What does it mean unsuccessfully to do a tattoo of eyebrows and how to avoid consequences


Tattoo does not go out of fashion for several years. With the advent of such a convenient procedure, girls and women chose to forget about natural beauty. It is much more convenient to wear neat, symmetrical eyebrows than to draw and tint them every day. High-quality tattoo, and the truth, is not washed off and looks good for several years, but it turns out, no one, even the master in the salon, can not guarantee 100% quality.

How to protect yourself from unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo

Masters are different. You go to the salon or to the beautician's home, it is always better to carefully examine the customer reviews and their photos. So you can see with your own eyes the possible result and think well before you decide on an expensive procedure in this particular place and this person. Not all mistakes can then be corrected, and you have to wear them for quite a while.

Study the information on the topic - it is always useful, and even more so that the application of a tattoo carries certain risks to your health. There are absolute and relative contraindications to performing the procedure, like chronic diseases or current complications. Performing a tattoo if they are present is undesirable. The body's response to the introduction of coloring pigments in the surface layers of the skin can be unpredictable, despite the fact that all the components are considered safe for health.

It is right about a month after the procedure to draw conclusions about whether or not your experience in adjusting the appearance was a success. Usually by this time it is time to go to the master for correction, paint over the white streaks on a slightly burnt-out layer of paint and level the tone.

More serious shortcomings, pointing to the unprofessionalism of the master, that poor quality materials were used, are usually visible faster than in a month, sometimes even immediately after the procedure.

Tattooing with time may disappoint, this is another reason to think whether you need a procedure

The consequences of an unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo, a disposable correction in a month

Eyebrow correction is performed one month after the procedure from your master - and half as much as a tattoo. By this time, the edema completely subsides, the color of the pigment appears, they dry out and the crusts disappear from the healed micro-punctures.

All clients are usually invited to the correction. As a rule, the choice remains for the woman, but any master gives a guarantee of the result only after a second visit. At the same time, non-compensating tattoo defects can be corrected:

  • pigment color has faded, the color is too faded.
  • the coating is uneven, there are undyed areas along the entire length of the eyebrows.
  • due to swelling during the procedure, the contour was fuzzy, the shape of the eyebrows was slightly asymmetric.

Examples of unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo - photo gallery

These problems are quite easily solved: the master drives in a paint of the same shade or, according to your desire, selects another, aligns the contour and the shape, draws the eyebrows so that they become the same.

The edema at the time of the second procedure subsides, it is practically painless. The final result is visible in a week, sometimes earlier. Subject to all the recommendations of the master tattoo permanently holds up to 5 years.

Color correction to correct unsuccessful tattoo

The technique of correcting unsuccessful permanent make-up by color correction method allows you to remove unwanted color. The same method will help correct the shape of the eyebrows, if they need to be made wider or to draw a length.

The procedure is carried out by a special corrector:

  1. A concentrated chemical solution is prepared.
  2. The tool is injected under the skin through micro punctures.
  3. A reaction takes place between the liquid and the pigment, as a result of which the dye is on the surface.
  4. Master gently removes pigment.

Correction may be accompanied by pain and discomfort, so it is done in stages.

Unsuccessful tattooing of blue, red or gray colors correct the introduction of a special pigment.

After correcting an unsuccessful tattoo with a color corrector, you can apply a brown pigment, closer to natural

To restore the eyebrows, which have acquired a bluish tint, apply olive concealer with the addition of yellow. New color will be gray or light brown.

Tattooing becomes blue with the introduction of black pigment or with too deep tattooing.

To get rid of the blue color, several procedures are performed until the natural, gray or brown tint is restored. Eyebrows dyed in the stroke technique, applying a uniform layer of yellow or orange pigment special concealer.

The basis of brown pigment is black, red, yellow and white.

Coloring pigment consists of several colors. Over time, under the influence of ultraviolet, all its components are destroyed and removed from the body. Black, yellow and white colors gradually fade, but red, which is also the basis of brown eyebrow paint, no. Because of this, anyone, even a high-quality tattoo, can change the shade. It is easy to correct the defect, sometimes one procedure with an olive-color corrector is enough. After that, eyebrows will be blond.

Consequences of unsuccessful permanent eyebrow makeup, disposable by removing tattoo

For serious problems, if the tattoo is applied crookedly and apparently different from the natural eyebrows, there are several solutions:

  1. Dermabrasion. Mechanical removal of tattooed skin, which, although considered an outdated procedure, is sometimes used for clients who are intolerant of chemicals and laser radiation.
  2. Cream Remover. They completely remove the unsuccessful tattooing of any color in 1-2 procedures. The composition neutralizes and removes the pigment from the skin, but is injected deeply, so the procedure is rather painful.
  3. Laser correction. The coloring pigment is either completely or partially removed so that the shape or color of the eyebrows can be changed. Choose a laser that does not burn the hair follicles and leaves no marks on the skin (for example, Nd: YAG). After 1-2 treatments, the eyebrows lighten and turn gray, after 6-10 the skin turns white. The intervals between sessions are usually about 4 weeks.

    For light pigment, laser irradiation is not effective

Possible complications after eyebrow tattoo

The period of regeneration after applying the tattoo may be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and the body's natural reactions to inflammation. Within 5-7 days after the procedure is observed:

  • swelling;
  • itching;
  • burning;
  • soreness;
  • redness around the eyebrows.

To care for eyebrows after the procedure it is recommended to use Boroplus, Rescuer, Traumil-S.

The dried crust can not be torn off, ripped off with nails, combed, otherwise the infection will get under the skin

Fears of contracting through a non-sterile instrument are often unfounded, especially if the procedure is performed in the cabin. HIt is possible to injure the injured eyebrow surface only with a gross violation of sanitary norms, using non-sterile instrument. As a rule, this is manifested by the formation of pustular eruptions and is treated with antibacterial ointment.

Allergies can be not only on the paint, and on painkillers

Individual reactions to the procedure are unpredictable, such as excessive pain or tendency to form keloid scars when, due to the large amount of connective tissue, the scars of a bluish or reddish-brown hue appear during healing.

When using poor-quality materials, the procedure can trigger hair loss.

The drawback of the tattoo can be considered a minus and a long period of its preservation. Face tissues are lowered with age, and with them the drawn eyebrows are lowered, emphasizing unprofitable changes.

Why is it dangerous to do a tattoo of eyebrows - video


When day X came, I arrived at the appointed time at the appointed place. I was met by a very nice woman. She appreciated the work of the previous master by a crooked face and offered to go back to demand money, but I was not an ugly person then and decided not to go. We decided to reduce the "beauty" with a laser for 3000 rubles. The procedure is painful, but I suffered. It is also done with freezing, using Emla ointment. Reduced about an hour. The process itself is the burning of the upper layer of the skin with a laser with old paint. There was a scar after him, but he later healed.



A little more than a year ago, yielding to the impulse, she agreed to make-up her eyebrows with a hair technique. It turned out strange. It seems that the edges appeared ... But, the top point is not where it should be, but where the master saw it. In addition, they came out thinner than planned. And over time, they began to turn pink. In general, getting rid of this outrage became an end in itself.)) Yesterday I did the first procedure.



I did permanent makeup a month ago in the tattoo parlor which I regret very much now! although I went there precisely on the recommendation of an acquaintance who had made her eyebrows there. I liked the result, especially since the price was the lowest in the whole city! After healing, I saw that one eyebrow is shorter than the other and besides split into two !!! As they say, the miser pays twice, so yesterday I went to a normal salon where I redid everything again! It was very painful despite the anesthesia! Summary: do not save on the face !!!

a guest


To close the unsuccessful permanent makeup, you can grow your own eyebrows and cut off the bangs. But it will take several years to change the image, and this does not always save the situation. There are procedures of different levels of complexity that will solve the problem faster and more efficiently.