Paint for eyebrows - How to choose the best: instructions, reviews


In order not to waste time on daily painting eyebrows with a pencil, you can resort to the use of eyebrow dye, which lasts a month

Eyebrow dye is one of the most popular attributes of a woman’s beauty. Lucky ones with thick, beautiful, bright eyebrows do not need their tinting. However, there are women who have not so expressive eyebrows from nature. The fair sex tint them with a pencil. Not everyone likes the procedure. First, it must be done constantly. Secondly, you need to follow the tinted eyebrows, otherwise you can rub them. Thirdly, the desired tone of the pencil does not always give the desired shade. Women go on a simple path. How to choose eyebrow dye? How to paint the eyebrows?

For a successful painting result, you need to come to the responsibility of choosing cosmetics

Eyebrow Tint Stages

Paint should be chosen, paying attention to the moments:

  • Colour;
  • consistency and structure;
  • composition;
  • packing;
  • shelf life.

To make the right choice, you need to focus on the hair color. Stylists are advised to choose a paint for eyebrows, which will be a couple of tones darker than hair. Blondes are advised to choose dark blonde shades. Black tones do not suit them. They look bad on girls with pale skin. Brunettes are allowed to use black or dark brown paint. Red-haired women can safely use red and chestnut paint. Their mix will look best. Brown hair is better suited to a mixture of brown color, close to their natural. These types will be good with black color. The most courageous extravagant women can apply blue or violet color to their eyebrows.

If the color of the paint is already defined, you need to pay attention to the structure of the paint. It can be crumbly, gel-like and pasty. Women, often coloring eyebrows at home, praise the paint-gel. It is convenient to use. Its easy to mix. Well, if the composition will be indicated castor oil or a variety of vitamins.

Women, often coloring eyebrows at home, praise the paint-gel

Packing plays a big role when choosing paint for eyebrows. Due to this opportunity to save. You can buy a big tube, it can be used by a large number of people. In open form, the content quickly deteriorates. Such packages are used most often to paint a large number of people in the cabin. At home, use small packaging. Like any other product, these mixtures have their own shelf life indicated on the package. The tool is used for the face, you need to be especially careful and pay attention to such moments. It is more difficult to withdraw the effects of an allergic reaction.

Women, dyeing eyebrows, feel free to use paint designed for hair dyeing. This is absolutely wrong. Firstly, the structure of the hair on the head is different from the structure of the hairs of the eyebrows. For the latter, this mixture is too strong and strong. There is a danger of losing them, degrading the structure. Secondly, the composition is dangerous for the skin of the face and eyes. Eye color is more likely to cause corneal burns. Thirdly, the color of the eyebrows should be different from the hair color.

Eyebrows before and after painting

Preparation for painting

Eyebrow paint is selected, you need to buy tools, check for allergies. Coloring tools that may come in handy:

  • Bowl for mixing the mixture. Well suited capacity of glass, plastic and ceramics.
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cotton swab or fluted wand. Some convenient to use a brush from used mascara.
  • Cream, preferably greasy in order to protect the skin near the eyebrows. Many women use petroleum jelly for this purpose.
  • Cotton wool, discs from it or light paper to protect your eyes.

Any coloring compositions are dangerous enough for use in women with sensitive skin. Dermatitis symptoms occur as a result of use. The loss of eyebrows due to staining becomes one of the common problems. Everything is quite individual. You should not get cheap coloring compositions. As a rule, they contain aggressive elements and are not very resistant. They have to be used more often. Impact on the skin becomes even stronger. Qualitative compositions are quite a lot, but they are resistant and they last long.

Eyebrow before, during and after dyeing

Before applying any paint, especially new, it is necessary to check the skin for allergic reactions. To do this, you should smear a small amount of the composition on the arm (elbow fold). It should be washed off in 15-20 minutes. During the day, the hand should not be covered with red spots, it should not be a trace of peeling. Such an agent is considered appropriate.

The best selection of paints

The best paints have proven themselves a wide palette, resistance and gentle composition. According to polls, among them are:

  • Estel Professional;
  • Schwarzkopf Professional;
  • RefectoCil;
  • Londa.

In addition to these firms, firms are widely popular. "Panna "," ROCOLOR "," Vella "," Bonacrom "," Gamma "," Elistan " other. A wide selection of colors in the palette allows each woman to be individualized. Main shades: shades of black and brown. When using you need to pay attention to the instructions that are attached to each paint. Coloring agents are often combined with oxidizing agents. Also in the package are the most necessary tools for painting, brushes and containers.

You can choose a good paint on the advice of a specialist, a friend, or according to reviews on the Internet

Schwarzkopf Professional quite popular among women. It is suitable for home use, easy to use, has an excellent palette. The package contains a set for staining, up to the protection of the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Refecto Cil manufacturing company from Austria. It is not inferior to the previous paint for resistance and is not marked by allergic effects. The package also contains all the tools needed for the procedure.

Estel Professional has several colors in its palette. It is not an allergen due to the lack of fragrances and essential oils in it. This product is great for skin, its structure. The durability of such paint is also excellent in comparison with other means. Repaint eyebrows have only a few weeks.

AT "ROKOLOR" Do not add hydrogen peroxide. This tool is quite economical and inexpensive. The applicator has two different brushes that allow you to apply different compositions. This paint has a small drawback - a small palette. But those to whom it suits, are satisfied.

The color of the eyebrows should be a couple of tones darker than the hair on the head

Henna eyebrow coloring

Brunettes, red, copper-haired girls can perfectly replace professional eyebrow dye with henna and its combinations. Basma and henna are usually combined to soften the color and give it a dark shade.

In using henna for coloring eyebrows, it is important to understand its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other types of products. Highlights:

  • Henna is great and does not harm pregnant women, it does not affect the quality of the lactation period;
  • this tool does not harm the skin and eyes, it does not contain aggressive, for example, peroxide or ammonia;
  • eyebrows look healthy, silky due to the beneficial effects of henna on the structural components of the hair;
  • due to the use of henna, rapid hair growth is noticeable;
  • this tool has also proven itself in its use in children who have not reached the age of majority;

For coloring eyebrows you can use natural dye - henna

  • when applying henna on previously painted eyebrows, they acquire an undesirable shade;
  • after applying henna, you must wait a month before painting with ordinary paint, otherwise the pigment will not be taken;
  • if you want to paint over gray hair is better to use eyebrow paint instead of henna.

However, it is important to understand that if henna is used in tandem with other shading powders (with basma) it is possible to achieve a positive result.

The powder dyeing process takes about half an hour. Before starting the process you need to clean your eyebrows. Pigments are better absorbed in hairs. At cultivation of powder you should not take a large amount, it needs a little. Henna is diluted with simple hot water to a viscous consistency. It should resemble sour cream. Skin when dyeing eyebrows need to take care of, wipe with wet sponges or napkins. Henna tends to stain the skin. The mixture should be applied for up to 40 minutes or just watch the brows darkening.

If you are not sure that you can bring your eyebrows in order, consult a specialist.

As a rule, in the salons, at the base, the hairs are kept under henna for several minutes less than near the outer edge of the eye. They will have a more natural look. After applying henna hairs, as if, become thicker.

Tip! If, after washing, an uneven hair color is found, you can paint over the desired areas again.

The cost of the procedure in the salons is rather low. If the girl is not confident in the home result, she can contact the master.

Instructions for coloring eyebrows paint

Before the procedure, you should make sure the desired shape of the eyebrows. If something does not suit, you need to make them suitable. In salons such a procedure must be done by the master. At home, the adjustment is done with tweezers.

Immediately before painting the eyebrows, you need to adjust their shape

Tip! With very light natural eyebrows, such correction should be carried out after the staining procedure. They will be perfectly visible.

When painting should be aware of the safety of hands, face and safety of things. As a rule, each package has a pair of gloves. Their use is mandatory. Also cover the shoulders with a towel or a cloth cut. Paint is diluted in accordance with the instructions. Each company may have different composition. Most often it is hydrogen peroxide (10%). You can use hydroperiod tablets. Ten drops of peroxide correspond to 1 tablet. Paint is added to this mixture (2 ml).

Painting eyebrows at home. Step 1: It is necessary to dilute the paint in the right proportions.

Painting eyebrows at home. Step 2: Apply the coloring composition to the brow

Tip! Before you buy, be sure to review the instructions. If it contains items that are incomprehensible to you, you should refuse such a purchase.

Painting eyebrows at home. Step 3: keep the paint on the surface of the eyebrows for 12-15 minutes

Painting eyebrows at home. Step 4: over time, remove the excess with a cotton pad

Insist paint, unlike henna does not make sense. It is better to use immediately after breeding. Before the procedure, apply fat cream to the skin around the eyebrows. Some women use vaseline instead of cream. Applying eyebrow dye with tools (brush or cotton swab). This mixture is kept on the hairs up to 12-15 minutes. This time is enough for uniform coloring of the entire surface. After this time, the composition is erased with cotton pads. Then the hairs are rinsed thoroughly in water.

In the presence of pigments of paint on the skin around the eyebrows, it is perfectly removed with cream or vegetable oil. Hands can be cleaned with liquid soap. You can also try makeup remover.

You can color eyebrows alternately, or both at the same time

Eyebrow Care Tips

How to paint eyebrows, many people know. However, how to care for them, not many guess. They need from time to time to nourish cream or vegetable oil. An important role for hair growth is played by massage procedures. The recommended eyebrow oils are sunflower, peach, castor, camphor, and flaxseed. To prepare such a mixture take:

  • oil-based 10 g, often oil of sunflower, peach or flax;
  • castor oil 5 g;
  • vaseline oil 5 g;
  • Camphor oil 1-2 drops.

After absorption of the composition, the remains are wiped with a cotton pad.

A great effect on the eyebrows produces a vitamin mask. Beauticians advise to nourish them with a mask of milk and figs. To do this, it is necessary to boil the fig pieces in cow's milk to a soft consistency. This mixture is applied to the hairs on special thin cloths or gauze. This mask should be on the eyebrows for an hour.

Eyebrows periodically need makeup, pamper them with massage and mask

Compresses give a great result. For them, they take warm oil and cover the smeared eyebrows with a tampon or a napkin. Oil can take those that are used in the mask.

When the eyebrows can not boast of thickness, apply the old methods. They have been known since the days of our ancestors. To do this, the paper is folded into a cone-shaped form. It was placed on top of the glass, burning the top of the cone. When it burned, ash was poured into a glass and rubbed eyebrow hairs with it. Also, if this hair is constantly falling out, they are applied a mixture of oils:

  • flaxseed (0.5 tsp);
  • castor (15 cap.);
  • camphor (1-2 cap.).

With proper and regular care, eyebrows become healthy, even with constant staining.