Everything you need to know about eyebrow tattoo


Permanent makeup is a complicated procedure. It requires finding a good master and following a number of instructions before, during and after the procedure. If neglected, the result may be unpredictable.

What not to do before the eyebrow tattoo

The preparatory stage on the part of a person who wants to do permanent eyebrow makeup, involves the abandonment of a number of drugs and beverages.

Alcohol cessation

Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the human body, causing changes in the circulatory system and central nervous system. Under the influence of alcohol, blood pressure changes. In most cases, it rises, contributing to the deterioration of health and coagulation of blood.

Disturbed and the transmission of nerve impulses. Most often this is manifested in an increased threshold of sensitivity. Anesthesia may be ineffective.

Alcohol increases blood pressure, which will adversely affect the procedure of eyebrow tattoo

Alcohol is recommended to give up one day before the procedure. This is the average period of excretion of ethanol from the body. But it is better if this period is extended. The optimal period of abstinence from the use of alcoholic drinks before permanent makeup is a week.

Caffeine and blood thinning drugs

Coffee, strong tea, energy drinks and blood thinners should also not be consumed exactly one day before the procedure. Abundant bleeding during work, due to altered blood pressure and increasing the period of blood coagulation, worsen the visibility of the working area to the master.

The pigment, in the case of copious blood, falls unevenly. In the area of ​​the skin under study, which is not the fault of the master, gaps may appear on the lines.

By drugs of the specified type of action include: Aspirin, Cardiomagnyl, etc.

It is not recommended to do permanent makeup during menstruation.

Tanning bed and sunburn as a contraindication

1-2 days before the procedure, you can not visit the solarium and sunbathe in the sun. This affects the sensitivity of the skin and can change the selected shade of pigment.

If you want to get the eyebrows of the desired shade, give up the tanning bed at least two days before the procedure.

Preparation for permanent eyebrow makeup

It is not only the list of consumed beverages that will have to be reviewed, it is important to adjust the menu shortly before the procedure. Also worth taking on the eve of an antihistamine. Before you start preparing, make sure that you do not have contraindications to the procedure.

No contraindications

For contraindications for permanent makeup include:

  • any trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • SARS, acute respiratory infections and other diseases in the acute stage;
  • herpes;
  • inflammation of the skin and keloid scars in the area worked out;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • taking strong medicines, including antibiotics;
  • diabetes;
  • hepatitis, HIV, syphilis.

An important contraindication is recent plastic surgery in the eyelids, injections with botulinum toxin-based preparations, as well as peeling and facial cleansing procedures.

Before the procedure of tattooing should not be doing peeling and cleaning the face

You can not make the procedure for minors without the consent of parents or legal representatives.

Nutrition Restrictions

The day before the procedure of permanent makeup should not eat spicy, fatty and heavy for the digestive tract dishes. They affect the body and can make you feel worse in general.

Taking drugs against herpes and antihistamines

If you have a tendency to herpes, 5 days before the procedure, apply a topical ointment in a typical area of ​​onset of symptoms.

If you are prone to allergies, 1-2 days before the procedure, start taking antihistamines.

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How to do a tattoo of eyebrows

Permanent makeup is a strictly regulated procedure.

The choice of the shape of the eyebrows and the method of tattoo

The final version of the eyebrow shape is always chosen by the client. Before this, the master listens to his wishes and considers:

  • eye section;
  • the depth of their landing;
  • face shape;
  • nose shape, etc.

Before the procedure, the eyebrow contour is drawn by the master using a cosmetic pencil directly on the face, so that the client can assess the future result.

To make eyebrows look natural not only in shape, but also in color, they can match the hair color or be a half tone darker than it. The final pigment is selected by the master. Often shades of colors are mixed together in different proportions.

At the same stage, the master and the client determine the technique of permanent makeup. To date, they are used by several:

  • hair, when the master draws each hair separately, the eyebrow looks as natural as possible;
  • soft feathering, which is a solid line, but with soft borders;
  • mixed when using both techniques at the same time.

Softly feathering line in permanent eyebrow makeup

Hair technique can be:

  • European, with the drawing of hairs one to one, strictly in one direction;
  • eastern, suggesting a repetition of natural hairline growth. On closer examination, they are intertwined, being directed in different directions.

European hair technique permanent makeup. The location of the lines - hair to hair

Preparatory stage

Before the procedure, it is important to clean the skin from makeup and natural skin secretions. For this, masters use cotton swabs and antiseptics. The shape of the future eyebrows is applied with a special medical marker.

After that, the skin is re-treated with an antiseptic and apply anesthetic ointment or gel based on lidocaine. Usually, such measures are sufficient so that customers do not feel severe pain. Slight discomfort and tolerable pain are allowed. If the threshold of sensitivity is high, anesthetic injections may be required.

Actually tattoo

During the procedure, the master must open disposable needles in front of the client. This measure avoids the transmission of dangerous infections through the blood.

Anesthetic application before permanent eyebrow makeup

The procedure itself, depending on the complexity may take 1-2 hours. During it, blottings are removed with a cotton swab, the master works with a special machine, mixing and preparing pigments in advance requires shade.

Recovery period

For the first three hours after the master has introduced the pigment under the skin, every 30 minutes you need to apply a cotton swab to treat the chlorhexidine eyebrow.

Within the next two days, skin treatment with the same preparation should be carried out every 2 hours.

For the skin during the recovery period, you need to make sure that it is not tightened and not overdry. For the fastest healing on the third day after the procedure and over the next 5 days, eyebrows should be lubricated with Bepanten. Excess ointment should be removed immediately gently with a dry cloth.

In case of severe swelling of the skin, it is worth taking an additional antihistamine.

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Correction tattoo

Permanent makeup requires correction. During the procedure and during the healing period, the pigment may not go as planned. It depends on the characteristics of the body and skin. The boundaries of the eyebrows may blur, which is typical for skin prone to fat. Also on the lines may be spaces, they should be filled again.

Carry out the procedure in about a month when the final result is clearly visible. Correction is another permanent makeup procedure that requires compliance with the same recommendations, but takes a little less time. In difficult cases, a third correction procedure may be required.

A month after the procedure of tattooing, it is necessary to make a correction.

What not to do after the procedure, recommendations for care

Since permanent makeup is impossible without numerous skin punctures, there are prescriptions after the procedure, which must be observed within two weeks. This should be done to avoid infection of the treated area and to accelerate wound healing.

You can not:

  • sunbathing in the sun and in the solarium;
  • take bath procedures, visit the sauna;
  • independently tear off dried crusts;
  • drinking alcohol;
  • load the body with heavy physical work or sports;
  • use decorative cosmetics;
  • carry out peeling procedures, use a scrub when washing.

During the first 5 days it is strictly forbidden to wet your eyebrows with water.

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The duration of the preservation of the tattoo and the manifestation of pigment

Regardless of the method used, the pigment behaves approximately the same. During the first week, the eyebrows will be as dark as possible.

During the second week, when the crusts begin to descend, the eyebrows will brighten by several tones.

In the third week, they will again become a little darker, and by the end of the third week you will be able to see the final shade.

The duration of fixation of the pigment depends on the colors with which the master works. High-quality modern pigments are kept in the thick of the skin until completely absorbed for about 2-3 years. During this period, the studied area gradually brightens.

Poor-quality or incorrectly selected pigments will soon be able to get a blue or reddish tint, different from the natural color of the eyebrows, after the procedure.

Permanent makeup is a serious procedure, the result of which will be visible on your face for several years. It should be entrusted only to experienced craftsmen with artistic and aesthetic taste, who have working skills and who are sure to follow the rules of antiseptics.