Former party "House-2" had a fight on the air of another show

The host of the program, Dmitry Shepelev, could not stop the raging guy.

This scandal ended recently with a new TV show with Dmitry Shepelev. The program dealt with the conflict of the former participants of the project “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and Victoria Romanets with their housekeeper Lyudmila.

As the woman said, the young people raised their hands and insulted her. She even recorded her beatings on her body. Vika denied all these words, stressing that she had to part with the worker because she was caught stealing and using her mistress’s personal belongings.

The lie detector judged the argument - young people were telling the truth, but the woman was cunning. As it turned out, all this time she was beaten by her own son. He also could not stand the heat of passion and attacked Gusev, who readily got into a fight, with fists. The men were separated already after a few minutes by security officers.

Even after the transfer of passion is not subsided. Internet users quickly discovered that both the housekeeper and her son were just actors. Subscribers chided Romaniez because she earns her popularity in such dishonest ways.