Grapefruit - an assistant in the fight for a slim figure


Grapefruit ranks first among the fruits used for weight loss. It is believed to lose weight on a grapefruit is so easy that no special diets are required. It is enough to use it as often as possible, whenever possible several times a day during meals, and this will contribute to the breakdown of fats that enter the body with food. Is it really?

Grapefruit - a fruit designed for weight loss

Grapefruit in itself does not have the property of splitting fat, but has a number of other benefits for losing weight. The intensity of body fat accumulation depends on various factors, including the amount of insulin in the blood. Grapefruit affects insulin levels, accelerating metabolism. Due to this, the number of pounds accumulated in unwanted places is minimized.

Also, grapefruit has the ability to remove unnecessary fluid from the body, which contributes to weight loss. Slimming contributes to the essential oil contained in the fruits of this fruit, which stimulates the digestive process.

Grapefruit contains the substance phenylalanine. This amino acid strengthens the ligaments and tendons, improves mental performance, and even improves mood. Among other things, it reduces apatite and accelerates fat metabolism, which is why it is part of many fat burners, intended for use during sports.

Grapefruit speeds up the metabolism and removes excess fluid from the body

How much kg can you lose weight?

Grapefruit is a low-calorie product and contains 42 kcal per 100 grams of pulp. Studies have shown that the daily inclusion in the diet of grapefruit helps reduce weight by an average of 2 kg per month. This is when eating as usual, including high-calorie and unhealthy and healthy foods. And if, in addition to the regular use of grapefruit, to adhere to at least the minimum diet and to exclude from the diet some fatty, sweet and flour products, in a month it can take about 5-7 kg.

How to use during a diet

Grapefruit is allowed in almost all diets. As a rule, it is included as a fruit in the diet. In the absence of contraindications, it can be eaten every day. Some diets are allowed to eat up to several fruits a day.

If desired, the pulp of this fruit can be replaced with juice. It also has a good effect on lipid metabolism and normalizes metabolism.

People with sensitive tooth enamel are recommended to replace the grapefruit pulp with juice, as it can be drunk through a straw. He will not fall on the teeth.

It is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice in its pure form, because it is a very concentrated product. In order to preserve the health of the stomach, the juice is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 or even if necessary 1: 3. A single volume of such a drink - 200-300 ml. It will be good to drink a glass of diluted juice for two weeks after each meal. Get 3 cups a day.

The rind of this fruit is also suitable for weight loss. It concentrates the maximum amount of glycosides that positively affect the shape. But, due to its excessive bitterness, you should not get too carried away by the use of peel. It will be enough to add a little zest to the salad. Even grated zest or peel pieces can be added to tea when brewing. This will not only make the drink beneficial to health and shape, but also improve its taste.

You can effectively lose weight only on natural freshly squeezed grapefruit juice without adding sugar

The nuances of grapefruit diet

For diets, the menu which includes this fruit, there are a number of rules.

  1. To grapefruit benefit, you need to eat it correctly, given the level of acidity. This will help avoid health problems, in particular, will not allow acids to corrode the walls of the digestive tract. Proper use will be fruits with food. In this case, fruit acids will contribute to the secretion of gastric juice and more intensive digestion.
  2. It is not recommended to eat it at night, as in this case it will be impossible to combine the intake of grapefruit with food.
  3. It is believed that eaten at breakfast, it is well saturate the body with energy and vitamins for the whole day. However, this opinion is controversial, as with all its benefits, sour and spicy is not the best product for breakfast. The stomach has not yet come to a tone after rest and such food unduly loads it.
  4. It is not necessary to eat a whole grapefruit immediately. You can divide it into parts and add to the diet during meals during the day. Suppose one fourth of the fruit after each meal. In this film, which give bitterness, are very useful, and therefore it is better to eat them with the pulp.
  5. The duration of taking grapefruit is set by the rules of the diet. If there is no specific diet, and the fruit is included in the diet for the purpose of gradual weight loss and is used a little bit (no more than 1 piece per day), that is, it can be for an arbitrarily long time, while still watching the reaction of the stomach to the acid product .
  6. Drinking regimen of a grapefruit diet - up to 2 liters of fluid per day.

After training

Grapefruit will be very useful to those who play sports. And given the small level of calories contained in it, it can be used even immediately after exercise. During this period, in addition to protein foods, you can eat some fruit to restore muscles. In this case, grapefruit fruits perform several functions at once:

  • saturate the body with slow carbohydrates, a moderate amount of which is allowed after exercise;
  • are a source of vitamins and minerals;
  • additionally accelerate lipid metabolism.

During pregnancy and lactation

Grapefruit is very useful for expectant mothers, so they are also allowed to have a grapefruit diet. However, it must be balanced: you should not make this fruit the basis of the diet, because in addition to the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that it contains, pregnant women also need proteins, carbohydrates and even fats. During pregnancy, hard intensive diets, no matter what product they are based on, are strictly prohibited.

But during the breastfeeding period, at least until the baby is 4 months old, it is better to abstain from this fruit. Otherwise, the baby may begin diathesis and other unpleasant phenomena.

What can be combined grapefruit

Fruits are well combined with some other products, which formed the basis of many diets.

  1. Eggs, including squirrels. Together with grapefruit make an ideal pair, as it is very well combined with protein foods. This formed the basis of a special egg-grapefruit diet, which can last up to 4 weeks. In such a long diet in addition to eggs and grapefruit, of course, there are other products.
  2. Green tea. It goes well with dietary fruit and enhances its effect on fat mass. Together they are present in a number of diets, for example, in the same grapefruit-egg.
  3. Honey. It is believed that in combination with citrus, it turns into a real "fat-solvent". These two ingredients can make a smoothie. But we must not forget that honey contains a lot of sugar.
  4. Kefir. There is even a grapefruit-kefir diet. Products complement each other well. Grapefruit helps speed up the metabolism, and kefir - cleanse the body.
  5. Cinnamon. Both products have a similar effect - increase metabolism. To achieve a good result in the diet they can be mixed. For example, bake together.
  6. Ginger. Like grapefruit, has long established itself as an effective means for losing weight. You can mix these products by preparing a fat burning ginger-grapefruit drink.

Some foods (cinnamon, ginger, etc.) increase the fat burning effect of grapefruit.

How to lose weight on grapefruit

There are many diets containing grapefruit in the diet, lasting from three days to four weeks.

Fasting day

This one-day diet will not harm the body. However, you should not extend it, since it will not be very useful for the digestive system. On this day, it is allowed to eat 3 fruits of the fruit, if necessary, adding some more dietary product (one): a glass of kefir, two cucumbers, 150 g of dietary curd, 3 glasses of green tea. You can lose up to 2 kg.

Video: pros and cons of grapefruit fasting day

Three day diet

  1. Breakfast: half a grapefruit; 1 boiled egg; 1 slice of rye bread; green tea.
  2. Lunch: half a grapefruit; 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese; green tea.
  3. Dinner: half a grapefruit; 1 boiled egg; water.

Estimated weight loss is 4 kg.

If necessary, the diet can be extended to five days.

Seven days

This is a sparing system of low-calorie nutrition, based on the use of grapefruit. Dieting is allowed fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meat, rye bread, oatmeal. Grapefruit should be included in every meal. Lose weight on this diet can be up to 6 kg.

Sample menu.

  1. Breakfast - grapefruit or salad with orange and apple, seasoned with natural yogurt.
  2. Lunch - ½ grapefruit; vegetable soup or salad or boiled oatmeal.
  3. Supper - ½ grapefruit; vegetable stew; boiled fish or chicken breast.

Allowed to drink water, black or green tea and coffee. All without sugar.

Nine days

A nine-day diet is similar to a seven-day diet, with the only difference being that cottage cheese with a minimum fat content is included in the diet. Use it better at breakfast. This diet contributes to weight loss of 7 kg.

Four weeks

The first two weeks must adhere to the diet menu.

  1. For breakfast - 1 grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs.
  2. Lunch - vegetable soup or salad, 150 g low-fat boiled meat (chicken breast, beef) or fish. You can slice rye bread. Vegetable preference is better to give tomatoes and lettuce.
  3. Dinner - 1 grapefruit, 1 egg. Two days a week, you need to replace the egg with any fruit other than a banana and grapes.

The third week is a mono-food, and the grapefruit is not included in the diet.

  1. Monday - mono-diet on some fruit (kiwi, apple, etc.).
  2. Tuesday - vegetable salad (no more than 3 types of vegetables).
  3. Wednesday - boiled chicken meat.
  4. Thursday - stewed vegetables (not more than 3 types).
  5. Friday is fruit again.
  6. Saturday - boiled fish.
  7. Sunday - salad of raw vegetables.

And finally, on the fourth week, you need to return to the diet of the first two weeks.

It is believed that during the period of the diet can lose up to 10-15 kg.

Madonna's Diet

There are different varieties of it, including grapefruit. This fruit is used in the amount of 2-3 pieces per day, and so on for seven days. This is not a mono-diet, so other products are also allowed: vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, etc. Everything is in moderation.


May last from 3 days to 4 weeks. In the first case, except for eggs and grapefruit, nothing is added to the diet. A long-term diet suggests the presence of other foods: lean meat, fruits, vegetables (including boiled potatoes).

Protein-grapefruit diet of Margarita Koroleva

Is a variant of the egg-grapefruit diet. Lasts 3 days. Every half hour it is necessary to alternate the intake of egg white and grapefruit. During the day you need to eat 5 proteins and 5 fruits of the fruit.

It is important not to forget to drink water in large quantities, up to 2 liters per day.

Grapefruit curd

Lasts 3 days. The diet is about the following:

  1. Breakfast - tea or coffee (no sugar added), a small slice of black bread and 1 egg.
  2. Lunch - 150 g of cottage cheese, 1 grapefruit.
  3. Dinner - 100 g of boiled lean meat, grapefruit, vegetable salad.


Lasts 7 days and is considered very effective. Weight loss should be 5-10 kg. Its essence is that every day you need to eat grapefruit and carrots. It is necessary to supplement with dietary products.


  • 1 day: grapefruit - 2 pieces, raw carrots - 3 pieces, 50 g of boiled breast;
  • 2 day: grapefruit - 1 piece, orange - 2 pieces, raw carrots - 3 pieces;
  • Day 3: Grapefruit - 3 pcs, boiled carrots - 1 pc, 20 g boiled beef;
  • 4 day: grapefruit - 1 piece, raw carrot - 2 pieces;
  • Day 5: Grapefruit - 3 pcs, citrus juice - 1.5 liters;
  • 6th day: boiled carrots - 3 items, boiled egg - 3 items;
  • 7 day: grapefruit - 1 pc, raw carrot - 3 pcs, 100 grams of boiled oatmeal, carrot fresh - 1.5 liters.

A grapefruit-based diet can last from three days to four weeks.

What to cook from grapefruit

At first glance, the use of grapefruit in cooking is not very common. We used to see this citrus in the composition of juices and fruit salads. But it can also be used when baking fish, chicken, turkey. Also, the bitter taste of grapefruit goes well with lettuce and shrimps.


It will require:

  • 2 grapefruit (only the pulp, if possible without a film);
  • 1 orange (similarly - pre-plenochki removed);
  • 1 Kiwi;
  • 1 teaspoon bran;
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ginger, pre-grated on a fine grater;
  • 1 teaspoon honey.

All products from the list should be placed in a container and whipped with a blender. This is a real vitamin and mineral cocktail. In addition, this combination effectively affects the metabolic rate.

Smoothies with grapefruit - a real vitamin and mineral cocktail

Kiwi Cocktail

Main ingredients:

  • 2 grapefruit;
  • 2 Kiwis;
  • half a cup of mineral water;
  • 2 ice cubes.
  1. Grapefruit must be released from the films.
  2. After that, grind it with a blender with kiwi.
  3. Add mineral water and ice, and then beat again.
  4. Optionally, you can add mint leaves to the cocktail.

Grapefruit and Pineapple Cocktail


  • 2 grapefruit;
  • 3 large slices of pineapple;
  • celery stalk - to taste;
  • 1/3 cup of mineral water;
  • 2 ice cubes.

Ingredients need to mix and whip with a blender. Careful with celery! He has a specific taste and not everyone likes.



  • a few leaves of a frieze of lettuce;
  • 1 pink grapefruit;
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 2 teaspoons pine nuts.

This light diet salad can be made very quickly.

  1. Lettuce leaves are laid out on a plate, and on them are cut into pieces of grapefruit pulp without films.
  2. Sprinkle with pine nuts on top and pour olive oil with salt.
  3. Before use, let stand 2 hours.

Baked Grapefruit


  • 1 grapefruit;
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder;
  • 2 teaspoons of honey.
  1. The fruit must be cut in half, clear the cut from the white films and cut the white core.
  2. Set the grapefruit halves in a baking dish. To do this, you can cut the bottom.
  3. For each half of the fruit put a teaspoon of honey mixed with cinnamon.
  4. Bake for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees.

Grapefruit is usually baked with brown sugar, but honey is best used for diet


It is a recognized fat burning agent. Have to take:

  • 1 large grapefruit;
  • ½ liter of vodka.

Grind grapefruit, add to vodka and insist 2 weeks. After that, the tincture will be ready and you can use it: take a teaspoon 30 minutes after eating.


  • increased acidity of the stomach, gastritis and other inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • allergic reactions to citrus;
  • pancreatic diseases;
  • diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. Even in the period of remission, grapefruit should be used with caution and in moderate amounts, since it greatly increases the acidity of urine and can provoke inflammatory processes and exacerbation of the disease;
  • liver and gallbladder disease;
  • taking certain medications. You can not eat grapefruit with contraceptives, drugs for pressure, painkillers, immunostimulants, antihistamines and antiarrhythmic drugs. It must take at least 3 hours between taking the medicine and eating the grapefruit.

Grapefruits are known for their damaging effects on tooth enamel due to their high concentration of acids. This is not a reason for abandoning them, however, caution should be exercised.


It all started with the fact that somewhere told about the diet of the Madonna and our Prima donna Pugacheva. So the Madonna constantly eats grapefruits and drinks juice from them. I became interested in. I do not like grapefruits very much. I started drinking nectar good. I have an office job. sit yourself and constantly want to chew something. And here with this juice appetite fights! It surprised me and I decided to go on a full-fledged diet! My starting weight was 48.18 with height 160. My tummy and lyashka are big and my arms are thin)) with such a weight as I have it is much more difficult to lose weight than when you tried 100 kg. and swing. There was a press, but the legs were plump, so they remained, so she quit before going on a diet in general on a diet. She prepared all the food in advance and took it to work. On the first day: before the diet (in the morning) 48. after the 1st day (morning) 47.3. -800g per day. The second day's dinner seemed to be some kind of dense. I didn’t even eat bread)) replaced grapefruits with good juice. drank a liter a day almost. принимала омез чтобы желудок сохранить(+у меня еще и гастрит)каждый день уходили граммы. и за неделю у меня ушло 3 кг. хотя сама диета рассчитана на 2 недели.

Before and after



For a long time I have been trying to lose weight after giving birth, my daughter is already 9 months old, and I haven’t regain my former weight! Before birth, weighed 57-58 kg, immediately after 74 kg, up to 69 kg, the weight went away, and then the decline stopped. I decided to resort to diets, I have already tried a lot of things, but the weight goes very hard! In a month I lose a maximum of 1 kg. About the grapefruit diet heard a long time in the program Health, recommended her Margarita Koroleva. Every hour during the day you need to eat grapefruit or boiled chicken protein in turn. It is also necessary to drink plenty of fluids, I drank Sassi Water (this is not any chemistry, I prepared it myself). My meal schedule got off, it's very hard to eat something every hour, it’s only if you are at home all day and watch the time! As a result, in one day I ate 2 grapefruit and 3 squirrels. I cut the grapefruit into 4 pieces and ate a quarter at a time, several times I allowed myself to eat half a grapefruit or a squirrel of one egg at a time! I felt fine, no weakness. So I ate two days! She lost 500 grams, Margarita Koroleva said that in a day it can take up to 1 kg, but alas.

weight before and after diet

Mom Lovely Children 5


Regular consumption of grapefruit during the diet helps speed up metabolism and fat burning. This is the most effective fruit for weight loss. But do not abuse it due to the acid contained in the composition, which aggressively acts on the walls of the stomach.