What is a duffle coat?

Duffle coat - one of the variants of the English coat in an informal style. The model was invented for the military, but turned out to be so convenient and comfortable that it lingered for a long time in the men's wardrobe. Gradually, there were also women's duffle coats. Today, cozy and stylish woolen coats regularly appear on fashion catwalks, organically complementing the ensembles in casual-style.

Dough Cole: what it is and what are the features of this model

A duffle coat is a straight single-breasted overcoat made of thick wool fabric.

Cut straight, three-quarter length, most often there is a hood. A distinctive feature is a button-clips fastener, which is threaded through the patch loops of leather or textile cord.

Coats complement the deep patch pockets, and the lining is most often made of checkered tartan. Initially, a coat of duffle coat was made exclusively for men, and later stylized female models appeared.

Serial production of duffle cars began in 1887, although the first models appeared in the 20s of the last century. The national Polish frock coat is considered to be the predecessor: simple outerwear with an original fastener with a rich pattern. The ancestor of the modern duffle coat (English duffle coat) was John Partridge.

There is an opinion that the coat got its name from the name of the Belgian city Duffel: dense coarse woolen fabrics were produced here.

The first models were sewn exclusively for sailors commissioned by the British Admiralty. But soon, the civilians also appreciated the convenience and practicality of the Daflekot. New coats received particular popularity in the 50s of the last century, when things from the military stocks appeared on the market. Fashion designers began to develop new models based on simple, rough military coats, duffle coats began to be included in fashion collections and come into wide sale. They are especially fond of the creative intelligentsia. The reason - an unusual appearance, practicality and ease of wearing.


The first duffle cars were fairly simple. A coarse, very dense woolen fabric that did not get wet and was not blown by the wind went on their tailoring. Later, softer natural wool was used to make men's duffle coats, and today warm mixed fabrics are increasingly used. They facilitate the model and allow you to experiment with texture. The best option is a combination of 20-30% synthetic with natural merino wool. Cheaper models contain up to 80% of synthetic threads, they are short-lived and not very pleasant to the touch.

The classic silhouette is straight, variations are acceptable. Models can be fitted, narrowed or underlined baggy. The length varies from the full knee to the shortened to the beginning of the thigh. The traditional color of duffle coats is camel hair (grayish-beige of various saturations). In the 20s-30s of the last century, brown and dark-blue models of hooded duffle-goats were popular, today the color range is more diverse.

Products are supplied with a lining of wool, blended, linen or cotton fabric. Silk is not used. Initially, the lining was sewed from a plaid into a muted large cell, but today there can be any color.

Initially, the hood was made very voluminous, then decreased. So, comfortable coat with adjustable width of the hood. Large patch pockets with flaps are located on the sides below the waist, but there is no chest outer pocket. On the shoulders, an overlay of an additional layer of fabric is provided, which increases wear resistance and gives the duffle coat a characteristic taut silhouette with an extended shoulder line.

The main difference between the duffle coat, by which it will unmistakably be recognized, is the clasp. The classic version is 4 buttons of a bone in the shape of a walrus tusk, inserted into the overhead leather loops. On models of economy class, you can find plastic buttons, but their elongated-pointed shape remains unchanged. An additional round button may be located under the hood for a snug fit.

Types of English Duffle Coat

There are various variants of duffle-knots on sale, differing in length, cut, color.

The classic version is a camel or brown coat just above the knee. The cut is straight, the hood is of medium size, the lining of tartan is obligatory.

A duffle-rifer accurately reproduces a classic pea coat. Models differ in a strict cut and the muffled color scale. The most popular black, dark blue, dark gray variants with lining in tone. Reeves are sewn from high quality wool with a minimal share of synthetics.

Short cropped duffles are popular in men's and women's fashion. The length varies from very short to mid-thigh. Possible narrowed or fitted silhouette. The color scheme is very diverse, welcome deep, juicy and bright colors. Pastel shades are less common.

Maxi Duffle Coat Female variation that retains the main features of the classic model: buttons-fangs on patch loops, hood, patch pockets. Feature - the length of the knee, in some cases, the coat comes to the ankles. Possible narrowed or fitted silhouette.

Winter option. The hood is trimmed with long fur, natural or artificial. There is a warm lining that can be detachable.

Knitted duffle coat. Replaces the traditional women's demi-season coat. The production is made of thick yarn of natural wool, the loops are made of leather cord, buttons made of horn or wood.

How to wear male models

To duffle coat looked really stylish, it needs to harmoniously fit into the ensemble. The coat is ideal for creating informal autumn-spring and winter sets. Depending on the selected accessories, you can create a business or informal, vintage, romantic or avant-garde look.

It is better for men not to combine duffle coats with classic suits. If you need to create a business look, it is better to limit yourself to straight trousers with arrows and a single-colored shirt of interesting colors. Let's say a tie to match. Such ensembles are recommended by stylists to stand in a dark scale: classic brown, black, blue, rich gray.

Ideal companions are straight or tapered trousers made of soft tweed or ordinary jeans in black, blue, classic blue. They are combined with loafers or moccasins, high military-style boots are possible. The youth combines duflkoty with sneakers without any problems, the image is unbanal and fresh.

For outdoor recreation, you can choose things with the actual gray-green range. The olive or protective duffle coat is in perfect harmony with tweed or corduroy pants or dark jeans. A versatile addition is a single-knit solid-color pullover and wool gloves.

Narrow warm coats do not sit well on jackets. Under the English duffle coat is better to wear a thin sweater or cardigan made of wool knitwear. Very stylish look scarves, carelessly wrapped throat. It is not necessary to select accessories exactly in tone, it is much more relevant to combine things of different shades, designed in the same style. For a camel coat, you should choose sand-colored trousers, caramel-colored suede moccasins, a beige scarf and tonal gloves.

A navy blue duffle coat will perfectly complement the classic straight blue jeans, dark brown or brandy moccasins and bulk bag-briefcase of the same shade. Instead of a jacket, you can wear a crew-neck sweater and a cotton shirt in beige tones. This kit is ideal for the office.

Fashionable, underlined negligent version - a light beige duffle coat oversized in combination with khaki-colored cropped or turned-up trousers. Trousers should be straight or tapered. The set will be complemented with high boots of beige or sand color and a soft gray cashmere scarf.

How to make a spectacular ensemble woman

Women's fashion offers many options with the participation of duffle. Cropped models can be combined with high boots, mini-skirt or sweater dress. It is interesting to look like ensembles in tone, and contrasting combinations.

To create a emphasized fashionable set, a bright duffle coat will suit, it can become the dominant image. For example, bright black, maroon, blue-blue or mustard coats contrast well with black, gray or brown shoes. A bold addition - high knee or stockings made of wool, worn with ankle boots or shoes with a thick sole. High rubber boots in combination with a flared short skirt will add an informal charm to the image.

Very effectively classic coats look trendy with cropped or tucked jeans, straight or narrowed. They can be combined with ankle boots with high stable heels, loafers, slip-ons. A great accessory is a bulky bag that is carried in the arm or on the crook of the elbow. Such an ensemble can be sustained in a single scale: gray-blue, sand, khaki.

The classic female duffle coat is also suitable for creating elegant ensembles. Overcoats with voluminous hoods can be combined with flared long pants in dark blue, black and rich gray. The ensemble will complement the elegant bag.

Many women are wondering which headgear is more suited to duffle coat. The universal solution is a soft cap or a head-hugging large-knit hat. Soft berets, contrasting or matched to the tone look impressive.

A properly selected duffle coat will be a smart investment in a trendy wardrobe. It is successfully combined with clothes in casual style, does not lose relevance for several seasons and does not require painstaking care.