How to choose a good anti-wrinkle cream? - Reviews, recommendations


A good anti-wrinkle eye cream will help keep your skin in good shape

According to reviews, a good anti-wrinkle eye cream does not have to be expensive. The "correct" composition for each age may be different. The best cream is the one that is able to provide complete protection of a particular skin type and its saturation with vitamins and minerals.

Any high-quality age cream should reduce puffiness, improve skin texture and smooth fine wrinkles.

Can I use regular cream?

Any high-quality age cream should reduce puffiness, improve skin texture and smooth fine wrinkles. The compositions for the eyes have been allocated to a separate category only for the reason that most women have skin in this area too tender, and conventional remedies often cause irritation. That is why in such cosmetics try not to include allergenic preparations.

In most cases, such creams do not have a special formula. If you look at the list of ingredients, it differs little from the list that is present in conventional creams. Serious manufacturers can include more moisturizers and decongestants and skin whitening agents that make dark circles under the eyes less noticeable.

Tip!If the skin is not too susceptible, you can lubricate the area around the eyes with any high-quality moisturizer with the addition of vitamins A and E, mint or rose petals.

In most women, the skin around the eyes is too tender, and conventional remedies often cause irritation, so special creams have been created for them.

What should be on the label?

Before buying a cream, you should carefully examine the composition. After all, its action depends on the substances in it:

  • Vitamin A, which regenerates the skin and promotes the production of new callogen cells; sometimes retinol is indicated on the package as a more advanced, ready-made form of vitamin A;
  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and radicals;
  • Ester-C: a form of vitamin C;
  • vitamin PP: activates the production of callogen;
  • vitamin K: strengthens the capillaries; improves blood circulation;
  • Vitamin E: improves the structure of the skin, fights free radicals;
  • manganese: removes swelling, removes toxins and removes dark circles under the eyes;
  • Essential fatty acids: moisturize, prevent wrinkles;
  • hyaluronic acid: helps retain moisture;
  • linolenic acid: restores the protective layer;
  • tocopherol: anti-aging antioxidant;
  • dextran sulfate: moisturizes, improves drainage;
  • alpha lipoic acid (ALA): antioxidant, smooths wrinkles, increases skin density;

Before buying the cream should carefully examine the composition. After all, its action depends on the substances in it

  • haloxyl: accelerates the exchange of bilirubin, whitens the skin;
  • Eyeliss: relieves inflammation, strengthens small capillaries;
  • acetyl hexapeptide-3: suppresses nerve signals, making the muscles less noticeable, helps prevent wrinkles;
  • resveratrol: antioxidant;
  • argirelen: "freezes" small muscles, preventing from mimic wrinkles;
  • alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): exfoliates dead cells;
  • copper peptides: heal microtraumas, remove radicals and damaged cells;
  • coenzyme Q10: stimulates the immune system, removes radicals;
  • Kinetin: retains moisture.

Tip!Be sure to pay attention to the order of the listed ingredients: the most active component should be first.

Depending on your needs, choose a cream with one or another component.

What should not be in the cream?

In order for the cream not to harm the skin, it should not contain aggressive substances:

  • parabens: violating hormones;
  • caffeine: may temporarily tighten the skin, but is able to dehydrate it;
  • Octyl Stearate: due to clogging of pores after application, the skin becomes dull;
  • Isopropyl Myristate: often causes allergies, may even temporarily impair vision;
  • Propylene Glycol: also causes toxic and allergenic reactions;
  • Sodium Chloride: Dries the skin, can cause irritation and inflammation.

Tip!The early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes can cause muscle spasms in a given area. Special exercises with a simulator or lifting massage helps them to relax.

Sodium Chloride, which can be seen on the label of many cosmetics, dries the skin, can cause irritation and inflammation.

What is hyaluronic acid?

With age, the metabolism slows down. By reducing the production of callogen and elastin (proteins responsible for elasticity), turgor in the skin is reduced. It decreases the content of hyaluronic acid, which ensures their correct interposition. At the same time, the skin begins to lose moisture.

Of course, no cream can accelerate the production of such proteins. After all, this requires the restructuring of the whole organism. However, the introduction of hyaluronic acid creams allows you to create a breathable film on the skin that retains moisture. This substance also fills the space between fine wrinkles, so that the skin looks more toned.

There are such compounds and contraindications: they are not recommended for people with high sensitivity of the skin or a tendency to inflammation. Hyaluronic acid of animal origin is more toxic and allergenic. In addition, its effect is less lasting. Compositions with biosynthesized hyaluronic acid are safer and more effective.

It is used mainly in age cosmetics for women from 30 years. Applying creams with its content to young girls simply makes no sense - the effect will be subtle. Moreover, according to most cosmetologists, such compositions can even cause significant damage.

Introduction to the composition of hyaluronic acid creams allows you to create on the skin a breathable film that retains moisture

Tip! Wrinkle cream is not a botox injection, it does not give an instant effect. To understand whether it is suitable for your skin, you should use it daily for several weeks.

Day, night and wide range of creams

Apply any cream to cleansed and slightly moist skin, be sure to remove the excess after 10-15 minutes:

  • the effect of day creams is mainly temporary, due to the gel structure they smooth fine wrinkles and are able to whiten the dark skin under the eyes; quality compounds should have UV-absorbing UV-absorbing filters;
  • night creams contain nourishing ingredients, with long-term use, improve the structure of the skin and rejuvenate it;
  • creams of a wide range mainly moisturize, qualitative compositions, as well as day ones, contain protection from ultraviolet radiation; they often include special reflective particles that protect the eyes.

Keep creams better in the refrigerator. In the heat of some substances that are included in their composition, quickly decompose. In addition, the application of cold cream on the eyelids gives an additional tonic effect.

Any cream is applied with the pads of the index and middle fingers, first on the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose to the temple, and then, continuing the movement, on the bottom back to the bridge of nose. In no case can not be too close to the eyelash line - otherwise the composition can get into the eyes. In order to avoid edema, do not apply the cream before bedtime - this should be done an hour and a half before falling asleep.

Keep creams better in the refrigerator. In the heat, some of the substances in their composition, quickly decompose

Tip! Rub the cream is not necessary. It is enough to “drive” him with the help of light slightly patting movements. This should be done with ring fingers - they are weaker than the others, so the risk of heavy blows will be minimal.

The composition of the cream for a particular age

At a young age, the use of funds for the skin in the eye area is required only with excessive dryness and its tendency to swelling. After all, a prolonged lack of moisture is capable of provoking the early appearance of goose feet in the eye area.

The use of creams with the addition of potent agents, including hyaluronic acid, up to 25-30 years can cause skin damage. If necessary, you can use only formulations containing moisturizing ingredients, vitamins, beeswax, fruit extracts, floral acids and phytoestrogens: chamomile, calendula, green tea, etc.

Anti-wrinkle creams should be actively used after 30. Such compositions are marked with anti-age (anti-aging). Aging skin suitable creams containing peptides, lactic and succinic acid, relieves stress at the cellular level and stimulates the synthesis of callogenes.

Top best tools in the low price category

Russian GOSTs and standards of the former CIS countries are very vague, so the quality of cosmetics often remains on the conscience of manufacturers. According to Internet users, the best low-cost skin care products around the eyes are:

  • "Green Mom";
  • "Garnier";
  • "Clean line";
  • "Black Pearl";
  • Vitex;
  • "Belita Q10".

Begin to actively use anti-wrinkle creams after 30

You can make a rejuvenating night cream for the skin in the eye area on your own. To do this, mix cocoa butter (dessert spoon), sandalwood (a couple of drops) and fennel (also 2 drops).

Tip! If you have allergies, conjunctivitis or a cold, you should consult a doctor. To help the area around the eyes in such cases, you can use special cooling gels or masks.

Ideal creams of an average price category

Creams cost from 500 rubles .:

  • L'Oreal;
  • Mizon;
  • "Bark";
  • "Topping";
  • Merz.

Compositions worth over 1000 rubles:

  • Clinique;
  • Vichy Liftactiv Yeux;
  • Benefiance;
  • Uriage IsoFill.

Tip!Quality creams must necessarily contain the inscription: Ophthalmic certified, meaning that they have passed ophthalmological control and are absolutely safe for the eyes.

The use of creams with the addition of potent agents, including hyaluronic acid, up to 25-30 years can cause skin damage

Better creams of the highest price category

Ideally moisturize and nourish skin creams of the following manufacturers:

  • Shiseido (Japan): contains high-quality hyaluronic acid, as well as elastin and callogen; considered almost perfect care products;
  • Skin Doctors (Australia) with retinol, hypoallergenic agents that make the skin more elastic and toned;
  • Dr. Brandt (USA): also contain retinol, able to even out the color of the skin and its structure in just a month of use, with a slight shine may appear on the eyelids;
  • Guerlain (Germany) with honey and royal jelly is able to cope with fine wrinkles, however, it is not recommended to use it when allergic to honey;
  • Ahava (Israel): contain extracts of dates, calendula, centella and aloe, B5; effectively nourish the skin and quickly eliminate signs of fatigue.

However, the cost of one jar of any of these creams is often $ 40-50 or more.

Tip!Eminent manufacturers in the series for the care of the skin of the eyes include, in addition to creams, special balms, serums, exfoliating discs, etc.

You can make a rejuvenating night cream for the skin in the eye area on your own. To do this, mix cocoa butter (dessert spoon), sandalwood (a couple of drops) and fennel (also 2 drops)

Skin massage in the eye area using creams or gels

A special lymphatic drainage massage is used to drain the excess fluid accumulating in the lymph and remove the bags. It can be both manual and hardware. It can be carried out at home:

  • Any suitable cream, serum or mask is applied to the area around the eyes.
  • The massage is performed simultaneously on both eyes with the pads of the index or middle fingers or with all four fingers (except the thumb).
  • Circular movements are clockwise.
  • Pressure on the skin should not be too intense, without shifting the skin.
  • Initially, 10 circular movements are made at the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Next, 3 light pressure is produced for the eyelids from the temple to the nose, then another 3 in the opposite direction.
  • The lower eyelid is pressed for a couple of seconds, and then the upper eyelid with 4 fingers.
  • The next stage is light tapping movements for each eyelid (on the lower from the temple to the nose, on the upper from the nose to the temple).
  • For centuries, alternately gently "rolling" middle fingers.
  • Light pressure is applied at the outer and inner corners of the eyes.
  • Clicks along circular muscles are made.
  • The last movement is tapping each of the eyelids from the temple to the nose and in the opposite direction.

Massage will help the cream to penetrate the skin better.

The average duration of the entire procedure should be about 3 minutes.

Tip!If during the massage the cream is completely absorbed, it is necessary to apply it again. This protects the skin from stretching.

Good cream for wrinkles around the eyes: reviews

Angelica, 27 years old: I use Clinique (USA). It perfectly moisturizes and even slightly brightens the skin. True, it costs about 2,000 rubles. But if you spare the money now and do not care for your skin - in 10 years it will be too late. No expensive drug will save.

Olga, 41: Already a couple of years soften the skin around the eyes with almond oil. True, not regularly. But the effect of it is not worse than from the coolest lifting creams. In any case, according to colleagues, I look 35 years old at most.

Tatyana, 32 years: The cream filler Librederm, which I use, was not found on the list. It's a pity. His price is acceptable (the last time she paid 600 rubles), and the quality is beyond praise. Three types of hyaluric acid. An obvious improvement - the reduction of small wrinkles - is visible already two weeks after application. Convenient and very economical dispenser.

Aging skin is suitable creams containing peptides, lactic and succinic acid, relieves stress at the cellular level and stimulates the synthesis of callogen

Anna, 19 years old: The beautician said that at 19 I had terrible mimic wrinkles (I went to her about acne). Moreover, most of the skin is oily, and in the eye area is dry. I was advised by the simplest L'Oreal for eyes and massage. She said that he has no age limit, you can use even a 20-year-old. I spend a month every day, but I don’t see the result yet, unfortunately. If someone has a similar problem, respond.

Olesya, 33 years: After the appearance of a pair of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, she was horrified and rushed to her beautician. She explained to me that there is no better Japanese cosmetics. Such compositions not only protect against new wrinkles, but also remove (!) The existing ones. I chose Forlle'd. I use half a year. Of course, this may be self-hypnosis, but I see the effect with my own eyes. Wrinkles are dim and less conspicuous.

High-quality and good anti-wrinkle cream for the skin around the eyes can replace an entire arsenal of cosmetic products.

Natalia, 44 years old: Merz is fine with me. Contains hyaluronic. The skin no longer dries and does not peel off. Well, the fact that with the help of cream wrinkles can be removed, to be honest, I do not believe. Maintain the skin in a more or less normal state - yes, you can.