Did Yulia Nachalova have brain swelling?

The singer's family decided to comment on the terrible rumors.

A few days ago, singer Julia Nachalova was urgently hospitalized. In the hospital, her condition began to deteriorate sharply, and soon she was even brought into an artificial coma. Relatives of the girl cannot yet give specific comments, and scraps of rumors and words of the PR team of the singer make a sad picture - according to various information, Nachalova discovered lupus that complicated the available diseases: diabetes and gout. Some sources claim that on her leg Julia had a wound that could not heal, blood infection occurred, and now she is allegedly even threatened with amputation. But the other day more terrible news appeared - Yulia had a brain edema, which was complicated by bilateral pneumonia.

Native girls were quick to refute rumors about edema, noting, however, that the condition of the girl continues to be grave.