Types and methods of eyebrow tattooing: which one is better to choose?


Everyone knows: the eyes are the window to the soul. And eyebrows - the rim of this mirror, which allows the face to look beautiful and harmonious. That is why women for centuries have been paying close attention to eyebrow makeup. But in the modern pace of life, the beautiful half of humanity does not always have enough time for a full-fledged make-up, but you always want to look perfect. That is why many women began to resort to the method of long-term eyebrow tinting - tattoo.

Types of eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo - a technique of coloring, during which the pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin. Due to the ability of the skin to peel off, the tattoo cannot remain on the face throughout life, but gradually fades away.

Manual or manual tattoo technique

Manual tattoo technique is quite new in this area. It allows you to get the most natural look of the eyebrows for quite a long time: usually, a manual tattoo permanently disappears within two years. In order to increase its service life, it is necessary to make a correction.

During the manual micropigmentation procedure, a natural dye is injected into the upper layers of the skin with the help of a special tool, the handpiece. The maniple contains disposable needles, which "hammer" pigment into the dermis. With this tool you can achieve the most natural shape, volume and color of eyebrows, as the master independently controls the depth of entry of the tool.

In the manual tattoo technique, a special tool is used — a maniple that injects pigment into the skin.

Before starting the procedure, the master selects the shape and color of future eyebrows, coordinating the result with the client. After this, the pigment is directly applied - drawing of individual hairs. Manual tattooing is performed under local anesthesia, therefore, it is considered a virtually painless procedure. After carrying out a manual tattoo, scabs appear on the eyebrows, which disappear in a few days. Usually about a month after the procedure, the master asks the client to come for a second correction. The longevity of the tattoo may be reduced if:

  • You have very oily skin.
  • You do not use SPF sun protection creams.
  • You often perform exfoliation, that is, the removal of dead skin cells with scrubs and peels.

After the procedure, a crust forms on the eyebrows, which disappears after a few days

Photo Gallery: examples of manual eyebrow tattoo

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Advantages and disadvantages of the manual tattoo technique

The advantages of manual tattooing include:

  • painlessness;
  • lack of blood during the procedure;
  • the result is a natural eyebrow look for a long time;
  • fast healing process of damaged skin;
  • gradual fading of the color, while it does not change, that is, it does not turn blue or purple.

The disadvantages of manual tattoo techniques include:

  • cost;
  • A small number of skilled craftsmen.

It is worth remembering that the low price of a manual tattoo procedure in most cases indicates a master’s low qualification or low quality of the materials used.

Eyebrow tattoo equipment

During the procedure of hardware tattooing of eyebrows, the pigment is injected into the surface layers of the skin with the help of a special device - a micropigmentation machine. She makes up to 140 punctures per second. During the procedure, it is possible to set the depth of needle entry and the speed of their movement. Special micropigments are used in the work, which eventually lose their intensity, and after 5-7 years they disappear completely from the skin.

For hardware tattooing, a micropigmentation machine is used, which makes up to 140 punctures in a second.

Due to the fact that in the process of such a tattooing technique, a special apparatus is used, the lines are not as clear as with the manual tattooing technique. That is why as a result the eyebrow becomes "feather".

Before the procedure, the master recreates the form and selects the color of the future eyebrow. Apparatus tattooing is performed under anesthesia, but is considered to be a more painful procedure than a manual one. After the hardware tattoo, as well as after manual, crusts form, which descend on average during the week.

Photo gallery: examples of hardware tattoo eyebrow

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Advantages and disadvantages of the hardware tattoo method

The advantages of hardware tattoo:

  • durability;
  • the result - bright and "feather" eyebrows;
  • low compared with micropigmentation cost.

Disadvantages of the hardware method:

  • during the procedure there may be a small loss of blood;
  • despite the use of anesthesia, you may feel pain.

Mixed tattoo technique

Mixed eyebrow tattooing technique combines hardware and manual method. The eyebrow is filled with pigment completely, and individual hairs are also drawn. Due to this eyebrow turns out beautiful, clear, bright and expressive.

Photo gallery: examples of mixed eyebrow tattoo

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Care for eyebrows after tattooing

Eyebrows after tattooing require special care:

  • categorically should not wet, scratch and rub eyebrows about a week after the tattoo;
  • It is necessary to apply healing ointments on eyebrows;
  • you can not carry out peeling procedures, as well as visit the baths and saunas for two weeks;
  • You should refrain from hiking to the beach and the solarium, as well as get under the active sunlight for a month.

Contraindications for tattoo

For contraindications for tattooing include:

  • poor coagulability and any blood diseases;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • acute inflammatory diseases;
  • severe form of any somatic illness;
  • epilepsy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • oncological diseases;
  • neoplasms of unknown etiology;
  • susceptibility to keloid scars;
  • birthmarks in the intended area of ​​the tattoo;
  • allergy;
  • inflamed skin in the area of ​​the future tattoo;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • menstruation;
  • weakening of immunity (during the period of rehabilitation after surgery or a severe illness);
  • high temperature;
  • taking strong antibiotics, dietary supplements, etc .;
  • any degree of intoxication.

Eyebrow tattoo techniques

For the entire long history of tattooing eyebrows, the masters have developed more and more new techniques. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Comparative table: eyebrow tattoo techniques

Method nameShort descriptionDuration of the procedureHow much is holding upBenefitsdisadvantages
Henna biotatuage eyebrowsSpecial henna is applied to the eyebrows to color the eyebrows.40 minutes - 1 hour4-5 weeks
  • Low cost.
  • In case of unsuccessful staining, the tattoo will last for a relatively short time.
  • Ability to perform biotatuazh yourself at home.
  • Strengthen hairs.
  • Natural result.
  • It does not harm health, so it can be used during periods of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Painless procedure.
  • Relative fragility of the result.
  • To extend the resistance requires special care: applying oil before water procedures.
Hair methodThe direction of own hairs on each part of the eyebrow is determined, and then hardware tattooing is performed using special pigments.2 treatments for 2-3 hours1-2 years
  • Durability of the result.
  • The result - almost natural eyebrows.
  • Cost
  • The possibility of allergy to pigment.
  • During the procedure, pain and bleeding are possible.
  • Due to the individual characteristics of the body, the pigment can change color.
  • The possibility of reducing the durability of the result on oily skin.
MicrobladingThe master conducts a hand-made tattoo of very fine hairs, which are almost indistinguishable from the real ones, since the length, volume and color of the customer's eyebrows are simulated.3 treatments for 1-2 hours1.5-2 years
  • Natural result.
  • Painless procedure.
  • The pigment does not change color, only its intensity decreases with time.
  • As a result of the procedure, scars and scars are not formed.
  • Cost
  • A small number of skilled craftsmen.
  • To achieve a good result, you need 3 visits to the master: the procedure itself and 2 corrections.
Powder method (spraying)With the help of the device, the pigment is doted into the eyebrow. This method allows you to get the illusion of eyebrows, stained with pencil or shadows.2 treatments for 1-2 hours1-2 years
  • Painless procedure.
  • Eyebrow makeup replacement.
  • Durable result.
  • Cost
  • Not suitable for eyebrows with sparse hairs.
  • Unlike microblading eyebrows do not look natural, but already made up.
Shadow Method (feathering)This method is similar to the powder technique: the eyebrows look as if they are painted over with a pencil or shadows, but, besides this, the master also works with the intensity of the color of the eyebrows: the beginning is lighter and more beautifully feather than the body and tip.2 hours2-3 years
  • Painless procedure.
  • The result is voluminous colored eyebrows.
  • In many cases, you can do only one procedure to achieve maximum effect.
  • Eyebrow makeup replacement.
  • Cost
  • Not suitable for eyebrows with sparse hairs.
3D tattooImitation of a natural eyebrow at the expense of drawing thin hairs of 2-3 different shades: they take a natural shade of hair as a basis, adding lighter brows to it. As a result, the eyebrow is very voluminous.2-3 hours1.5-2 years
  • Painless procedure.
  • The result - natural eyebrows.
  • Durability of the result.
  • The ability to change the width of the eyebrows.
  • In many cases, you can do only one procedure to achieve maximum effect.
  • Pigment does not change color.
  • Cost
Watercolor methodThe master draws the outline of his own eyebrow, while adding symmetry. The result is similar to the biotatuage technique, but it lasts much longer.1-2 hours1.5-2 years
  • Durable result.
  • The naturalness of the result, subject to the natural density of the eyebrows.
  • In many cases, you can do only one procedure to achieve maximum effect.
  • Eyebrow makeup replacement.
  • Cost
  • Pigment can change color over time.
  • Not suitable for eyebrows with sparse hairs.

Photo gallery: eyebrow tattoo techniques

Male eyebrow tattoo

Men, like women, always want to look attractive. If the man is not satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows, the presence of some bald spots or the intensity of the shade, you can resort to tattoo. In this case, combine several techniques: perform soft feathering of the color, while drawing the brows 2-3 shades of pigment.

During the performance of the male tattoo, obtaining maximum naturalness is much more important than during the execution of the female tattoo. Even if the shape of the finished eyebrows is different from their natural look, you need to achieve such an effect so that no one can doubt that these are real eyebrows.

It should be borne in mind that it is important to achieve a natural look of eyebrows, so to achieve a good result, the master must have experience and qualifications in the field of male tattoo.

In the men's tattoo is very important as the most natural result.

In other ways, male tattooing is no different from female.

Henna biotatuage eyebrows at home

Not many people know that in order to have perfect eyebrows, it is not necessary to visit a master browyer or a hairdresser. It is enough to visit the biotatuage procedure only once, and then you can do henna painting yourself, because there is nothing complicated about it.

The basis for biotatuazha is a special eyebrow henna. It can be purchased in stores for beauticians and hairdressers.

Iranian natural henna, which is familiar to us, is not suitable for coloring eyebrows, because it has a reddish subtone. Special eyebrow henna is produced in India.

The basis of biotatuazha - henna for eyebrows, which can be purchased in stores for hairdressers and cosmetologists

How to carry out eyebrow biotatuage procedure:

  1. To exfoliate (peel) the eyebrows: this will not only remove the horny skin particles that can prevent the henna from penetrating deeper into the skin, but also cause the brows to grow faster due to massage.
  2. Perform eyebrow correction (do not forget to disinfect instruments and skin treatment with antiseptic agents).
  3. Draw the shape of the future eyebrow or outline the contours.
  4. Dry henna mixed with water as indicated in the instructions.
  5. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows with a beveled brush. If necessary, correct the shape with a cotton swab.
  6. Leave henna on the eyebrows for 40-60 minutes if you want to achieve a bright and long-term effect. To achieve a natural result, it is enough to endure henna for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Wash off the henna with water or, for a brighter effect, brush off the dried henna with a clean brush from the carcass.

The result is very bright eyebrows, the color of which will gradually disappear. Usually the pigment on the skin lasts for 1.5-2 weeks, and on eyebrows it lasts about a month. Such coloring strengthens hairs and activates their growth.

As a result, biotatuazha eyebrows are not only beautiful but also healthy

Video: henna biotatuage eyebrows at home

Unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo

Sometimes it happens that the tattoo procedure is performed poorly. As a result, the appearance deteriorates and the woman does not want to look in the mirror at all. Plus, it is necessary to spend additional funds, time and effort to correct or remove a low-quality tattoo. In addition, non-observance of antiseptic norms can lead to infection with diseases such as HIV, syphilis, tetanus, etc. Therefore, it is important to carefully select the master, focusing on the reviews and the results of friends, and not in the photo on the Internet.

Photo Gallery: unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo


On the Internet, collected a lot of reviews. You can listen to them, but reviews of friends and acquaintances are much more reliable.

Henna biotatuage eyebrows

My eyebrows were never perfect, they did not look very nice, because I managed to pull them out into thin strings with a slight bend. Independently, I pluck my eyebrows for more than 10 years, and to be honest, I no longer hoped to return their former form to them. The master assured me that my brows were more than “suitable” for correction, so I boldly went for a new shape of my eyebrows. Полчаса работы пинцетом, около 10-15 минут окрашивания бровей хной и вот какой замечательный результат.I have never before had such a beautiful shape of eyebrows, clear contour, rich hue. After the henna eyebrow biotatuning procedure, I returned home by another person! And why haven't I done this procedure before? The master advised me not to wet my eyebrows with water and not to wash them with cleansers for a day so that the henna would firmly adhere to the skin, and also recommended applying olive and castor oils to eyebrows because they tend to repel moisture. According to her forecasts, henna should last from 5-14 days on my oily skin, depending on the care. Somewhere after 7 days, the henna started to "bald", but this wave is fixable: I carefully paint on my eyebrows with a pencil. By the way, in this short time, my eyebrows managed to grow, do not fall out, they look decent. I think that a month later I will definitely repeat the procedure of the same master, or I will paint my eyebrows with henna myself until such time as I can do without additional coloring of eyebrows to give them shape and expressiveness.



I have long painted eyebrows with henna. I usually have enough for about 2-3 weeks and for my skin, which is prone to fat, it is just gorgeous. Before applying henna, it is necessary to clean the skin with a special brush in order to remove any dead particles, then the paint will last longer. Before going to Egypt, I, as always, painted my eyebrows with henna from my makeup artist. I was very much in the water (sea, pool) and diving, my eyebrows always remained in place! This is a delight! I am a brunette, but my eyebrows are colored by mixing black and brown paint, because if you take only black, they will be just a coal color. Henna staining is more difficult than paint, because henna dries very quickly and it is difficult to fix something already. If you want the eyebrow paint to hold on a little longer, then you need to keep it no less than half an hour, but preferably 40 minutes. The first day you can not wet your eyebrows! After 2-3 weeks the dye around the hairs is washed off, but the hairs themselves remain black with a brown tint. I have the hairs themselves are bright and the paint is washed off from them pretty quickly, but henna is holding out with a bang. It is very convenient that you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows and correct the asymmetry.

Anastasia Birdie


Hair tattoo method

There are many types of tattoo, but I wanted a natural look of eyebrows, so I chose a hair technique. At first you discuss the form with the master, he draws it with an outline on your eyebrows, then you choose a more natural color for you, in my case the master just looked at my eyebrows and took the same light brown color. But I initially discussed that I didn’t want my eyebrows to be unnatural brown and other strange colors, I needed a natural blonde. After you eyebrow smeared with a special cream for local anesthesia, you wait 10 minutes with him and proceed to the procedure. the wizard before you opens a new sterile packaging with a needle, and inserts it into your tattoo machine. It looks like a small written fountain pen with a thin needle that you just got at you. The master puts a can of paint next to it, covers it and gets to work. Honestly, the sensations are unpleasant, but tolerable. In the hair technique, the master scratches your strokes on the growth of your eyebrows. The procedure lasts about an hour for two eyebrows and constantly these scratching movements, the contour and each stroke are not pleasant and painful, you wait for it to end and the eyes begin to tear automatically. My sister was also very painful, but our result was worth it in the end! After the procedure, the first day you will need to smack out the blood, and smear your eyebrows with cosmetic petroleum jelly for a week. After a week, the eyebrows will already be in order and the crusts will descend. I had them almost invisible, I was constantly thinking where the crusts were, and they, without visiting me especially (not including two bits of brown, left). After a month or two, at your discretion, you need to come to a correction. I am very glad that I have made a tattoo, my advantages are from him: eyebrows now constantly look well-groomed, the master has corrected their shape, eyebrows are easy to pinch along the contour, easy to cut along the contour and care, saves time for makeup.



By nature, I am a blonde and, accordingly, my eyebrows are very bright. Starting from the age of 16, they had to be summed up in pencil. In the end I got tired of it, and I decided to get a tattoo. Signed up for the procedure. I was greeted with care, asked what I wanted to see on my face and began to draw a sketch. Literally two minutes later, beautiful painted eyebrows flaunted on my face. I approved them, and the most interesting began) They gave me to my master, Mary. She put me on the couch, circled eyebrows with a surgical pencil, applied anesthesia (cream or gel, did not specify). Hearing how the tattoo machine itself works, I was a little scared. And in vain. It was not at all painful, even pleasant. Not every day you experience such unusual sensations. An hour later, Masha raised me to look at the symmetry. At this point, you can make your additional wishes in color. Denoting the places that need to be worked out, we continued. And so, in literally 40 minutes, my brows were ready! The wizard gave advice on care and spent) The next day she got up and smiled for the first time at the reflection in the mirror) It was beautiful! Smooth, beautifully traced brow-dream! Edema was not, tightness and pain, too) In the first days, five tattooed look the same. After a week, the crusts began to fall away. Because of this, the eyebrows were white in places (due to falling off skin). My hands itched to tear off) They fell away for a whole week. Now they all left me. Mostly hairs are dark, sometimes light. Within a month, the color will appear and become uniform) I hope)) We will wait) But even now I like everything) In general, girls! So that you are not disappointed, choose a good master and be beautiful)




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