Procedure for glazing hair - real reviews and photos


Glazing hair can revive your hair, give it shine and volume

Every woman wants to have beautiful, healthy hair. Sometimes for this effect is enough excellent shampoo and regular care for them. But what about a woman who has all the tricks that do not give the desired result. Daily hairstyle and styling depend on the way of life, the place of work of a woman. Everything has its place. In the gym you rarely meet a girl with loose long strands, and in large public institutions there are no women with shaved temples. Hairstyle is important in the life of a woman. If the hair shines, it means that they are healthy and well-groomed. Lack of shine shows that they lack treatment and care. A new step to the beauty of the curls was the glazing of the hair.

During the glazing procedure, the strands are covered with layers of glaze, which is based on special ceramides that impart gloss to the curls

Hair glazing: the essence of the procedure

During the glazing procedure, the strands are covered with layers of glaze, which is based on special ceramides that give shine to locks. In addition, they do not allow exfoliation of the tips of the hair, lift the locks at the roots, creating the effect of volume.

When glazing curls have no harmful effects. On the contrary, pay attention to the absolute benefits for weak curls. Among the components of the glazing, no ammonia is used, but there are elements for moisturizing. The high content of ceramides in the composition of this tool allows them to penetrate into the hair, align their structure. The composition envelops every hair, making it stronger and thicker.

There is a great opportunity to apply the tool is not the entire length of the hair, and if necessary, support the tips. The procedure is carried out both in salons and at home.

A similar procedure can be done using colorless glaze. Such glazing makes the gloss completely natural. The use of colored glaze will give the curls a color a few shades lighter or darker. At the same time it is possible to change the hair color with each procedure.

Hair glazing: photo before and after the procedure

To achieve the best result, the composition is applied in several layers, which makes it possible for hairs to absorb the required number of components. There is no special effect on the health of hair glazing. It is rather a procedure for visual effect. It allows strands to look more aesthetic. However, it is worth noting that the components that are contained in the glaze for hair, act as a UV filter. They do not let the sun's rays through. In addition, they protect strands from drying out and sudden changes in temperature.

So, like other cosmetic compositions, this tool has its own indications for use. Among them are:

  • split ends on strands;
  • brittle and dry hair;
  • weakened and dull strands after painting;
  • White hair;
  • harmful effects of the environment.

Hair glazing: photo before and after the procedure

Naturally, if there is evidence, you should pay attention to contraindications, such as:

  • severe hair loss;
  • various skin diseases on the head;
  • wounds and injuries on the scalp.

Hair glazing is a new procedure, but it is well proven among girls and women who want to look beautiful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Glazing is a harmless procedure. Many women try to use it regularly, others do not want to spend it or do not have enough money. What are the advantages of glazing hair? What can "scare" a woman away from her?

The main advantages are the following:

  • The tool does not contain ammonia at all, unlike many hair-dyes, you should not be afraid of chemical effects on the strands. On the contrary, they will be smooth and silky, as well as hydrated.
  • The procedure does not have the effect of weighting the hair, so it is used regardless of the length and structure of the hair. Thin hair is able to absolutely calmly withstand the composition, as well as thick.
  • The ability of the glaze to act on the color of the strands allows you to apply it instead of paint.

The procedure does not have the effect of weighting the hair, so it is used regardless of the length and structure of the hair. Thin hair is able to absolutely calmly withstand the composition, as well as thick

  • Glazed curls are easy to lay and comb.
  • Hair looks like silk, looks healthy and well-groomed.
  • The saturation of the color is maintained for a long time.
  • The negative influence of some natural factors does not affect the hair that has undergone the glazing procedure.

Among the disadvantages of this procedure is called:

  • The fragility of the effect. Each shampooing reduces the result.
  • Glazing does not have any therapeutic effect, unlike screening and glossing.
  • Hair coloring is strictly prohibited after the application of glaze.

The disadvantages of glazing can be attributed to the fragility of the effect, which decreases with each shampooing

Varieties of glazing

Glazing is colorless and color. You can do it at home and in a beauty salon. Each of the options has its fans. There is also silk glazing. Which option to choose sieve each woman, depending on the contents of her wallet and the desired effect.

A visit to the master from the salon will cost from 1000 rubles. In this case, the price will be influenced by the length of the hair and the appearance of the glaze. When self-purchase amount on the glaze will be no less than a visit to the salon. However, the purchased tool can be used more than once. For example, one liter of the drug is enough for 10 or more procedures. Therefore, the savings are obvious.

Glazing is colorless and color, with the help of the latter, you can change the hair color into several tones.

Colorless glazing from transparent Matrix Color Sync Clear gives shine and softness, although experienced professionals do not call this procedure real. Some dishonest stylists use this tool for the procedure of glazing, declared at a higher price than the cost of this tool. The result, of course, is amazing, but the difference in cost is significant (several times). This procedure is called rather colorless staining.

When color glazing you need to add a special oxidizing agent, as well as shades. The latter can be mixed to achieve different tones. The use of color glazing will help to change the hair color for a couple of tones and do no harm at all, unlike using ordinary paints. Washing of similar composition occurs within a month, and sometimes even longer. This means that it is necessary to carry out such a procedure no more often than the procedure for dyeing strands. Salerm (Spain) - one of the most reputable firms. It contains eight shades in its base. An air conditioner is attached to the glaze of this company, which keeps the hue saturation for a long time.

Photo before and after glazing hair

Silk variation

The greatest shine of the strands are women who use it silk hair glazing. A similar procedure is used with the use of silk, and more precisely, its proteins (hydrolysates). Mulberry silkworm - the source of this element. That is, glazing with this compound is based on a natural, natural source.

A positive effect is also created due to the similarity of the composition of proteins of silk and leather, human hair. Therefore, this tool keeps well on the hair and has an antistatic effect. As a result of this, glazing with silk influences the strands in the best possible way, namely:

  • quickly restores weak, lifeless hair;
  • produces an effect of elasticity;
  • retains moisture inside the hair;
  • makes curls obedient;
  • creates antistatic effect;
  • makes combing easier;
  • protects hair from external harmful factors.

For the procedure, it is necessary to apply a mixture of oxidizing agent and hydrolyzed silk proteins in equal proportions to the strands. Hair before applying the composition should be slightly wet. Time - 15 minutes. After that, the strands are washed with great care. Find such a tool is not difficult.

Glazed curls are easy to lay and comb

Procedure at home

You can carry out the procedure not only by contacting the salon and paying the price list. Women have the opportunity to do it right at home, for example, by purchasing a special composition or making a similar mask from improvised means.

For the home procedure, which will not be expensive, but will create a visible effect, we need simple components:

  • gelatin (10 gr.);
  • water (10 tbsp. l.);
  • burdock / olive / corn oil, etc. (1 tbsp.);
  • sunflower oil (1 tbsp. l.);
  • apple vinegar (1 teaspoon).

Heat the gelatin in water until completely dissolved. To mix the mixture of oil and vinegar. Apply the mixture to the washed and slightly dried head.

Tip! Do not use for the procedure of applying the composition of the brush, as the icing is very thick. The composition should be applied when it is cooled slightly.

Glazing hair can be easily done at home.

It is important to apply glaze, without affecting the hair at the root, i.e. departing 1-1.5 cm from the scalp. At the end of the application of the composition should be put on the hair a special film, for example, food. You can also use a towel. If it is possible to wrap the hair in strands, it will be the best option, the result will be more significant. The tool should be left on the head for half an hour. After that, the curls are washed with clean water.

This procedure has no coloring effect. However, this can be achieved if you pre-add to the mixture natural dyes, such as chamomile (for a golden effect) or brewing tea for a chocolate shade. The composition of natural ingredients contains oil, so do not be surprised that the hair will also be oily. But to wash off a similar effect with shampoo is recommended in ten to twelve hours. Curls have time to absorb the substance to the full.

If desired, you can use the tools for glazing hair from the professional series. The above Matrix series is used in showrooms and at home. For colorless glazing is used paint that does not contain coloring pigments, deep cleaning shampoo and color stabilizer. If you need a staining effect, you need an activator (Color Sync) and cream paint of any hue.

Photo before and after glazing hair

Glazing from the company Estel does not differ in effect from the Matrix. However, it is cheaper than the previous version. In this case, the composition will be as follows:

  • ammonia free corrector;
  • chromoenergetic composition;
  • deep cleaning shampoo

Shampoo can take any company.

Tip! The glazing procedure should begin with treating the hair with shampoo, namely, deep cleaning.

On the dried strands put paint and activator, mixed in equal parts. This mixture should stand for half an hour before applying to the curls. Then they should be washed with plain water. Dried strands are impregnated with a fixative composition and conditioner. Silk glazing from SILK GLAZE consists of rice proteins, silk, aloe extract and vitamin B5. It is kept on the hair for only ten to twenty minutes, then they are washed with shampoo and conditioner.
Glazing hair effectively and completely harmless. Several uses per year and they will always be beautiful.


Marina (28 years old): "I have been using the Matrix product for glazing hair for more than a year. During this time I have used 2 tubes. The effect is amazing. The hair is shiny and perfectly fit. I don’t go to the salon. Expensive. The effect is similar."

Veronica (19 years old): "I saw a girlfriend whom I hadn’t met for several months. Her hair was never very beautiful. But then ... I was in shock. Strands one-on-one, shimmer in the sun. In general, it’s amazing! She asked, it turned out, she is staring. Yesterday she tried silk glazing on myself. I go and I can not see enough of my hair. Beauty! "

Photo before and after glazing hair

Tatyana (42 years old): "During my life I tried many different ways to give vitality to my hair: washed it with chamomile, burdock root and vinegar, rubbed hair with oils, applied masks. I learned about hair glazing and tried it. I like it. I did it in the salon. It turned out expensive, but wonderful."

Nastya (25 years old): "I have a short haircut and it does not make sense to apply this compound. But they tried it on my mother. We did it in the salon and fell in love with this procedure. The hair is strong, thick, shiny. If I grow my own hair, I’ll make my hair glazing myself."

Alla (33 years old): "I do glazing at home once a month and a half, using Estel. No work, and then practically no daily styling. Hair is docile and beautiful. I don’t use masks on others."

Ksenia (26 years old): "I can not boast of gorgeous hair after childbirth. Therefore, when my sister dragged into the salon to glaze her hair, she did not resist. She did the third procedure. She likes it incredibly. Her hair is healthy and well-groomed.

Olga (23 years old): "The original desire was to dye hair. The master advised to glaze the hair, giving them a chocolate shade. It turned out that the hair does not burn absolutely. They look just wonderful, shiny and delicate."