How do lamination lashes


Lamination eyelashes used to be popular only in the salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg, then came to the regions. But while there are not so many specialists even in large cities, this is why not everyone knows about it, and the cost of the service is still quite high. But the popularity of the procedure, as the reviews show, is growing.

What is this procedure?

Lamination of eyelashes is a procedure that is not as widespread as lamination of hair, but the principle is the same. Cilia can also be covered with a protective compound with keratin - it fills the voids, aligns the hair structure. A thin film, which covers the eyelashes, retains moisture from the inside and protects them outside from the sun and wind. The procedure has replaced the chemical perm as more gentle. Experts say that vitamin mixes with keratin protein are also developed for hair care. Why it is important: the composition for lamination is potent, under its influence the structure of hairs changes during the procedure.

Women come to the salon in order to make eyelash curls more noticeable and lengthen them, and they get this result, and for a sufficiently long time - by one and a half or two months. Curls are held due to the action of the fixer. The vitamins in the product compensate for the negative effect on the hairs of chemical composition. It is permissible to repeat the procedure in 30-45 days, if the condition of the eyelashes allows. Lamination is recommended for those who have straight lines either grow down or inwards - outwardly this does not spoil the face, but even the look with makeup is not as expressive as with curled and voluminous eyelashes. In the salons, the procedure together with Botox is offered as a SPA for nourishing and moisturizing hairs. Practice shows that lamination is most in demand during the holiday season - women with it for two weeks at sea may not remember about the make-up.

When the eyelashes want to curl, they are treated with a potent composition that changes the structure of the hair, affecting both the core and the hair cuticle

Pros and cons of the procedure


  • after lamination, the hair structure is restored, damaged eyelashes look healthy;
  • the procedure allows you to correct the direction of growth and adjust the length;
  • There are vitamins in lamination formulations;
  • eyelashes look natural, if you wish, you can not use mascara, but there are no restrictions on the use of cosmetics;
  • after the procedure you can wear contact lenses;
  • It is permissible to visit the pool, sauna, any water procedures;
  • eyelashes are protected from external influence (wind, frost, ultraviolet).


Possible individual reaction to the composition. If there are any contraindications, even the experienced masters cannot guarantee the promised effect.

To do or not to do lamination - video

What is the difference between lamination and similar procedures? Table

Criteria for evaluationLaminationBuilding upBiowaveBotox
How is performedEyelashes cover protective composition. The roller is fastened to the eyelid along the width of the future curl; hairs are combed on it. Eyelashes are treated with serum, then, if necessary, dyed and coated with keratin.Artificial, single or bundles are glued to natural eyelashes.A roller is attached to the eyelashes, then they are covered with a fixative composition. It contains natural components in its composition, therefore it acts less aggressively than chemical waving, but protein also destroys.Eyelashes are covered with serum with botulinum toxin in the composition
How often can you do1 time in 1-2 monthsCorrection is carried out 1 time in 2-4 weeks1 time in 3 months1 time in 2-3 months
ResultCurls eyelashes, nourishes and moisturizes hair, protects against UV light, helps to preserve color longer, if they were painted before the procedureEyelashes seem thicker and longer, depending on the texture of the material, you can achieve the effect of natural density or make a "puppet" lookForms a curlStrengthening and moisturizing eyelashes, maintaining intense color. The procedure is often used in conjunction with eyelash staining or lamination.
Cost of
(* The average prices in the salons of St. Petersburg are indicated)
From 1800 rub.From 700 rub.From 1500 rub.From 1200 rub.

Reviews of girls with photos before and after

The result is visible immediately, and most importantly it all looks very natural, in contrast to the extended eyelashes. For 1.5-2 months you will have beautiful and healthy eyelashes. Some really argue that this effect lasts longer, but it is unlikely that they do not live so much. Ink can be used, but you can do without it. For summer or just vacation is just a great option. Of course there is a small list of contraindications, but without it (eye diseases, allergies, itching, pregnancy and feeding). Although the masters claim that all the preparations and formulations are natural and safe, but we understand that the paint for eyelashes and a beautiful bend will not stick just like that. what I liked and did not like this procedure: + the result can be seen immediately; + noticeable effect, beautiful and lush eyelashes; + There are no restrictions on wearing, you can do everything with them; + does not cause as much damage as a build-up (today I haven’t noticed any damage to my eyelashes, it’s just that the effect gradually disappears as I update my own, although some cilia probably fall out a little faster under the weight of the composition); + the procedure is quite fast, only 1 hour, maybe a little more, + you do not need anything extra to remove or make a correction, the cilia will update themselves and that's all; - + compositions can get into the eyes, but I was lucky, there was nothing like that, it turned out to be quite a comfortable procedure; - the price, it seems to me 2000-2800 rubles for such a procedure is of course relatively affordable, but it will always be expensive to do it, but for summer or vacation, the thing is.

The user under the nickname lerom noted at the procedure more pluses than minuses



I love to build eyelashes, but for me every build-up is like a new test. First of all, I like to sleep with my face in the pillow, I like to send a jet of water to my face under the shower, doing a kind of “massage”, and my eyes are very sensitive - after a week, the extension cilia begin to prick the eyelid so that I tear my eyelashes out along with her. And then my salvation was lamination! Unlike extensions, there are no restrictions here - you can use mascara, visit a bath or a pool, sleep face in a pillow, use oil, and so on. The result is visible immediately and looks very natural.

The look after lamination becomes more expressive, as if the eyelashes are painted with mascara



What to look for before going on the procedure? Compositions on which your potential master works. Reference compositions are compositions - LVL. It was this company that developed the first trains and began to introduce this procedure in the salons. For the price are among the most expensive 1ml / rub. No worse, Lash Botox. Slightly lower cost is 1 ml / rub, but the effect is not a little lower than if the procedure were made with LVL composition. It is also not bad if your master works on Barbara compositions. Where was your potential master trained? Do not be lazy, ask the master where he studied, and ideally google the best schools for training your city. Very much depends on the master's education! And it affects the result. Works of your potential master. The perfect lamination of the eyelashes depends on the layout technique that the master owns. If there are shoals mentioned above in the photo, then I advise you not to apply for services to this master - you will be unhappy and write a negative review. Effect. The effect of lamination of the eyelashes when properly done lasts 1.5-2 months - if it is simpler, then yours will not fall out (I'm not afraid of the natural exchange of cilia).

Noe Ross notes that you need to be very careful when choosing a master

Noe ross


Pluses: mascara can be applied
Disadvantages: high price, some eyelashes are curved in the other direction, nothing special.
I have completely cilia crumbs, I thought after the procedure, the cilia will become more magnificent and a little bit more authentic. I did the procedure in the salon with a trained specialist. It is worth 1500r, but I just got to share for 1000r. The procedure lasted a little more than half an hour. Something was glued, something was constantly put on. When removed all the excess cilia were black, curved. They said not to wash my eyes for a day, which I did. The day after the expiration time, I washed my face. I think, well, now I’m going to fluff up a beauty and no mascara is needed, that is, I read and heard that after the procedure the eyelashes are pushed, curved and black. But it was not there (unfortunately there is a photo only before and immediately after lamination, the rest of the photo is not saved). Black but not strong; dissolved, but not all; curved, but some cilia in a completely different direction. I will say right away I didn’t sleep face down in the pillow, there’s no such habit. She took a brush from the old carcass, combed, and they remained. I thought it was not critical, since there were not many of them. She went for a week, but still painted it with mascara. Brushing with a brush. But after a week and a nightmare began. One eye was painted normally, and the second was like legs of spiders or a fly. It looked awful. Well, I'm not scared, I decided maybe for the effect you need another procedure. Came back for lamination 3 weeks after the first. Again, all the same, something glued, applied, removed. After a day I washed my face and what you think is the same as the first time. The same paws. Spat on it all, it is better to go with her than with these legs of spiders. Let them be small without mascara, but they look decent with mascara. Maybe I have some wrong lashes, but this is laughter.

Because of individual intolerance or hormonal adjustment, the composition with keratin acts on the eyelashes negatively: the tips split off, the hairs "fall off", stick together



Nursing moms do not risk doing this procedure! I did, and now I’m a freak (((Eyelashes were already wrapped around with such carriageists, straight in the eyelid with one eye, but not so much with the second, but the tips are all broken. Horror. Look even shorter than they were. The master is very experienced, the materials are expensive, she herself is in shock ... Looks like my hormones played like that ((



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Contraindications to the procedure

Absolute contraindications include operations recently performed in this zone, and any inflammation, blisters, and damage to the skin and mucous membranes (including barley). The procedure for allergies to constituents is not recommended, as well as during pregnancy and during feeding - due to hormonal adjustment, there is a risk of an individual reaction to the chemical composition. Relative indications: weak or very short eyelashes, the decision on the procedure is taken by the master at a preliminary consultation.

Bad lamination lash experience - photo effects

Technology in the cabin

  1. The skin on the eyelids and eyelashes are treated with a degreasing compound so that the nutrients penetrate deeper into the hairs.
  2. Eyelashes are combed, the skin around the eyes is treated with a moisturizing cream.
  3. A narrow silicone tape is glued to the lower eyelid, the upper eyelid is treated with lamination glue and a silicone roller pad is applied. Eyelashes should be parallel, separate each hair.
  4. Apply a fixing composition to the eyelashes.
  5. Hair combed up, simultaneously removing excess funds with a cotton swab.
  6. To fix the result, a thermal effect is sometimes created, covering the eyelashes with a film and cotton pad for 15 minutes.
  7. Apply the pigment to the hairs, wait for a certain amount of time, then remove the remaining paint from the hairs and the silicone roller.
  8. Eyelashes cover composition on the basis of keratin, incubated for 10-15 minutes, then remove the lining.

The procedure takes about an hour and a half. The first day of the eyelashes look glued, then the normal state is restored.

How is lamination done - video

The most famous brands of compounds

Compounds for lamination, as a rule, go along with components - tools and materials for care.

  • LVL Lashes (United Kingdom). In the domestic market, a kit has been released for sale, which is enough for 5 procedures. It includes three modeling composition: "Lifting", "Volume and fixation", "Moisturizing and nutrition"; microsol sizes S and M; lamination adhesive; silicone curlers S, L and M; tubes of paint in five shades: black and blue-black, light brown, brown, graphite colors; oxidizing agent; paint container; brush tool. Cost of a set: from 17,500 rubles.

    LVL Lashes produced in the UK

  • Yumi Lashes (Switzerland). The compositions are enriched with hydrolyzed keratin and plant extracts. The kit is designed for tenfold use. The kit includes standard formulations for lifting, fixing and feeding; glue; silicone curlers. Cost: 17,000 rubles.

    Yumi Lashes - formulations that are produced in Switzerland

  • Elleebana (Australia). The kit, designed for 45 procedures, includes serum with lanolin ("Lifting", "Recovery", "Care and Protection"); makeup remover; silicone lining sizes S, M, L, XL; tweezers for lashes; brush; glue. Cost of a set: from 13,500 rubles.

    Elleebana is made in Australia

  • Si Lashes & Brows (Switzerland). The starter kit is designed for 45-60 procedures (depending on the density of hairs), it is also designed to care for the eyebrows. It includes sachets with compositions LIFT, FIX, PROTECT; glue; silicone lining sizes S, M, L; professional paint for eyebrows and eyelashes of bluish-black, black and brown color; solvent; degreasing composition microbrashi; gel patches; eyelash brush; scotch for eyelashes; cup Cost: from 17,000 rubles.

    Si Lashes & Brows products manufactured in Switzerland

  • Lovely (Taiwan). Manufacturers indicate that their funds restores eyelashes. Compositions: "Lifting" (SOFTEN), "Volume and fixation" (FIXER), "Conditioner" (Conditioner). The cost starts from 3500 rubles and depends on the size of the trains.

    Mark Lovely is made in Taiwan

  • Novel Lash UP (UK). Masters usually start with this company already in courses and often then work only with the compositions of this manufacturer. One set is enough for 35-40 procedures, it includes balsam-lifting, volume fixative, nourishing and moisturizing serum, glue, coloring pigment, silicone lining S and M, paint activator, brush, cup and box for storing materials. The cost of a test set: from 3000 rubles.

    Brand Novel Lash UP, which is produced in the UK, is used in training courses for masters

  • Lash Botox (UK, Switzerland). Hyaluronic acid, keratin, argan oil, and panthenol are included in the caring compositions, so the product is intended primarily for the care of eyelashes and is not intended for their curling. In addition to the ampoule with the composition in the kit there is a sterile syringe, needles, a botox dilution tank, the cost of a set is from 3000 rub.

    Lash Botox products are not intended for curling, this is a comprehensive care for eyelashes.

  • Sexylashes (Russia). The kit consists of three compositions: lifting, fixative and the so-called liquid silk, silicone lining S, M, L, glue for lamination, klinser for removing glue. The cost of a set: from 3900 rubles.Sexylashes products are produced in Russia

In addition to the sets, a multifunctional tool is produced: on the one hand, it is pointed, this side is intended for laying eyelashes on a roller, and on the other hand, a hole is made for microbrush, an applicator for applying and removing the base composition. It is permissible to use forceps with thin edges.

To perform the procedure professionally, we also need:

  • brush for eyelashes;
  • applicators (microrashes);
  • pads on the upper and lower eyelids;
  • special silicate adhesive for fixing the pads;
  • makeup remover;
  • napkins;
  • brush;
  • oxidizing agent for coloring matter;
  • paint container.

Is it possible to do at home

Home lamination can be done by means of their own cooking on the basis of gelatin. Before the procedure, you should wash all the cosmetics from your eyes, then apply a moisturizing cream on your eyelids:

  1. 15 g of gelatin (in a package usually 10 g) must be dissolved in warm water (50 ml or a quarter of a glass) and put on low heat. To the mixture add 1 tbsp. l hair conditioner.
  2. On the lower eyelids, put silicone pads or half a cotton pad and apply the gelatin mixture with a brush or a brush.
  3. After 30 minutes, gently rinse the mixture.

It is not recommended to treat eyelashes by ready-made compositions by yourself; it is better to prepare a home-made composition with gelatin

Of course, the home procedure can not be compared with the effect of the salon, but no one forbids trying an economical and generally safe option.

Процедура несложная, чтобы сделать её себе даже дома, не требуется много времени, а результат держится около 2 месяцев. Можно освоить специальность лешмейкера на специальных курсах, но чтобы выполнять ламинирование профессионально, уже понадобятся время на практику, модели, которые согласятся с вами работать, и набитая рука.