Beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair (50 photos) - With and without a veil


Each bride is beautiful and unique in her own way, but to create a harmonious image, you should look in advance on the original wedding hairstyle for medium hair.

First of all, the bride is worried about wedding hairstyles for medium hair. Their choice is not easy, because the length of the hair allows you to build on the head any composition, but the main thing is not to overload the image with details and make it harmonious.

Hair neatly gathered back and decorated with a gentle tiara

Veil loop attached to a low beam

If you intend to wear a veil, you should not do a complicated hairstyle, it will still not be visible behind the lace

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil

To find the perfect hairstyle should pay attention to other wedding items: dress, handbag, shoes, manicure. For example, with a simple dress it is better to combine an uncomplicated romantic hairstyle. You also need to remember that the holiday lasts a whole day, so the bride should be comfortable and comfortable. If the ceremony will take place in the open air, it is better to refrain from flowing hair, so that they do not fly away in the wind.

Chaste girls who wish to undergo the sacrament of wedding choose a long veil

Simple wavy hair decorated with a long veil and a wreath of wild flowers

A cropped veil attached to the bun

Pulling the hair is also not recommended, because a scratching hairpin or heavy jewelry will spoil the mood.

Wedding traditional decoration - veil, which identifies the tenderness and helplessness of the bride, can be an excellent addition to the modern hairstyle.

In different styles you can meet brides with a shortened veil. This is a popular trend. Matter in this case flows to the elbows. It is light and airy, so you can use additional barrettes and accessories in your hair, they will not make the image heavier. It looks good with a short veil high hair or retro-styling. Won also a variety of weaving.

Veil with a luxurious tiara. In this case, a complicated hairstyle would be superfluous

Lace veil and loose curls

Two-layer veil on the back of a hairstyle

Chaste girls who want to undergo the sacrament of the wedding or those who hide the shortcomings of their appearance choose a long veil. For long matter fit any hairstyle. Even if it is back flat, this will not be visible.

Popular flirty curls and high designs with weaving. Babetts, shells and bunches adhere well on medium-length hair. The veil is only an optional accessory.

Bangs a light wave goes back

The severity and conciseness of the hostess is emphasized by a refined single-tiered veil. It is mainly decorated with ribbons or lace and can play the role of a hairstyle, because it is attached in the center with hairpins. Therefore, simple styling is perfect for her. Loose hair should not be left. Because of the constant contact with the matter, they quickly become disheveled. Well fit tight braids. They, by the way, will add to an image of ease and tenderness.

Little veil-hat - original and stylish

The most relevant veil is bunk. This is due to two factors. Firstly, it can be used as an accessory for a civil ceremony, and, secondly, it is perfect for a wedding in a church. This type of veil combines well with lush hairstyles. They should be well laid because the fabric is attached in the center. Playful curls will refresh the image and add spontaneity to it. Hair can be decorated with tiaras, flowers or a wreath of delicate flowers.

Miniature veil bow

A modest image speaks of the bride as a pretty intact bud.

A multi-tiered veil looks luxurious, but under it is difficult to find the perfect hairstyle. Simple styling and haircuts spoil the image and do not justify the spent amount of matter. To adhere to the style, you should choose a gorgeous hairstyle. It is recommended to pay special attention to high designs with decorative elements, intricate weaving, sparkling hairpins.

Original and fascinating looks the bride in a fate bandana or veil. If the celebration is held in retrostyle, therefore, the hairstyle should match it. Given the characteristics of the product, it makes no sense to create too complex structures. It is better to give preference to smooth hairstyles, tails, braids and styling on one side.

Playful and romantic image with a short veil complemented by a lace umbrella

Lush hairstyles are also not suitable for owners of veils. It gives the image modesty, tenderness and purity, so nothing should look aggressive or defiant. A suitable option is loose, slightly twisted hair or a low asymmetric tail. Accessories do not need to be used so as not to burden the image. Lace on the fabric will be enough.

Tip! When choosing a hairstyle you need to consult with a stylist. It will help you choose the most suitable hairstyle not only suitable for the veil, but also the general style of the celebration.

Options without veils

Nevertheless, brides recently refuse veils and prefer beautiful air wedding hairstyles without the use of wedding paraphernalia. On the hair of medium length, the high hairstyles, weaving and fleece look beautiful. What is better to choose to look stylish and beautiful?

Gorgeous hair does not need additional decorations - just beautifully put them

Medium length hair in an elegant knot

Babette's high haircut identifies femininity and gives the bride confidence in her beauty. To make it, you need to comb the hair that is located on the top of the head and temples, and collect the remaining strands in the tail. It, in turn, should be well combed and decorated with studs in the form of a roller. The upper strands prepared in advance should wrap the bundle. It remains to fix Babette with lacquer and decorate with a discreet rim.

The shell of hair can be built independently, especially since it is not difficult to make it on medium-length hair. First, the strands are well combed over the entire length and placed on the side. Inside they are screwed in a spiral shape. Decorate the shell can be decorative studs with rhinestones or stones. Goes well with tiara.

Greek bundle - wedding dominant of recent years

Bundle with an elegant hairpin

Curls perfectly complement the festive image of the bride. Curls fall down and give the girl femininity and tenderness. Wavy hair can be made independently, if you have patience and perseverance. Using forceps, you first need to form curls. To increase their volume, you should pre-treat your hands with mousse, gel or wax. Then strands from the area of ​​the crown and temples are separated and combed. To complete the image of the princess, the curly bouffant is decorated with a diadem or a rim with rhinestones. Means for fixation must be used. They add a special shine and allow you to be fully armed until the end of the evening.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair are distinguished by simplicity and grace

Wedding hairstyle with a beam to the side

Weaving attracts attention and amazes with its originality. Especially wedding hairstyles with braids make the image of the bride unique. For example, the Greek braid will suit owners of medium and long hair. In weaving often add flowers. They look great and fit the style not only of the Middle Ages, but also of modernity. A side braid, woven from more than three strands, gives a chance to look at the old with a completely new look. The waterfall of loose curls perfectly completes the hairstyle. Weaving can be used as a decor to other options.

Bundle - a classic version of the wedding hairstyle. He looks elegant, elegant and feminine. If the bride has sparse hair, you can use special linings that will create a visual thickness. In this case, the hair on the top should be smooth and neatly arranged. With a hairstyle, you can experiment and make more complex designs. For example, a standard beam extraordinary decorate curls in retro style.

The highlight in the hairstyle bunch - it's playful curls from the front strandsHairstyles with collected hair are much more convenient and practical for summer wedding ceremonies.

The tail is the simplest type of hairstyle, but even it can be turned from everyday into festive. It is enough to make a volumetric top with the help of a pile. The tail gives the bride a bold, but cute look. Perfectly complete the image of a beautiful hairpin or wedding flower instead.

Tip!To give a festive look to hairstyles without veils and to highlight the bride among guests, it is recommended to use other accessories, such as combs, tiaras, ribbons and even wedding flowers.

Romantic loose bun - one of the most popular wedding hairstyles

How to beat accessories

Not only the veil helps the bride to stand out from the mass of guests. The most common options are flowers, ribbons, combs and tiaras. They decorate the hair and make the image unforgettable.

Delicate look complemented by neat hairpins.

Loose hair and original decoration

Lightweight flower wrap adds a zest

The tiara looks very similar to a crown or a thin bezel, turning the bride into a real princess from a fairy tale. Best of all, it will look in combination with twisted large curls. Strongly voluminous hairstyles will not work, because overloading with details will spoil the impression of the image and lead the guest to confusion. To tiara firmly sat you need to pick up an accessory with a horizontal comb.

The tiara looks very similar to a crown or thin bezel, turning the bride into a real princess from a fairy tale.

Best of all the tiara will look in combination with twisted large curls

Such hair ornaments are the trend of 2016

The second of the easiest ways to decorate the bride's hairstyle is the comb. It is usually decorated with beads, stones, rhinestones and beads. It adds a touch of luxury and glamor. Scallop can be added to any hairstyle. It looks best on dark hair, in this case the value is the contrast. Slimmer and taller bride helps look the classic hairstyle of the 60s: with a roller and comb. She is tall, so she visually pulls her face out. You can open your face and give an image of romance, if you comb a curl with a comb at the back. Simplicity hairstyle fascinates.

Delicious tiara on loose wound hair

Minimalistic hairstyle can be decorated with a real crown

Romantic boho hairstyle

You can decorate simple hairstyles with the help of satin ribbons. Color can vary from white to rich color, depending on the overall style of the celebration. The ribbon can be woven into the braid, but the most common hairstyle with this accessory is a bun with a rim of ribbon. There are two versions of the beam: the classic, which is done low and high, like a ballerina. Both options are compatible with satin ribbon.

Golden tiara in her hair makes the bride a Greek goddess

Perfectly flat flowing hair decorated with a stunning hair accessory.

The second of the easiest ways to decorate the bride's hairstyle is a comb, decorated with beads, which is convenient to stick into a bun

Low strict knots decorated with bright hairpins

The most current trend of the last years in the fashion world is wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers. The main rule is a complete combination with the rest of the wedding flowers. For medium-length hair, roses, freesia, lilies, orchids and alstromeria are most often used as decorations. Flowers in her hair immediately make the image sweet, gentle and romantic. Girls with loose curls prefer to decorate the head with a whole floral wreath. It also goes well with a French twist.

Hair is beautifully laid out on one shoulder. The image is complemented by a luxurious tiara

Large curls of medium length and original accessory

Flower hairpin is a great alternative to vibrant flowers.

Fluffy hairpin decorates hair

Tip!When choosing an additional hair accessory, the main thing is not to overdo it. Too many accessories pile up the image and spoil it.

Rose, perhaps, is the most wedding flower. Therefore, a wreath of roses - the perfect decoration hairstyle bride

A wreath of flower - the perfect decoration wedding hairstyle

Flowers can also decorate the tail or the beam

Hairstyles with bangs

In combination with the bangs, not every hairstyle looks harmonious. To feel confident, you need to be able to choose the styling. 4 types of bangs are spread: straight, oblique, long and short.

Straight bangs are considered to be universal, because they are suitable for any image, dress and hairstyle. The main condition - well groomed. They should be regularly leveled under the iron, especially at a wedding ceremony, everything should look perfect. Romantic image will help to create cleaned hairstyles, for example, braid or tail. A tiara emphasizing a fringe will look harmonious. Luxury and chic add to the image loose curls. Even if they are curled, the fringe should remain straight.

Straight bangs are considered to be universal, because they are suitable for any image, dress and hairstyle. The main condition - well-groomed

Babette hairstyle with smooth bangs

Hairstyle with high pile at the top and smooth bangs

Popular oblique bangs. It gives the image of boldness, riskiness and courage. Since the bride's hairstyle should look neat and be comfortable, it is better to choose a hairstyle with hair trimmed to the oblique bangs.

Brides whose bangs line falls below the eyebrows, loose boho hair will work well. They create the effect of slight negligence, endow the girl with sexuality. However, this is not the most convenient option for the wedding. Hair can interfere, especially if you wear a veil. Bangs can close the excellent makeup. To get rid of the inconvenience, it is better to choose a wedding hairstyle with weaving, so that the bangs are beautifully hidden. Or split it in half along the parting line and comb in different directions.

A tiara emphasizing a bang will look harmonious

Bang is twisted into an elegant horn

The peculiarity of short bangs is that it does not interfere with the owner, and also in itself resembles the style of the 50s. It will suit not only retrolestil brides, but also gentle, romantic girls. Short bangs look harmoniously with a high tail. From accessories it is best to choose a satin ribbon.

Tip! Any bangs can be changed with hairpins. Straight can be combed up, oblique to get the usual weaving braids to one side of a strand of hair, short and straight - secure with a barrette. The main thing in any bangs - well-groomed and clean.