Ivan Okhlobystin released a novel

A new book actor published under the name "Ulysses."

Few know that Ivan Okhlobystin is not only a talented actor, but also a writer. He already has a couple of dozen books on his account, and the other day he presented his new novel. The book was named "Ulysses".

At a meeting with readers Okhlobystin slightly opened the secret above the plot of the work - the hero is in love and put in a situation on which his whole life depends, he uses his last chance. Ivan admitted that he first plunged his characters into the world of the zombie apocalypse at the autumn Russian summer cottages, but then postponed the novel for a long time. Returning to work, he screwed in the plot characteristic of his phantasmagoria, which is so appreciated by his readers.

To the students from China who came to the presentation, the actor advised him to start learning Russian from his acquaintance with Old Slavonic.