How to fall in love with a guy: the basic rules and secrets


Unfortunately, not always the feeling of being in love brings joy. Sometimes there are only disappointments from him that, above all, overtake us in the event that the guy you like does not even look in our direction. Of course, the optimal way out of the situation is to find someone else, but the heart, as you know, cannot be ordered, and therefore instead we begin to act according to the standard scheme: we focus on the problem, wind ourselves up and begin to suffer, not by day or night giving yourself peace of mind. To avoid such a fate, you must take something, for example, try to attract the attention of the object you like, and simply try to make you fall in love. Maybe he just did not have time to understand that his fate is next to him and you need to give him a chance to do it.

Is it really worth falling in love with the guy you like

Girls who are in love rarely think about what will happen after the covenant person to reciprocate. Sometimes the main thing for them is the achievement of a goal, and not at all the creation of healthy relationships that would bring only positive emotions. A person blindly goes in the wake of his “want” and as a result may find himself in a situation that will make him miserable for a long time. Therefore, answering the question whether it is necessary to strive to provoke a reciprocal feeling in a nice guy, first of all you need to dream about what relationships with this person could be. Only calculations should be realistic, you need to take into account the character and habits of the guy.

There are techniques that you can use to make a guy like or even fall in love

Table: a scheme for assessing the quality of future relationships

Parameters for evaluationWhat to look forEvaluation
Habits and lifestyle of a young manYou should not hope that with the advent of the girl he will radically change the way of life. Partially, of course, this is possible, but it is unlikely that he will change his principles. For example, a young man is a pathological bummer and does not want to strain in order to earn a living. Therefore, he either doesn’t work at all, or chooses an occupation simpler (respectively, with a lower income level), or reluctantly and indifferently performs the first job, not wanting to strain in order to find a more monetary occupation. When meeting with such a guy, the girls reassure themselves that he will change, when you need to support your family, have children, etc. Unfortunately, most often their hopes are not met. Another common problem: a person has friends in the first place, and he spends all his free time with them. There are guys for whom this is fundamentally important. A girl who wants to be close to such a young man should immediately think about whether she is ready to spend the weekend alone, while her lover is resting and enjoying life in a male (and maybe not only male) company.The bar is filled independently: the positive and negative sides of the young man on the considered parameter; summarizing
Psychological pictureIt is enough just to look at his behavior and evaluate the temperament of a young man, how he behaves. How irritating is he, is he not inclined to fall for his relatives, to be rude, etc. Or, on the contrary, it is too soft, it cannot stand up for itself.
His expectations from the girlTo know them is quite difficult. But you can pay attention to his statements about this, and even better - ask leading questions. It’s very good if there was an opportunity to observe how he behaves in a relationship. Suppose a girl finds out that the young man needs the second half first of all for everyday convenience. And if she is not going to settle at his plate, then she should immediately understand that this is not her option. Or maybe the guy has an inflated self-esteem, and instead of caring for a girl, he favorably allows her to seek his favor. Or he is too authoritarian and demands complete submission from the girl. In these cases, you immediately need to honestly answer the question: "am I ready to meet his expectations?".

By the way, the given scheme for assessing the quality of future relationships is relevant not only for those girls who intend to seek a young man’s response feelings, but also for those who, on the contrary, think whether the boy who shows sympathy is reciprocated or not. And, of course, looking at the explanations that are in the table, you do not need to come to the conclusion that all the guys are monsters, and they like to mock the girls. Most guys are capable of healthy relationships based on caring and mutual respect. But in order to protect themselves, it is better to immediately soberly assess the situation.

Before you fall in love with a guy, you need to think carefully whether you are suitable for each other.

How to behave with a guy to conquer him

Here, much depends on how old he is and what binds him to the girl who tries to please him. But in any case, no matter what the guy is and what kind of relationship he has with the girl, you need to follow the basic rules.

  1. It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of interest and positive. Otherwise, he will just start to get bored and look for a more fun pastime. Silent, gloomy and eternally dissatisfied girls very few people like, as those who all the time make a complaint.
  2. Encourage him to feel like a man. Sometimes showing his weakness or even stupidity so that he can feel his male superiority. Just do not need to go too far, it will look inadequate.
  3. Making it invest resources: time, money, emotions. As you know, a man values ​​first of all what he invested in. Therefore, even if there is still no communication between him and the girl, she should strive to find a reason to ask him for some kind of service. As for emotions, the easiest way to get them from a man is to make him laugh.
  4. No need to show complete dependence on it. The girl is decorated with self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

Guys, like girls, love when they have signs of attention

If this is a classmate

At school, most boys try to avoid developing sympathy for their classmates, because this can be a cause for ridicule from friends. The behavior of schoolchildren is predictable: if you like a girl, then you need to push her, somehow call her, etc. To avoid this, first of all you need to earn respect in the team of boys and become "your boyfriend." To pick up a classmate should be carefully, gradually rubbing into his confidence. The girl needs to demonstrate that she shares his interests, good, now most of them do not go beyond the field of computer games, so it will be easy to do. And only after she manages to become his friend, you can begin to show feminine traits. For example, recognize your complete inability to repair a supposedly broken phone or tablet and ask for help. And in gratitude, you can help him with the lessons, inviting him to visit. Of course, we should not forget that already at this age, expressively tinted eyes, short skirts and other women's tricks act on boys.

If you study together at a university or college

If the guy has already graduated from school, then, most likely, he is already ready for normal relations and may well openly show sympathy for the girl. But at the same time, with rare exceptions, the very young guys are not yet so confident in themselves to just take and walk up. Therefore, you must first establish good relations with them. Common interests and hobbies - this is what brings people together. From this and need to start. And only when it came to companionship, a girl can move on to active hints, showing random gestures and meaningful looks that she would not mind getting to know each other. Student parties will also be very useful. The main thing is to make sure that at these parties there are no other girls near the object of adoration, but, on the contrary, to be near it all the time.

Trying to fall in love with a work colleague, you need to make sure that the rest of your colleagues have not guessed about anything.

If this is a colleague

Colleagues are different, as well as their attitude to work. Perhaps, everyday work of a man is a burden and he just waits to deal with personal issues in the workplace. Here it is enough just to hint, and he himself will take the initiative. And perhaps a man does not see women in his colleagues at all, because he does not want to mix work and personal life. If you got such an option, then only a corporate party can save a girl in love, and only if a man does not deny himself alcohol. By the way, there is no guarantee that the next day he will not pretend that he does not remember anything. The third, very "sad" option is the boss, since half of his female subordinates, as a rule, are aimed at him, so he has a choice, and it will not be so easy to defeat competitors. In any case, the girl, who decided to conquer a colleague, should be extremely careful and not make too obvious hints so as not to spoil her reputation. It is necessary to approach one's colleague without haste and as correctly as possible. And, of course, we should not allow damage to the work process.

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How can you fall in love with different signs of the zodiac

Aries is very impulsive and not against seeing similar traits in a girl. Therefore, he is likely to like the one that can not hesitate to take the initiative.

Taurus responds very well to positive fun communication. A little afraid of publicity, so to give him the opportunity to show reciprocity, you need to stay together more often.

The twin loves cheerful girls. He can not be in a relationship when a girl is not interested in him. Therefore, it must be entertained and surprised.

Cancer is very vulnerable and sensitive. He reacts sharply to the way the girl herself treats him. At the same time, assertive initiative gets scared and starts hiding. The surest thing is to demonstrate attention, goodwill and care.

Leo loves bright girls. To conquer it, it is necessary to focus on external beauty, originality and sociability.

Man-Virgo does not tolerate sudden movements in his direction and constantly suspects some kind of trick. Therefore, one must be patient and, as far as possible, make meaningful hints, immediately disappearing from his field of vision.

If you are not used to paying yourself proper attention, the Libra man is unlikely to look at you. He likes beautiful, well-groomed, spectacular ladies. Yes, and how they like it - the guy of this sign is sweet with everyone, but it’s not so easy to find out about the true feelings of the schemer.

Scorpio is prone to narcissism, so the girl must show that she is crazy about him. At the same time, so that he does not immediately lose interest, from time to time she needs to raise doubts in her feelings.

Don't be shy about taking moderate initiative.

Sagittarius loves light, funny and sociable girls, so the more positive communication is, the better it is for the development of relationships.

Capricorn will weigh the pros and cons for a long time. Most likely, the girl for a long time will have to demonstrate a friendly attitude towards him before he decides that she deserves reciprocity.

Aquarius likes girls stressed feminine, romantic and weak. Perhaps you should show yourself from this side.

If a man was born under the sign of Pisces, then he certainly likes to be agreed with him in everything. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to show their best qualities and, of course, do not forget to admire them.

Should I fall in love with the help of magic and similar methods of influence

Many girls think that the easiest and most effective way to fall in love with a guy is a love spell. At the same time, they hope to find a good conspiracy or a person who will help them on the Internet. Meanwhile, 80 percent of the rituals laid out in the network are inoperative, and the remaining 20 percent contain mistakes and need substantial additions. Needless to say that finding a good specialist is also a little chance. As a result, instead of getting a result, you can harm yourself.

But even if we imagine that the spell is done successfully, then, firstly, the effect will be temporary, and secondly, it is unlikely that it will bring someone happiness. Magic can make a guy addicted (which, by the way, does not guarantee his good attitude to the girl), but with her help it is impossible to cause a real feeling.

White and Black Magic Reviews

He had the misfortune to face a situation where two muzhik witches were “divided” without choosing any means. Fortunately - from the side. So it was just a pity for a peasant ... I was fascinated by his sturdiness: I started to hurt badly, I started serious problems at work, I could not work normally, and I got quite a lot of "pleasant" things.

Mihail pavlov


I was fascinated for the purpose of revenge, when they could not lime. But I myself did not suffer for a long time, I was drawn to him, just as an obsessive thought. There was nothing else, despite the fact that I am not a sluggard and I have a very strong character, will. Cleaned And when I started cleaning, then my life became like a mystical thriller. Love spell is damage, binding. Watching what and how to do it. There will be a peasant to you, but he himself will not understand why. But I would not advise.



I was bewitching, it worked, but then it’s gone completely ... (well, or a coincidence?) But the point is that Pts almost unpleasant situations almost immediately fell on me, everything went awry, and we do not communicate with him, he turned out to be just a coward ...

Your mind


When I did a love spell for my husband, the man who did it - warned that the rite would have to be confirmed in a few years. I do not know how anyone, but I repeated it every few years. My husband and I lived for more than ten years. Now broke up, my husband went to the other. I rushed to seek help - it turned out there was no one to turn to. Only quackery is one.



Magic is not the best way to fall in love with guys

Difficult cases when you can not get a quick result

Sometimes a man seems unattainable, but even in this case, you can try to arouse his interest.

Unfamiliar guy

There is nothing terrible if the girl does not know the guy he liked personally. Just need to get to know him. Start with the appearance in those places where it often happens. The more often there are supposedly random meetings, the better. And, of course, do not forget about the special look and smile. Surely the guy will remember an unfamiliar girl who in this way emphasized her interest in him. After several meetings, you can find a reason to talk. The main thing is not to be intrusive, otherwise he will simply be frightened.

If communication is reduced to correspondence

In fact, this is not so bad acquaintances and relationships at a distance, because in the absence of personal contact, people feel more confident. The main task is to make the correspondence original and gradually translate it in the right direction. After that, the guy will definitely want to meet. One more thing: emotionality. She must be present. Dry messages from the category of "hello, how are you?" interest will not succeed.

Sometimes it's much easier to fall in love with pen pals, because some people feel more relaxed if the other person is not around

An acquaintance who pays no attention

The situation is not as difficult as it seems. If he does not pay attention voluntarily, then the girl needs to get him to do it. For example, some extraordinary act. It is very important that he experienced at least some emotion towards her. If things are really bad, and all attempts to get attention turned out to be useless, then you can go to extreme measures and cause emotions of a negative plan, for example, annoy him with something. Another way: when the opportunity arises, the girl needs to behave differently than usual, so that the guy can look at her from a different angle.

He is younger

There is nothing wrong with that guy younger. On the contrary, many of them even like it. Just do not need to position yourself mommy, wise life experience. Guys just adore when women are older than they flirt with them like young girls. The only problem is that it is often in middle-aged women that such flirting is given by frank vulgarity. This should not be allowed in any case. On the contrary, it is better to reduce the sexual context to a minimum, and, on occasion, blush and lower eyes.

Having decided to take the guy away from another girl, you need to prepare in advance for a long fight

He has a girlfriend

If the guy is in a relationship, a lot depends on how long they last and what connects him with the chosen one. Maybe he was completely in love, and she did not have time to get bored with him. Then, most likely, you have to admit defeat. Если же отношения посредственные, то вполне возможно, что удастся их разрушить. Для начала можно ненавязчиво показать ему свою заинтересованность и посмотреть на реакцию.And, of course, a girl who wants to steal a guy away should show, at every opportunity, that she is better than his other half.

He is married

Oddly enough, married men fall in love very willingly, especially if they have been married for a long time. As a rule, all romance eventually comes down to everyday life, obligations and material problems. In such a situation, a man needs "fresh air". Contrary to popular belief, on the side he is not looking for sex as much as the opportunity to feel loved and interesting to someone. Therefore, a girl who creates around him a festive atmosphere, fun and passion, has every chance to win his heart. Problems begin at the next stage, when you need to build a full-fledged relationship and eliminate the wife. But this is a completely different story, which has nothing to do with love.


When you need to return a guy, a lot depends on the reasons for the gap. If they boil down to a misunderstanding, or some kind of quarrel has occurred, then the feelings in this case will not disappear anywhere. You can discuss and make peace. And if the interest is lost, and the girl no longer arouses any interest in the guy, or he chose another at all, then, most likely, it will not be possible to resume the relationship. True, there is an extreme method, which sometimes works in such situations: you need to start to meet with someone else, and so that the former has the opportunity to observe it. Perhaps such a shake will make him think things over well and re-inflame with your feelings.

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Do I have to fall in love to increase self-esteem

It happens that a girl wants to make a guy feel not because of a desire to enter into some kind of relationship with him, but because of nothing to do, out of revenge, etc. In such cases, the real reason lies in the fact that she feels the need to prove to herself her feminine consistency, to increase self-esteem. She overlooks the fact that self-esteem can be enhanced only by changing her attitude to herself, and nothing else. Therefore, even if it turns out to fall in love with a guy and get a fleeting psychological satisfaction from this, after that, the inner empty state will only get worse.

If, nevertheless, it was decided to fall in love with a guy in order to increase self-esteem, then you can creatively approach the process and not be afraid of anything. Even if he gets scared and decides to stay away from a strange girl, then she loses nothing, because she initially did not need him.

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Would it be worse

Many girls, trying to act according to the “falling in love” strategy they have developed, flirt in such a way that they risk overdoing and provoking a backlash in the guy. Suggestion of feelings and thoughts to another person is a very subtle art where extreme caution is needed. Otherwise, flirting can grow into swagger and sexual obsession. The extraordinary and "highlight" that the girl tried to demonstrate will look inadequate in the guy's eyes, and brilliantly played (in her opinion) ease will be regarded by him as an extreme degree of dullness. Therefore, all the time you need to keep yourself in hand and not to allow any extra action.

In the process of winning the guy the main thing - do not overdo it

Summing up

No matter how much we want all desires to be fulfilled, it is not always possible, especially when it comes to feelings. They originate between people spontaneously, and until now science cannot explain what this process is based on and how to manage it. Feelings do not depend on appearance, or even on communication, and if initially the guy does not feel the slightest interest in the girl, then most likely, despite all the tricks on her part, there will be no relationship between them, or they will be very short. The same can be said about the situation when a guy is deeply in love with another. Trying to evoke feelings in him, one must initially remember this in order to subsequently protect oneself from unnecessary experiences. If there is a chance, then a sincere benevolent attitude combined with a very subtle flirtation act better than any kind of manipulation.

The question of how to fall in love with a guy was repeatedly discussed by girls and women of all ages. Various methods and techniques that facilitate this task can be found on the Internet. But there is no one universal recipe that would fit any situation. All men are different, and the approach to each of them must be individual. Therefore, the first thing to do is to observe the behavior of the guy and understand how to proceed. Only after that you can start any actions, because the choice of the wrong strategy of behavior can turn into a loss.