Tattoo of the XXI century: powdery eyebrows


Eyebrow fashion is changing at an incredible pace. If yesterday they still wore a pronounced permanent make-up, then today you should prefer a powdery tattoo. The modern technique allows to bring eyebrows as close as possible to a natural look. The procedure does not take much time, as it is performed by the master with the help of a special apparatus, and not manually. As a result, the eyebrows of the client acquire a beautiful pigment and will look perfect even without makeup.

What is a powdery eyebrow tattoo?

Powder eyebrow tattooing or powder spraying is a hardware salon procedure during which liquid pigment is applied to the eyebrows with tiny sprays. Depending on the desired color intensity, several layers can be made. The technique is absolutely safe and bloodless, unlike the others.

Very often, a permanent make-up is called pixel, dotted, velvet, shadowed, or pigmented pigmentation. All options are descriptions of the same eyebrow shaping method.

The advantage of a powder tattoo is its natural look from any angle

The main feature of this type of tattoo is the effect of light powder. Eyebrows look quite voluminous and prominent, but they do not have clear contours and corners. Visually determine the presence of pigment or distinguish it from makeup is almost impossible.

An erroneous opinion is that powder coating is done with a needle. In fact, the procedure is performed by the apparatus. The machine is equipped with a special felt-tip pen with a distributor. It performs the function of spraying pigment in the upper layers of the epidermis.

Video: Powder eyebrow spraying

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

The result after the procedure of pixel or powder tattoo is visible immediately. Eyebrows get an elegant bend, a bright and saturated shade. Also, artificial pigment can hide bald spots along the hairline and give them the desired volume. In general, everything looks very natural, neat and aesthetic. However, like any technique, powder coating has its drawbacks. To make a clear choice in favor of a particular type of tattoo, it is enough to weigh the pros and cons.

Table: pros and cons of powdery eyebrow tattoo

Atraumatic and lack of blood.The high cost of the procedure.
Lack of puffiness and crusts on the skin surface.The need for correction results in the near future after the procedure.
Preservation of color up to 90%.The presence on the market of a large number of uncertified, fake drugs.
The gradual removal of color from the skin without a red or blue subtone.
Duration of exposure to tattoo: from 6 months to 2-3 years.A low percentage of qualified cosmetologists who have undergone eyebrow coating.
Fast execution of the procedure: from 15 to 45 minutes.

Difference of a powder tattoo from other technicians

The technique of spraying from other types of permanent tattoo is distinguished by a number of features that can be hardly noticeable to an uninformed client. However, ignoring their master can significantly distort the result.

In order not to fall for the scam, the cosmetologists recommend clients to study the powder material technique at home. You should also read the reviews about the salon and the specific master who will perform the spraying.

There are several key differences powder makeup:

  1. Shallow depth of application of pigment.
  2. The pigment dispenser is a very fine needle that only lifts the dermis scales. The master in no case should pierce the top layer of the skin.
  3. The vascular layer of the skin during the execution of the tattoo is not damaged.
  4. The color of the pigment on the skin should be the same as in the tube.
  5. The hue saturation should not change during the first weeks after the procedure.
  6. With quality equipment, there is virtually no need for anesthesia. However, we can not ignore the individual pain threshold.
  7. In the first days after the procedure, slight peeling is allowed. There should be no bruises and crusts on the skin.

Indications for the procedure

Eyebrow tattooing with the help of nano-dusting is necessary for those who want to facilitate the process of doing makeup or want to look advantageously in the pool, at sea, in rainy weather. Pigment can be selected for all color types, and the number of applied layers to adjust any shape. Indications for the use of powder technology are:

  • thick eyebrows growing in different directions;
  • unevenly growing eyebrows;
  • bright eyebrows without a clear contour;
  • eyebrows fade quickly in the sun.

The first tattoo eyebrow is always better to do the most natural and natural. Powder technique is perfect for this.

The presence of indications for powdery eyebrow spraying does not always allow for the procedure. There are a number of diseases in which the tattoo may be unsafe or absolutely contraindicated. These include:

  • AIDS;
  • any form of viral hepatitis;
  • hemophilia;
  • allergy to coloring matter;
  • diabetes.

Warts and moles on the eyebrows are strict taboos for performing tattoo. Pigment application will not hide the disadvantage, but will only aggravate the problem.

There are also temporary contraindications, which are often associated with hormonal changes or past diseases, operations. Among them:

  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • herpes;
  • plastic surgery performed in the last 6 months.

Performance technique

To master the technique of powder eyebrow spraying, the master must pass a highly specialized training course. By the way he handles the tools, what drugs and cosmetic products he uses, one can also judge the qualifications. If your specialist misses some steps of the procedure or violates the technology, in no case should you trust his eyebrows.


Any cosmetic procedure begins with the preparation. The master must disinfect and place sterile disposable needles, pigments, anesthetic preparation (for example, lidocaine) in the workplace. Sponges, cotton swabs in unlimited quantities, scissors and tweezers should be within reach.

Each client has the right to get acquainted with the certificates for the funds used. Do not neglect this opportunity to protect your health and wallet from fakes.

A good eyebrow tattoo artist will definitely suggest that you familiarize yourself with certificates for pigments and other substances used during the procedure.

The client, in turn, should take care of his skin 2-3 days before the procedure. It is advisable to refrain from consuming coffee, alcohol, energy drinks and certain medical preparations. Tanning, massage, mesotherapy and other procedures should be stopped at least 10 days in advance. According to the recommendation of the master it is possible to drink away immunoprecipitating agents.

Procedure progress

  1. Removal of eyebrow makeup.
  2. Primary anesthesia.
  3. Drawing eyebrow shape with a pencil. Making changes at the request of the client.
  4. Pigment selection by color type.
  5. Filling the contours of the eyebrows with pigment using a typewriter.
  6. Conducting secondary anesthesia in case of the appearance of painful sensations at the client.
  7. Applying additional layers of pigment to achieve the necessary saturation.
  8. Application of the fixing solution.

Video: all stages of the procedure of powder eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow care

Proper care of eyebrows after the procedure of powder spraying is a guarantee of pigment durability and contour preservation. During the first 3-4 days, follow these rules:

  1. Do not use eyebrow makeup.
  2. Do not wet your eyebrows with water.
  3. Do not touch the application area with your hands.
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect from direct sunlight.
  5. Lubricate eyebrows with petroleum jelly when peeling.

Also, experts recommend for a month to refuse to visit the beauty parlor, bath and solarium. Different facial treatments, temperature effects can adversely affect the still fresh pigment and spoil the result.

If on the eyebrows the presence of crusts, blood, inflammation, suppuration or swelling is noticeable, you should immediately contact the master who did the procedure. All of these side effects are the result of poor-quality performance of a powdery tattoo.


In our city, on average, the price for a tattoo of eyebrows is 2000-3000 rubles. My master tattooed me a cost of 6000 rubles. It was painful, my pain threshold is low, I can endure it, but I feel terrible. The tears themselves poured out at this moment, it took about 20 minutes on one eyebrow. I didn’t particularly change the shape of the eyebrows, now I completely pluck the only tail of the eyebrow. Sometimes, all the same, the doubts creep in that if now I want to change the shape, then the next 2-3 years it does not shine for me, but I don’t regret it.

Correction of eyebrow spraying is necessary only 5-6 months after the procedure.



Before that, I had a regular tattoo, so I have something to compare. This time it was decided with the master to perform eyebrows on powder coating techniques. It turned out very natural and neat. Eyebrows healed quickly, there was no discomfort and huge crusts! The procedure is definitely worth doing, the face always looks well-groomed, with no effect of eyebrows, everything is very natural.

Powder coating - modern tattoo technique to create a natural and elegant look.

Nastya Rakitina


Velvet, powdery, natural, natural - hundreds of laudatory epithets can be applied to the eyebrows after a powdery tattoo. This small part of the image can completely change the appearance of its owner. With a beautiful form and rich color, a woman's face will acquire the missing refined features. The main thing is not to neglect the advice of the master and adhere to all recommendations for the care of a tattoo.