, this indicator is reduced to almost zero.

Tip!You should not make hasty conclusions about the occurrence of pregnancy with the appearance of one of the above signs, as each of them individually can be a signal of various kinds of disorders in the woman's body.

A woman who cares about her health should carefully observe the appearance of a complex of associated symptoms. If this does not happen - time to consult a doctor for diagnosis.

Atypical symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages to a delay:

  • intense salivation;
  • constant nasal congestion and frequent nosebleeds;
  • frequent gastrocnemius convulsions;
  • increased flatulence in the intestines;
  • appearance of spider-like veins on the chest;
  • skin changes, rashes, the appearance of age spots. No less interesting is the fact that, for some women, the skin condition may, on the contrary, improve significantly and become healthier.

Listening to the signals of your body, a woman should remember that you need and try not to invent any visible signs of pregnancy where there are none

According to experts, the atypical signs of the onset of pregnancy manifest themselves in most expectant mothers. Only now they are so unrelated, at first glance, with the symptoms of pregnancy that they simply do not receive attention.

Tip! Listening to the signals of her body, a woman should remember that she should and try not to invent visible signs of pregnancy where there are none. This phenomenon in gynecology has received the name of an imaginary pregnancy.

It is often found in women who dream of a little one, who, due to various circumstances, cannot get pregnant, as well as those who are afraid of unwanted pregnancy. It should be remembered that the creation of the illusion of pregnancy is fraught with the nervous system.

Ectopic pregnancy: early signs and symptoms

Important for the preservation of health and at the same time a very difficult task is to determine a woman's first signs of ectopic pregnancy, which may not differ from the signs of a normal pregnancy in the early period.

General fatigue, breast augmentation, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, toxicosis, delayed menstruation, a positive test result are typical symptoms of pregnancy that are felt in the case of ectopic, complicating its diagnosis in the early stages.

General fatigue, breast augmentation, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, toxicosis, delayed menstruation, a positive test result are typical symptoms of pregnancy.

Ectopic is the pathological form of pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is fixed and develops outside the uterus.

Every woman should be aware of the alarming symptoms that may indicate a pathological form of pregnancy:

  • dizziness, which increasingly ends with loss of consciousness;
  • low hemoglobin and anemia;
  • increasing nausea and vomiting of a pathological nature;
  • prolonged bleeding from the vagina;
  • increasing sharp spasmodic pain in the abdomen, extending to the entire abdominal cavity.

Tip! If a woman noticed warning signs indicating a potential ectopic pregnancy, you should experiment with a pregnancy test. Often the test is positive. But often the second strip appears much less clearly, it is much paler in color than the first. And such a “fading” of the strip can be intensified during several repeated tests. If such a process takes place, it is better to pass blood tests, urine tests, make ultrasound.

Increasing sharp spasmodic pain in the abdomen, extending to the entire abdominal cavity, may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy

In clinical studies, signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages can be discrepancies in the concentration of the hormone hCG in the blood, as well as the detection of free fluid behind the uterus in the absence of fetus in it on ultrasound.

If ectopic pregnancy cannot be identified and eliminated in time, the risk of rupture of the fallopian tube, ovary, abdominal bleeding, pain shock increases, the risk of infertility increases. Sometimes these processes can lead to the risk of death.

Women's life experience

Regarding the manifestations of the first signs of pregnancy, including ectopic, in the early period, women share their experiences in their numerous responses on forums and pages on social networks:

Irina, 35 years old: "My second pregnancy was characterized by changes in tastes. The reactions to smells, to the categorical rejection of many spices and seasonings, which I liked to add to food before I became pregnant, changed. There were also strange malfunctions in the biological rhythms of the body: at night there was a tremendous surge of cheerfulness. "

At the first sign of pregnancy, do a test to know for sure

Irina, 30 years old: "How did I understand that I was pregnant? First of all, on the state of the breast. Even before the delay, her pain and sensitivity increased. It seemed to me that she was becoming more and more in volume every day. This was all accompanied by constant fatigue and inability to sleep. But toxicosis passed me ".

Elena, 29 years old: "Long before the delay in menstruation, I began to feel that I was getting sick. A cold, or something. The whole body was exhausted, sluggish, tired. Thrown into heat or cold. I did the test, however, on the tenth day of the delay.

Anastasia, 29 years old: “As for my first pregnancy, it’s just that drowsiness before the delay started to bother me a little. Previously, I didn’t have it. and toxicosis ... And what happened with the breast? Has increased by two sizes! "

Daria, 23 years old: "I spent a whole month trying to bring the temperature down - 37.2 tortured me. Feeling as if there was an acute respiratory infection. Within a month. I had a stomach ache. I waited for menstruation. Everything did not start. After a week I decided to have an ultrasound. They diagnosed my pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting came at about the ninth week. "

Natalia, 27 years old: “I had laparoscopy in 2011. The left uterine tube was removed. It all started very well, like during a normal pregnancy. There was a delay, a test was done. It was positive. But not a week later, brown spotting and then bleeding appeared. Nausea began to grow into some kind of pathological. Total fatigue overcame me - I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. At the sixth week, there was a painful attack, as if contractions. A terrible cutting pain pierced the rectum. uterine pregnancy in the left tube. "

The most accurate way to determine the presence of the fetus inside the body is possible with the help of tests for hCG and ultrasound

Tatyana, 21: "Six months ago, an ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed using ultrasound. Although all the signs indicated that everything was within the normal range. And the chest tingled, and the delay was, and hCG in the blood and urine increased, and the urge to urinate increased."

In practice, the complex and intensity of the first signs of the emergence of a new life under the heart of each woman in the early stages may differ significantly. It depends on the personal characteristics of the body of the fair sex. And only vigilance, attentive attitude of a woman towards herself is the key to timely detection of something wrong and preservation of her health.