Tour Spice Girls may not take place

Frank confessions of one of the participants of the group.

The revival of the Spice Girls team should take place on June 1. But the tour, which was announced earlier, may not take place.

One of the members of the pop group made a frank confession to the Pierce Morgan show. Melanie Brown, who several years ago declared her bisexuality, confirmed the guesses of fans that girls are not only friends. She reported that she had an intimate relationship with Jerry Holliwell.

The girls were very close and once realized that they were bound by something more ...

Perhaps later Mel regretted what was said, but it was too late.

Jerry worked for many years to get rid of the image of the "peppercorn" and become the perfect wife.

Now the tour organizers are concerned that it may not take place. It is not known how the statement of Melanie Brown, who has repeatedly been asked not to say too much, will respond to her husband Jerry Halliwell.