Pletnev, Kamenskikh and Sedokov: whose ass is better?

The girls exposed their "fifth points".

Unusual flashmob launched Anna Sedokova online. In honor of the International Women's Day, the singer posted a strange instagram entry - in the picture a girl poses nude on the bed, setting "fifth point". Next to Anna - a bouquet, a bottle of champagne and a cake. Girl photographs herself in the reflection of the mirror ceiling. In the caption to the photo Sedokova wished every girl that her morning began the same way.

Not all fans appreciated the creativity of the star - some subscribers were surprised that it was with such a picture that a celebrity decided to congratulate the girls on the holiday.

But Anna's idea was supported by her colleague, Nastya Kamensky. After just a few hours, she shared an almost similar photo.

And while the network compared the priests of two stars, another singer decided to bring humor into the situation - Anna Pletneva. She was also photographed naked in bed, that's just next to her, according to her, true friends of girls - buckets, brushes and mops.