Jeremy Mix and Chloe Green on the verge of breaking up

The lovers began to quarrel too often.

Recently, the media increasingly began to appear information about the separation of Jeremy Mix and Chloe Green. Star couple has often quarreled and spends little time together.

Eyewitnesses say that at one of the fashionable presentations, which took place in Dubai, the couple had a falling out, not paying any attention to those around them.

Jeremy was in a good mood all evening and spent time with other guests. Chloe tried to stay away from everyone, so she was almost imperceptible.

The lovers smiled, pretending that everything was fine, but they did not succeed in reconciling because they left the club separately.

Yes, and the recent party, organized on the occasion of the Oscar - 2019, Jeremy came alone, though he did not get to it, because his name was not on the list of invitees. Where Chloe was at this moment is unknown.

Some Internet users also noticed that in the last pictures on the web, Chloe poses without a ring, which she previously chose not to shoot.

Of course, in the relationship of any couple there are omissions and misunderstandings, leading to quarrels. Now Jeremy and Chloe are away from each other. Hopefully, they will be able to sort out their problems and build relationships.